Teresa Giudice Not Allowed to Drink


Teresa Giudice won’t be having a drink to celebrate her return from prision. RadarOnline is reporting that the RHONJ star isn’t allowed to have alcohol.

The insider revealed that, “Teresa can’t consume any alcohol, at home, not even a glass of wine.”

“She is allowed to go to parties where alcohol will be served, but has to get prior approval from her probation officer,” the insider stated. “Ahead of attending Melissa Gorga‘s boutique opening last week, Teresa informed her probation officer that alcohol would be served. She was given the go-ahead.”

“Going to a restaurant that serves booze also requires approval,” the source revealed. “Teresa doesn’t mind it because she is just grateful to be home with the family. The probation officer and Teresa are in constant communication daily. Her schedule is also provided to the official.”

Teresa will end her house arrest on February 5th, and will get her ankle bracelet removed then as well.

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14 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Not Allowed to Drink”

  1. I don’t think not drinking will bother her at all! Given the choice being home with her girls. I don’t remember Tre as much of a drinker not like some of the HW.

    1. I agree Sally. I thought the same thing that she didn’t appear to be a big drinker on the show. Joe on the other hand might have a tough time with this one when he gets out of prison:)

      1. Haha! Yes it will be tough but then he has a few years to get used to it first! At least he might keep the rest of his teeth!

            1. I enjoy both Tre & Juicy and the only time I ever like Rosie is when she & Juicy do their little sitdowns. Hilarious. Hope Juicy does okay in prison and I really feel bad for the girls because they must be on an emotional rollercoaster.

  2. I’m confused about all the the stories which are about everyone’s terms while on probation and or house arrest. She has to check in daily and see if she is randomly chosen for a random UA. It’s that way for everyone who has the sentence like hers.

    1. Thank you! People have been acting like this harsh conditions or guidelines have been placed on her but everything has been standard for anyone on probation. It’s why I don’t believe she is abusing prescription medication as some sites have suggested. She knows she is subject to random drug tests and she isn’t going to risk going back to jail.

      1. What????? I haven’t heard about this! I can probably guess the site but won’t as there is no point in doing so. There is no way Tre would risk anything with Jo going away in a few weeks.

        1. Oh, why not put another rumor out there? She is the devil incarnate afterall. I mean seriously. There has never been even an inkling of an idea that she uses or abuses any kind of prescription meds. A year in prison would make it pretty difficult to keep that up. And since every single thing she did in prison is public record any withdrawal from drugs she might have suffered in her first weeks would have been documented and written about, gossiped about, actually talked to death about. It wouldn’t be some little back yard secret. And you can bet your last dollar Jaquelline would have been talking about it to anyone who would listen if it had any merit whatsoever. It would have been one more secret to announce at reunion. Not a breath of anything like that has ever has been spoken.

          1. I wonder where this has come from? Hmmmmm! I have a good idea! (In case anyone thinks I mean her SIL I don’t!)

          2. The rumor has been circulating around on other blogs. (For a few years) I don’t buy into it as I know house arrest and probation are randomly drug tested. However it has been talked about. Just google TG and pills, you will get a ton of stories.

            1. Like you I don’t believe it. She had just been locked up for almost a year now on probation. Some of these sites will say anything to get readers!

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