Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Come Face to Face With Jacqueline Laurita


The season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey aired Sunday night and the ladies first gathered at Melissa Gorga’s Envy fashion show. But, we picked up with Dolores Catania explaining her fight with Jacquline Laurita over ladies night at her gym.

“Jacqueline thought I was setting her up to make her look bad that she didn’t show up,” she told the cameras, adding that is something she would never do. Jacqueline thought Dolores didn’t need to call her to ask why she wasn’t coming because she already knew why, and Siggy and Dolores chalked it up to Laurita being a bit paranoid about her friendships.

Dolores found Kathy Wakile at the fashion show and Kathy talked to Dolores and encouraged her to just talk to Jacqueline when she had calmed down about the situation. When Teresa approached, she called Jacqueline evil and when Wakile defended Laurita, Teresa walked away. Giudice eventually found her sister-in-law Melissa who was preparing a speech, and told her she was having a hard time without her husband Joe.

“This is the first event without my husband. It’s been a week. There’s going to be hard days, sad days, but it just something that we’ve got to do,” Teresa said to the cameras.

Melissa pulled off her first fashion show and her husband Joe Gorga was extremely proud of her after battling about her working all season. “I am extremely proud of what she accomplished tonight. She created a crumb to a cake,” he told the cameras.

Siggy Flicker invited Melissa to her house for a lunch where Siggy planned to have Melissa, Teresa, Dolores and Jacqueline talk out their problems.

Siggy was the first to arrive at the lunch and she was more than prepared. She decided to move it to a private room in a restaurant instead of her home. She had security in place, and she removed the knives from the table. Jacqueline was the second to arrive and she sat down with Flicker.

“I came for you because I know how it feels to be that person in the middle,” Jac told Siggy. “I took it too far in Vermont and I said horrible things to Teresa and I take accountability for that, but I was very deeply hurt.” She began crying as she added, “But at least I say it to your face. I don’t pretend to be somebody’s friend when I really don’t want to be their friend.”

Next, Dolores walked in and she made up with Jac right away. Dolores apologized for being “cranky” and calling Jacqueline “a bitch and stuff.”

Finally, Teresa and Melissa arrived, but this brought out a different side of Jacqueline. She demanded she speak to Teresa alone. Teresa said Jacqueline didn’t call the shots, and Jacqueline snapped back, “I think I am calling the shots today.”

Teresa said she wasn’t her teacher. “Is bitch better?” Jacqueline asked, prompting Teresa to hit back with another obscenity that was bleeped out.

“I think you’re an evil person to the core,” Teresa said to Jacqueline. “I think you’re describing yourself,” Jacqueline snapped back before insisting Teresa “was scared.”

Teresa shouted, “You’re evil to the core! That’s why security is here!” She added that Jacqueline was a “conniving, twisted f*cking bitch.”

Then, Jacqueline left.

Siggy and Dolores chased after her to try to explain that she had handled things incorrectly, but Jacqueline just sped off.

“She’s dead to me,” Teresa said. “She makes me sick. She makes me want to f*cking vomit … She’s a disgrace.”

What did you think of this episode? Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo