Has Teresa Giudice Made Amends with Cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri?

As many viewers know, RHONJ star Teresa Giudice hasn’t gotten along with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri for quite some time.

Sometimes loss can bring people back together. With Teresa losing her mother, Antonia Gorga, in March of this year, you wonder if the relationship between Teresa, Kathy, and Rossie has changed.

Teresa’s sister-in-law and current RHONJ star Melissa Gorga spoke about the situation during Teresa’s mom’s funeral, on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“Yeah, they did,” Melissa. “They came around for the funeral, and they were by her house and everything.”

Does this news surprise you?

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16 Replies to “Has Teresa Giudice Made Amends with Cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri?”

  1. Not at all – Kathy and Rosie love family and have always wanted to remain family. I like them both and…Rosie looks great!

  2. I think Rosie is OK, if a little tightly strung and easy to anger. But Kathy? I can’t stand her or her disgusting husband. Being that during the time she was trying to start her business, she never once stood up to Richie’s hold over her or told him to STFU with his inappropriate comments during business meetings, she seems to take that need to be in charge out on everyone else, including Teresa. She sat back and allowed him to say despicable things about Teresa, who she never forgets to refer to as her cousin, way before the legal problems even started. I understand we should stand behind our spouse, until they are out of line, which he most certainly was IMO. He constantly made unkind references toward Teresa and Jo that had nothing to do with the legal stuff. Kathy just rolled her eyes and allowed it. If I was Teresa I wouldn’t want to try to be close again either. She made it really clear at the lunch they all attended, and why. Naturally they went to their Aunt’s funeral, and to the house after, because they would have looked like the jerks they are had they not.

    1. ITA, 3 D’s Forever and well said! It was a play for them. They’ll use anything or anyone to angle their way to Tre.. I bet they peed in their pants when they got to go to her house, and talked badly about them all the way home…

      1. Kathy came on the show to get some of Teresa’s fans and to side against her, period. Anyone who doesn’t believe that, look at the business records for when she was on the show, and when she wasn’t. Take a look at Tre’s book signings and her followers if you think she has no fans. People don’t have to be perfect to have me as a fan. I don’t “follow” anyone on Twitter etc., but I have always been a fan & always will be, legal problems notwithstanding. Kathy constantly spread rumors about Teresa, never gave Tre the benefit of the doubt, not very family like. Good riddance to Kathy. I don’t know if the pig Manzo show is still on, but she was a turncoat too. Good one Fuchess ( love the handle BTW ) about their likely conversation on the way home.

  3. Teresa should thank her lucky stars that she has good people who love her. Because she doesn’t deserve them. She shits on every open heart in her life because she’s plain stupid. She’s got the Porsha Williams winning combination of dumb and mean. She’ll cast aside people like Ro and Kathy but she’ll bust out the champagne with ratchet jizz dumpster Staub?? I can’t even begin to try to untwist that pretzel logic. Oh well, at least she’s a witless, untalented felon with one foot in the grave of divorce.

  4. Not surprised because of the class Tre has acquired. It was a family loss, and for her mother and father, T would have put down her armour. I still can’t help but think, God, I’m sorry, that their wanting to be a part of everything was for nefarious purposes….js

    1. The feud started with both sets of parents. The cousins, Teresa, Jo, Kathy and Rosie were born into it. The war was waged way before any of them were even born. Each heard the side of their own parents, took their own parents side of course, and naturally, even as small children, they could likely feel the tension between the adult siblings. That would be a difficult beginning for any cousins. Then, add the fact that Teresa’s brother was unhappy about Teresa’s success, that he and Teresa’s husband had had problems, and he and his wife wanted some of the fame and money for themselves, so they all got together and came on the show without even telling Teresa, who was the fan favorite for a long time. Her & Jaqueline had become the central characters in the show. Their close friendship reminds me of the first 2 seasons of NY with Bethenny and Jill. The ruin of the friendship too. Add money and/or fame to almost any family or friendship and what happens is so sad. I don’t miss Kathy and her pig husband at all on the show. Rosie is cool when she isn’t drinking and turning into a screaming fiend. It is never one person’s fault. There are some relationships, even siblings, that aren’t meant to be friends. Blood connection doesn’t ensure understanding between the involved parties.

      1. Seriously. I’ll never understand Bravo giving Granny Sue and Kim Z a show but not these two?! Hell. Give em a cooking/variety show with guest stars. THAT would be amazing!

  5. Kathy & Rosie are good people. Teresa has treated them like garbage. I love them for doing the right thing and being supportive. I miss them.

  6. Love Kathy & Rosie. I wish they would make a new show with them. They were great to watch. I can’t stand Teresa. It was crappy of her to destroy the beautiful birthday cake.

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