Teresa Giudice Makes First Public Appearance Since Indictment


Teresa Giudice made her first public appearance since she was indicted by the feds. Teresa appeared at the Beauty Buster Awards hosted by Lora Condon in NYC Wednesday night. She posed for pictures and talked with guests at the party, seeming to have put the stress of the indictment behind her.

“You can’t stop living,” Teresa told Lora about attending the event. Teresa was “in good spirits,” Lora noted and said Teresa was talking with other guests and “didn’t seem depressed at all.”

Photo Credit: Facebook


3 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Makes First Public Appearance Since Indictment”

  1. So while she’s out partying where are her kids? Shouldn’t she be spending as much time with THEM just in case she does go to jail. But then again she just thinks she’s above the law and nothing will happen to her. She really is delusional and what a crap mother to those poor girls. Stay at home with YOUR kids and spend as much time as you can with them and stop thinking about yourself.

    1. Still doesn’t change the fact that she is a crap mother. And yes I do hate her because she has put her kids in a bad situation because she and her scummy husband cheated others out of money so they could spend big. She is a liar and a cheat and hopefully she gets all the bad stuff coming her way because she deserves it all!

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