Teresa Giudice Mad at Husband Joe Giudice for Costing her Time with Her Mom

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is opening up about how she isn’t happy with her husband Joe Giudice, who is currently serving 41-months in prison, for costing her time with her now-deceased mother.

Teresa spoke with TMZ, and talked about how she served her time without complaining, but her mom’s death is opening old wounds. Teresa isn’t happy with Joe for putting both of them in prison.

What Teresa says might surprise you.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • No one put her in prison but herself.

  • cat62

    Just keeps repeating herself over and over again – trying to make money off of her pity for herself.

  • TrumpsRolls

    I’m Tre! And I don’t know what personal responsibility is! It’s everyone else’s fault and I’m just a dumb victim. God. This woman is a typical stupid useless spoiled American c**t.

  • TrumpsRolls

    By this logic, I can be mad at macaroni and cheese for taking my time away from bikini contests. She’s absurd, and her tiny, dimwitted cult following are too dimwitted to pull their heads in before they shut the window.

  • Starr

    So absurd. Cant think of another thing to say.

  • 2018

    As I recall, Teresa said she was going to take responsibility for her actions. Now she’s back to blaming Joe? So wrong IMHO.