Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Trial, Says She Is Ready To Go To Court


It’s no secret that Teresa Giudice is facing one tough year, but in a new interview with Star Magazine, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star says nothing will get her down. Not even the 50 years in prison she is facing for federal fraud charges. “I am doing what I need to do. I am a mom and a wife, most importantly,” Teresa tells the mag. “I am beyond thrilled that all my brands are doing well. I just focus on what I need to do and stay positive.”

Teresa and Joe are due back in court in February of 2014, but Teresa says she’s ready to go to trial. “It is beyond frustrating, and yet I know one day the truth will come out. But I am really touched by all the support I am getting,” she says, insisting she and Joe are not acting aloof about their 39 charges. “Joe is always an optimist, but he realizes this is a serious situation. He looks forward to his day in court. He wants to move forward, and his only concern is for our family,” Teresa says.

Photo Credit: Getty Images