Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga Feud Rages On Behind The Scenes!


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga have reportedly made amends for the Bravo cameras, but RadarOnline reports in real life, the two are are not getting along at all. “Teresa is so desperate to look good that she’s surrounding herself with people to do her dirty work for her,” an insider tells Radar. “She doesn’t want people to know that she is still waging a war with Melissa so she’s letting other people do the bad trash talking for her.”

Teresa’s 12 year-old daughter, Gia, has even spoken out about the war, which has caused people to question Teresa’s parenting. “I’m old enough to know what’s going on. My mom is an amazing mom,” Gia wrote on Twitter. “You can say what u want but my mom is a wonderful mom!!”

“Teresa knows that she can’t keep saying bad things herself, so she’s letting other people do that. She’s trying to say she’s in a good place with Melissa and her brother but if she’s in a good place then why is she having other people say bad things about them?” the source asks.

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9 Replies to “Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga Feud Rages On Behind The Scenes!”

  1. Sorry but you have it backwards. It is Melissa who is stirring the pot. She is so jealous of Tre’s popularity that’s way she wanted on the show. Well she made it on the show but who cares, cause she is not liked by the fans!

  2. Actually, it was M’s on tweet on Sunday where M was bashing Teresa’s parenting that caused Gia to respond. Why is it that when there are negative stories about Teresa it is always “sources”

  3. This is “all” Teresa has to bring the “drama” to TV. Teresa’s drama is her pay-check! Her life is so boring! Well let’s not call it boring, call it ordinary. The Caroline feud is old news. There’s only 2 things going on in her life that get her camera time for Reality TV. One she won’t own up to and face her true fellings about is her husband Joe and his legal drama. She won’t bring attention to that because she would make her husband look as bad as he really is. Really now, Joe obtaining a driver’s license using his brother’s identification. He knows it was a totally pre-meditated choice to beak the law. He knew exactly what he was doing and Teresa probably was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Teresa is the “sinister thinker” in this marriage, this family. Even her brother Joe has a hard time trying to pretend he is evil or mean for TV. Joe Gorga doesn’t have a mean, hurtful bone in his body. He was raised right! He has has high morals and values. He’s a great man! He has met his match, mate with Melissa. She comes from that same place as Joe. The fierce loyalty for each other and their children. Teresa on the other hand just isn’t very “real” and she knows it. The only drama she can bring is against Melissa and Joe. She is so fearful that Melissa will take over her role in the family and Teresa does everything in her power to stop that from ever occurring. It would be so much easier to welcome Melissa and except her for all the great things she is.
    Teresa’s envy and jealously of Melissa is an entire years worth of story lines or more. Stay tuned! What will Teresa do next to drive Melissa into a corner. I wish it was acceptable for Melissa to beat the crap out of Teresa. If it was the old days and these two were in the school yard, Melissa would have pounded the pavement with Teresa’s face a long time ago. Talk about “Love Italian Style”, beating the crap out of someone is “Respect Italian Style”.

    1. We know this one of Melissa hag face sisters. Fly away on your broom and go take a shower and brush your fangs.

    2. Theresa has the same “high morals and values” as Joe Gorga, being they were raised by the same people. If he was “raised right” then so was she, being they were raised by the same people…..oh….I already said that! And do you really believe Mel could take Tre in the school yard of life?! ……me thinks not!

    3. Your post was hysterical and I hope you were being sarcastic. “Joe Gorga is a great man without a mean, hurtful bone in his body.” heh heh heh This is the very same midget I just saw on a rerun yesterday saying to the camera “My sister is evil, she’s the devil, she has to be taken down.” He has attacked more than one person violently and was even biting Juicy’s testicles. He flies into constant rages at the slightest or no provocation., breaks glasses, punches walls, kicks things, swears loudly, pounds down the booze down and cries more than a 2 year old. WE’ve seen all of it on TV> Even his moronic wife says if she doesn’t submit, he will blow up.” So basically he gets to rape her so she can avoid getting slapped around as her friend Jan says she has witnessed. Melissa will never take over Teresa’s role in the family, not a chance. I think the Sr. Gorgas know what she is. And while you are looking into “the great man’s background” make sure you note the 26 liens, assault charges and other charges against this midget monkey.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Theresa that posted the tweet on behalf of Gia. I don’t see a close relationship between the two. I don’t think Theresa is a good mother because she doesn’t set good examples for her kids. None of those kids seem to have any respect for their parents and you can see that Theresa can’t even handle them when they go feral. And she uses her kids to get back at others on the show. No she is definitely a crap mother!

  5. Everyone knows bravo just had them make up for the cameras. Melissa and Tre will never genuinely get along.

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