Teresa Giudice, “Melissa Is Very Lucky That I’m Keeping Quiet About The Things I Do Know.”


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain how hurt she was when she heard what her family members where saying about her marriage and children behind her back. Teresa says she has no intention of breaking up Joe an Melissa’s marriage, but asks why Melissa can make comments about her marriage. Teresa also warns that Melissa is lucky she hasn’t revealed the things she does know about Melissa’s past!

Teresa writes, “I have no idea why some of my own family members said the things they did on this episode. It’s beyond hurtful. Kids are supposed to be off limits, but they talk about mine. Marriages are supposed to be off limits, but they talk about mine. As much as Melissa likes to talk to everyone about me trying to break up her marriage, I have never, ever done that and I never would. I’ve always said the opposite and I’ll say it again: I hope they stay married for a hundred years because they’re my family and parents of my niece and nephews.

Melissa knows I’ve never tried to, so instead she complains I sit and listen to people talking bad about her so instead she complains I sit and listen to people talking badly about her when she knew very well I had nothing to do with it. She claims she hears rumors about me doing things to hurt her, but when you go and talk to anyone in our town — my friends, Kim D., Melissa’s “old friends,” even Melissa’s ex-boss and ex-boyfriend — they will tell you it’s not true. I have nothing to do with digging up dirt on her. For one, I could care less about her past. For two, I am busy raising 4 daughters, writing 4 cookbooks, and running my Fabellini, Milania hair products, Skinny Italian Food, and Fabulicious dessert line! Busy!

It is interesting that this episode was filmed this winter, and this spring we all filmed with Andy Cohen for the WWHL special. Melissa was again crying that I was trying to break up her marriage (I guess I should be glad that that rumor is the only thing she can come up with about me, right?) and told Andy that you don’t mess with anyone’s marriage. That was a line she wouldn’t cross. Wow. Yet she crossed it this episode. Like ran across it with a Mack truck. How could she sit there with a straight face and tell Andy she would never do that when she had JUST done it? I shouldn’t be surprised because I know her, but I am. I was surprised and sickened by what she said about my marriage. And she did it, trashed me and my marriage on national TV, while she was supposedly writing her own advice book about marriage? She is very, very lucky that I’m keeping quiet about the things I do know. Let’s just say if you believe one word out of Melissa’s mouth about anything, I’m sure she has a bridge she can sell you too. God Bless you both.

I know I don’t have to defend myself about my marriage. Joe and I love each other and we have a very happy, not perfect, real marriage, just like anyone. Everyone who knows and loves me — even if you’ve just met me and Joe for five minutes — knows that. And everyone who knows and loves me are the only people that matter to me!”

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17 Replies to “Teresa Giudice, “Melissa Is Very Lucky That I’m Keeping Quiet About The Things I Do Know.””

  1. I’d really like for Teresa to reveal what she does know about Melissa. Even if Joey doesn’t believe her I’d like to know the truth!

  2. When Melissa made that comment about moving because she didn’t want her kids to grow up around Teresa’s girls…that was just plain mean. What kind of person says that about their own nieces?

    Teresa’s crazy, lies, and makes excuses for that awful husband. All true. Yet, she has never once badmouthed anyone’s young children.

    1. Teddy, melissa didn’t say she didn’t want her kids around teresas period. It was because she’s afraid teresas kids will say things 2 them about her. I’ve seen the shows where gia & milania are talking smack on melissa. It’s pretty sad teresa is so jealous of melissa that she can’t zip it long enough to get out of earshot of her kids before she spews her venom

      1. No. Gorgas can’t afford to keep that house. Once again she lies. This time she involved children. She tried to make herself the victim, but this time she involved innocent kids–including her own. This is going to make any mother sick. Teresa isn’t causing people to dislike the Gorgas. They are doing it to themselves.

  3. Teresa is so lying as always she is always talking about her brothers wife that’s what she lives for. Her kids are bad as heck and talk back to her and he husband. They say stuff kids should never say to adult’s and they don’t stop them. Teresa needs to worry about her life and her husbsnd calling her names v on t.v.every show Teresa is all in her sister in laws business she needs to be taking off the show

  4. Teresa probably just says she has dirt on melissa to make people think melissa is bad. Teresa has said alot of things about melissa already, things “someone else said,” if there was more teresa would’ve already blasted it everywhere. It’s obvious teresa is jealous of joe & melissas marriage. Hopefully teresas kids don’t grow up to be materialistic, narcissistic, jealous & envious like her

  5. Oh stop it RO what the hell good would it do. Teresa the fact that you make that statement out loud just proves again you want to hold the cards. YOu want to have something on her. Just let it go and stop talking about her or your brother. GO on with your life and let them go on with theirs. Your again trying to start shit and your narcissism is rampant. Let me schedule your day.. Get up take care of your family. Talk about what your doing today, work on your cookbooks call your parents, take the girls shopping, clean your house, go to the grocery store pick up the girls, go home make dinner get the kids ready for bed and then relax. None of that required you thinking, talking, tweeting, textiing blogging about Melissa. See how easy it is. JUST STOP IT>

    1. Hi Melodie,
      Teresa has never tweeted about Melissa, or anyone on the show for that matter. She has to write blogs about the show and her sister-in-law, just like Melissa has to write blogs about her. They are on a TV show together. It’s their storyline.

  6. why was Joe Gorga wearing shoe polish on his head? is this why he shaved his head? then Melissa runs over in the middle of the fight to throw his cap back on. Did everyone figure out what the black stuff all over them was? WAS he trying to cover-up bald spots? why not just dye your head instead of shoe polish??

    1. OMG !!! Your killing me that’s just too funny BUT so True !! I love it !!! I was reading some of the people’s stuff that was going around about Messy-Mel and I had came a cross this an I would love too share it with you ; Q …… What does a Bowling Ball an MeGo (Melissa) have alot in common ? A …….. Chanes are BOTH will end up Right in the Gutter. It’s pretty much the Truth !

  7. Can someone please tell me what planet is theresa from? Her marriage sucks. If my husband was telling another woman (obviously his mistress) that I was a c@#t and a bitch I wouldn’t be telling ppl we had a good marriage. Either she’s really as dumb as she seems or she’s full of crap!

  8. Melissa fans can post all the nasty stuff they want about Teresa. The writing is on the wall and the viewers see Melissa’s true colors.

  9. There is more shit that meets the eye when it does come too Melissa I’m very sure an I’m sure Teresa knows a lot about Mel and Teresa isn’t saying nothing about it, I’m telling you all that Melissa is one Shaddy Girl . When it comes to Teresa’s Family she is very tight an she won’t open her mouth about BS that will Hurt the Family she’s not like that, Mel needs to step back ……

  10. they should bring love,from that mafia show onto jersey housewives. melissa used to live with her,imagine the dirt we would hear then

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