Teresa Giudice Looks Very Thin Following Prison Sentence


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15-months in prison and since then family, friends and fans have started to notice how thin and frail the Bravo star has become. According to friends of the Giudice family, Teresa is so worried about going to prison (January 5th, 2015) that she isn’t eating and her loved ones are becoming increasingly concerned about her health.

“She’s skipping meals and surviving on coffee, a few nibbles and wine,” a source close to Teresa tells US Weekly.

The magazine report also claims that Teresa, who is 5’8″, has already lost eleven pounds from the stress of her pending imprisonment.

“She looks frail. Her family is worried as she continues to obsess about prison and waste away,” the source continues.

Other sources say Joe Giudice’s drinking has also become a huge concern among the family.

“Joe’s been known to start drinking hard alcohol at 10 a.m.,” a witness previously stated. “It’s been going on for years, even when things were going good for them.”

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12 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Looks Very Thin Following Prison Sentence”

    1. I agree she is NOT 5’8″! So I doubt she’s lost 11 lbs either. But she may be thinner out of sheer nerves- it’s understandable.

  1. Whether true or not those poor daughters need to have a guardian appointed for them during Teresa’s incarceration. Those kids do not need to be with a drunken parent.

    1. This is true, Aunt a Bee! I still don’t know why Child a Protective Services hasn’t stepped in – given then the very public way Teresa and Joe have advertised Joe’s severe drinking problem. Unless they (CPS) needs to wait until Teresa is in prison and Joe has sole custody of the kids.

      1. You’re right Karen-I shudder to think of those girls being in his irresponsible care. And if Tre knows he is an alcoholic and leaves him in charge then she really is an abusive mother.

  2. I have a feeling Teresa and Joe’s mother’s will be spending a lot of time at the Guidice house, taking on most of the responsibilities that should be Joe’s. Despite how much Teresa loves and worships Joe, I think she knows that he won’t be able to properly take care of the girls on his own.

    1. Hope you are right Daniel – but the thought that keeps niggling in the back of my brain is that those women were the ones who raised the felons.

    2. Hi Daniel

      I agree with you I have have a feeling Tre mom but mainly Joe’s mom will look after the girls 99% of the times , they’ll pro be spending a lot of times with their cousins Pete & Maria kids Joe bro & sis.

      What scares me is something god forbid happens to the girls in the middle of the night Joe will be out cold Gia is responsible enough but that shouldn’t lie on her shoulders she’s still a child .

      My guessing child support will be knocking on the Guidice door after Tre goes in or has served a month or so

      1. Agree, Gia shouldn’t have to shoulder responsibility, but already begging on social media to raise funds for next inappropriate video. Wouldn’t surprise me she may take after her dad and start drinking…he would be too wasted from pill popping, booze and pot to know she would be hitting on his stash.

        Unfortunately….either these girls are gonna be complete opposites and not wanna be like their parents, OR they will act out, and in Gia’s case, may try to be more grown up in more ways than one…how sad.

    3. Joe’s Mom or some other adult that can drive has to be around because Joe doesn’t have a valid divers license anymore (part of his felony ID fraud case) and won’t for 2 years. And then he’ll be “away.” So someone has to drive, thank God, the girls everywhere while a Teresa is in prison.

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