Teresa Giudice Opening A New Restaurant


After appearing in federal court, Teresa Giudice headed to her friend, Kim D’s boutique, POSCHE to sign her cookbooks for fans. Tom Murro sent RealityTea a picture of the fans waiting in line for just a quick chance to meet Teresa. Tom told the site the line was wrapped around the building and police officers were stationed around the outside of the shop.

During her appearance at POSCHE, Teresa told Entertainment Tonight that she and Joe are opening their own restaurant, and that she hopes her daughters will follow in her footsteps of hard work. “I’m not going to stop working. It’s a good example to show to my daughters — that Mommy’s a business woman and hopefully they’ll follow in my footsteps,” Teresa said.


Photo Credit: Teresa Giudice/Tom Murro, RealityTea


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  1. That’s hysterical now someone anyone help me out here…. Teresa and Joe opened Guiseppi’s home style pizzeria and had to close it because Joe had/has no license and had/has to be driven by a paid driver . Now with fraud charges falsifying loan documents Who in their right mind is going to loan them money to open a restaurant. This is ludicrous she talks out of her ass all the time. This is only to deflect from Joe’s trial and hers and jies trial. October is going to be a crappy month for the Giudices. Can you run a restaurant from Prison?

    1. I would like to know where they hid the money? Stolen money should be returned to the people who are suffering because of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s VERY BAD CHOICES ! I haven’t heard an I’M SORRY from the Giudice’s AT ALL to the poor people that probably can’t feed and clothe their own children and themselves now. What a shame Teresa and Joe to think you can STEAL and CHEAT hard working people and take those people’s money!!! Question to Joe Giudice and Teresa, WOULD YOU BOTH WANT PEOPLE STEALING YOUR MONEY? I would say that Joe and you would be VERY ANGRY!! And if If I were in your family I would not support you for STEALING FROM PEOPLE!! And you and Teresa HAVE RUINED THE GOOD NAME OF YOUR FAMILIES!!! 41 and 42 COUNTS AGAINST YOU AND YOUR WIFE. You and she should could have made a GOOD living in an HONEST way like GOOD people do! The GOVERNMENT WILL FIND YOUR MONEY YOU HAVE STOLEN I certainly hope and pray they do! MAY GOD HELP THOSE CHILDREN AND PARENTS THAT YOU, YES YOU,TOOK AWAY FROM THESE HARD WORKING PEOPLE!. All the while you and Teresa are still living the good life!!! Only YOU AND TERESA ARE AT FAULT! YOU AND TERESA ARE ACTING LIKE VICTIMS. Nobody but nobody CREATED THIS MESS BUT
      THE TWO OF YOU. YOU CAN’T BLAME ANYBODY BUT YOURSELVES! And your kids will know the truth! GOD BLESS YOUR KIDS FOR YOU AND HER GETTING YOURSELVES IN THIS MESS. You both should have put your kids first. CRIME DOESN’T PAY JOE AND TERESA! I know you both thought you could get away with crime. Crime doesnt pay. Also. There are a lot of women in prisons that have lots and lots of children. So Teresa, the Judge will probably want your children raised in a law abiding household with love in their hearts and people who don’t believe in stealing and fraud. You don’t want your children turning out behind bars as you and Joe will be I’m sorry to say. I certainly don’t think the Judge wants the kids to turn out like you and your wife. Teresa, you are always acting like somebody DID this to yo! u What a laugh ! You and Joe did this to yourselves and your children! Nobody forced you to steal and commit fraud. IT WAS ALL YOURS AND JOE’S IDEA! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN GRATEFUL FOR WHAT Y’ALL HAD TOGETHER. But yours and Joe’s greedy side took over! Now you both see the bad choices you both made. I feel sorry for those you and Teresa screwed over too. They have no money thanks to you and Teresa. You both stole from innocent people and the government . And neither one of you have yet to say I’M SORRY and I will get all of your money back to all of you! Just terrible! Use the brains for one time! You’ve screwed these good people over !! I pray y’all get these people’s money back. Teresa you and Joe should have prayed BEFORE you and he actually did these “dirty deeds” and ask God for forgiveness and help you and Joe NOT TO COMMIT these misdeeds. You both knew what what you all were doing and so did God. I see you praying AFTER THE FACT ! You and Joe created unhappiness throughout your family and MAY GOD BLESS ALL YOUR FAMILY you have ruined their lives too more than you both know.

      1. Patti R. They did not steal exactly. It was borrowing money to keep the business going. Business especially large companies do this practice all the time. However it was mainly they way they went about trying to get the loans. The parts that had to do with bankruptcy fraud were mainly they didn’t understand what they had to identify as asserts as well as some asserts were mixed between business and their own personal assets. The other part of the fraud had to do with business partners. She was charged with only four counts. He was charged with five counts. Its all public record and the only people directly hurt was the Theresa and Joe. They be a good Christian let them serve their time and have compassion and acceptance they stepped up!

        Bless You and the G’s

        1. Your so ignorant….. They did not steal what a load of cra they knew exactly what they were doing when they created fake W-2’s if that is not stealing I don’t know what is! By the way tell me what BUSINESS they needed to take out loans to save? There is no F..ing business! They did what they did to keep their keep up with the jones ( Gorgas) lifestyle. No one has seen Joe do a days work in years!!!!! Can you say blinders!!!!!

          1. The loans were to keep the building business going. There were working with a partner. Joe and the partner signed for loans both forged signatures etc. in processes they established. It was their working practice not a legal practice. Then when a business deal went south and the business was failing the loans were to pay loans and mortgage things and some of the fraud was over valuing the properties to borrow more. It just was fail after fail. I do not believe that trying to save a business and a partner turns on the business etc. Makes it where Theresa guilty. Heck I think she was innocent if my husband had me sign paperwork I would too I would trust he was doing the right thing. Have the opinion she just signed whatever Joe asked her too. She just got caught up in her kids and trying to start her own books and things of her own. I wish her the best and it is not our place to judge it’s gods place to judge. Whore and theives will get into heaven before us if we judge. God bless them and you.

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