Why is Teresa Giudice Mad at Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri?


It’s been pretty clear this season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that there is still tension between cousins Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri and when Melissa Gorga appeared on WWHL Sunday, a caller asked why they weren’t invited to Christmas Eve with the family.

“For Christmas Eve, it was just that we wanted it to be intimate just with her parents. I mean, it was her first day back,” Melissa explained. “For New Year’s Eve, I’m not sure. It was her invite.”

When Andy Cohen pressed for more dirt, Melissa said, “You know, I don’t know. I think it’s something that you have to ask her,” she said. “I know it runs through the veins of the family, and things that were said bother her [Teresa].”

“Have I talked to them? Well, I’ve sent them texts. Yeah, I think I’ve gotten [a] response from Melissa. I don’t think I’ve gotten any repsonse from Teresa,” Kathy said during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Reality Checked with Amy Phillips earlier this month.

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  1. I thnk calling one of your parents a coward is enough reason. Why should Tre invite her cousins I wouldn’t if I was her. It’s about time Kathy packed up she is do boring and Richie is repulsive!

    1. Yes, Richie is right up there with Slime and B, whose name I refuse to type. Lets see, Marcheeseballs? Hmmm? Yeah, he’s up there too. Besides, her FIRST day home. Why is there even a question in Rosie’s or Kathy’s mind is what I am wondering. Was Theresa supposed to run up to them at the cool leopard party? They didn’t go up to her, either. I thought them all wearing some form of leopard was a cool idea by the new girl. So far, I am liking the season, and the new girls. Having a little fun with fashion is just that, fun. Delores being in the only red dress, she looked great in that dress. Now THAT is a classy, sexy red dress and she wore it with panache.

    2. Hold up… you Tre-huggers have the same gnat memory as Teresa: I do believe Teresa has laughed while her husband has called Kathy fat, raccoon-faced and a bunch of other rude crap AND in Kathy’s first season on the show Teresa’s mom jumped into the middle of Teresa’s Tantrum toward Kathy, yelling Shame On You repeatedly to Kathy. Teresa also made comments about their father and made up lies about Kathy being homophobic towards Rosie SO Kathy had a mountain of crap hurled at her from Teresa AND her family before she snapped and took it that far.

  2. Whole thing to begin with is TRE didn’t like her family on the show she was in. She was greedy. Then she don’t like fact that Kathy exposed TRE stole Kathy’s mom’s piziolli(?)– some type of recipe. THEN Kathy also exposed that she got Tre’s baby out of harms way when there was all this fighting going on. That cause so much tension, coupled with the fact that they befriended Tre’s arch enemy Melisa, who stole her boyfriend, ER, brother. All this led to their confrontation on the couch at reunion, causing Kathy to say her father is a coward– teresa is the one who said Kathy’s father didn’t take care of his family, causing Kathy to say Tre’s dad is a coward. Don’t yall remember all of this????

    1. Yeah, I remember – but it all actually started when Kathy calling Teresa’s mother a liar. Seems that although Kathy didn’t mind broadcasting on TV that Teresa confided in her that she didn’t get along with her inlaws – Kathy didn’t appreciate Teresa saying that she was there for her during rough times in her marriage….. Oh – did I forget Rosie in the background threatening to cut someone tongue out (silly me).

      1. Yeah, Rosie was totally psycho during taping. Kathy called Teresa’s mom liar because of what was said about her dad (Kathy and Rosie’s dad, causing Rosie to go ballistic), that’s when the name calling came into play, causing Kathy to cry out Tre’s dad is a coward. Regardless, trash airing dirty laundry for fame–the whole franchise.

      2. No.. it actually all started when Teresa, her husband, her mother and probably the father too repeatedly berated and bashed Kathy unfairly throughout two seasons (just for coming onto the show) and Kathy finally lost her effing mind on all of them at the reunion. Team Kathy. Teresa is an a**hole.

        1. Hi Daisy, really tired today so just popped on for a minute now going to have a snooze if I can get some peace at home to do so! Hope alls well with you Xoxoxoxoxoxox

          1. Things are great here just getting ready for work (yuck ) sorry you’re tired today . I hope that you can get a nap . Sweet dreams lovely lady

  3. Well it’s all a tragedy but Teresa has the rt 2invite whom ever she wants. So far what I observed was the cussing & disgusting hand gestures frm the 3amigos(Kathie,Rosie & whatever his name is) while Jac was speaking over the phone with Teresa. Which Jac cud off moved to another room. That was sneaky on Jac’s part. Then at the party they quickly moved away at a table where they looked at Teresa with contempt. They shud kiss Ter a_s for having them on the show. Kathie has a book & biz bc her envy for Teresa is so great. Kathie & that dufus of a husband cudn’t come up with an original Idea if it slapped them in the face. As for the baptism it was such a ruckus that we can’t say for certainty who said what to who, unless we have a professional review that scene! Apparently there were issues unresolved B4 the 3amigos joined the cast. I always have said,””Don’t do biz with family”bc U will regret it. I went against my own advice bc my husband asked me to once. I warned him. Not to sound as a knw it all bc I’m not, but it came back to haunt us.We didn’t let it hurt our relationship thank God. However bringing Ter family had an approval from Ter & that was a bad move!

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