Teresa Giudice Opens Up About The Loss Of Her Mom

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice lost her mom Antonia Gorga, 66, earlier this year in March. When Teresa appeared on Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered podcast this week, she opened up about the loss of her mother.

“I miss her so much, and it’s just the hardest thing. Life’s good, and life sucks. I needed my mom still. She was 66,” Teresa said. “She was too young.”

Teresa mentioned how terrible it was for Vicki Gunvalson to lose her mother two seasons ago while the cameras were rolling on The Real Housewives of Orange County.  “I remember seeing Vicki going through that. Like, when she lost her mom, and y’know, I was just like, ‘Oh my God that must’ve been so hard for her to go through that,'” Teresa said. “And then, never in nine years did I ever, could imagine that I would be going through that.”

Teresa shared that her mom had battled pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis before her passing. “It attacks your immune system. She ended up going to rehab after that and trying to gain strength because she was in bed for a while. She was on a breathing tube. They trached her. But then she got better. They were trying to get her to walk again,” she recalled. “Then out of nowhere, my father got sick. He got pneumonia because he was visiting her every day. If I could take anything, I wish this never happened to me. Like everything else that’s happened to me, I don’t even care. This is the hardest thing that I ever had to deal with in my life, because never… It’s like I still needed my mom. Like, we all need our mom, you know?”

Teresa revealed that her father is doing better and is now living with her and her four daughters. And she has this message for everyone out there. “Don’t take your parents for granted. Always spend time with them, because you never know what’s gonna happen. And I have no regrets with my mom, because I was always with her, but still, it’s like I could’ve been hanging out with her now,” she said. “And it’s like, and this is, like, when it had to happen.”

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  • Tina

    I would be ashamed to bring up a daughter like het

  • starr

    I know Teresa’s pain. I feel with her. It’s beyond hard & sad. I’m glad her dad lives with her now, he needs that. It’s harder for a husband to lose a wife than for a wife to lose a husband, I think. May God give them all the strength & grace to accept this great loss in their lives.

  • 80s gal

    after the news of their fraud charges came to light, Joe lost his dad and tre lost her mom. if I were tre and Joe, the guilt that the stress I caused them because of fraud case would be so hard to bear. I am sure their health issues and ultimate deaths were linked to their children’s legal issues. may they rest in peace.