Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga Had Physical Altercations? Plus- Teresa Clears Up Misconceptions About Melissa!

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice tells RumorFix exclusively that Melissa Gorga put her hands on her at the reunion. Teresa explains Melissa, “grabs my arm and I tell her to get her hands off of me” during Part 2 of the Reunion, airing this Sunday. Teresa explains that the story Melissa alleged where Teresa grabbed her arm at Gia’s birthday party is completely false. “I never twisted her arm. The reason why I think she’s bringing this up– what, nine or 10 months later — is because at the reunion show she puts her hands on me,” Teresa reveals. “I think she was trying to plant the seed and put that out there so she’ll have a reason, like, ‘She touched me so that’s why I touched her.’ She grabs my arm and I tell her to get her hands off of me.”

Jacqueline Laurita claims that Teresa twisted Melissa arm at Gia’s birthday party in the parking lot. Teresa says, “I never left the party. I was inside the whole time. It’s funny to me how Jacqueline said that. I said to Jacquline, ‘who said it?’ She said a friend of hers. I said, ‘Really? Who?’ They didn’t show that. She wouldn’t tell me who the friend was. When you can’t back up your story, then don’t say it.”

When Mr. Housewife, RumorFix correspondent, asked Teresa what the biggest misconception about Melissa is, Teresa replied, “Melissa is a really good actress. I was on the show two years before she came on. She came on the show behind my back. I think she’s very calculating, very contrived, and knows what she’s doing. I know from knowing her eight years now that what you see on this show is not the real Melissa. Eventually everyone’s true colors come out. One day maybe eventually maybe you guys will see that. She plays the victim role really well.”

When asked if Melissa wants to be a celebrity, Teresa responded, “Hello! She attends every single party that’s out there. That’s not me. I have a family, I have four daughters, I hardly go to parties because I have four daughters to take care of. I’m not out there half as much as she is out there.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on? Do you believe Teresa & Melissa had physical altercations? 

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  • Tammy

    Its funny how Jac always has a friend that told her, that is her answer for everything.

  • Bethie

    I love J-lo’s highlights, but Melissa looks uh, like a wannabe. I do wish Melissa would stop stalking that poor woman, J-o. First she poses for a photograph dressed similar to a photo of J-lo. Next she hires J-lo’s ex-husband, and choreographer, Chris Judd, to help her do a side-step, turn routine, and then she puts out a single titled lets dance, that is eerily similar to J-lo’s single Dance again. And now she is promoting some Vodka drink for Pittbull who often performs for J-lo. Is Melissa trying to tell us she isn’t Italian?

  • nips

    Another friend Jac, really!! You have a lot of friends who like to start trouble. Could it be that they know that you like to stir up trouble also.

  • Brittany

    Melissa is an actress with plastic surgey!!She told andy she didn’t have suergy it was just make-up!!!BUllshit!!!All that because she wants people to think shes not fake!!!She got breats implants and had her face redone!!!

  • annmarie

    Teresa worte the first 3 comments …. #sad

  • annmarie

    Teresa wrote the first 3 comments …. #sad