Teresa Giudice: Jacqueline is Vicious


Teresa Giudice says she was happy to see Melissa defend her against Jacqueline Laurita during their lunch. In her blog, Giudice calls Jacqueline vicious. She admits she wanted to rebuild their friendship, but she’s not so sure she’s interested in that anymore…

“Well…so much for “rebuilding” a friendship…

When Jacqueline and Chris invited me and Joe to their house for dinner, I went because I truly believed Jacqueline wanted to work on healing our relationship, like I did. I thought this was a friendship worth saving since she and I had been so close for so many years. Maybe I’m naïve, but I was really looking forward to a nice night with her and Chris, with us talking and sharing a few laughs, trying to take steps to rebuild what we had lost. That obviously did not happen. I got invited to her house and got attacked –- again. No thanks.

Everything seemed fine when we first got there. I was happy to see C.J. and Nicholas, who have gotten so big. But when Jacqueline and I were alone and I began to tell her how I felt about the way she had treated me in the past, because I wanted to be honest with her, I felt like she started attacking me rather than really listening to what I was saying to her. She saw how uncomfortable I was but just kept going. Then she called my brother. To me, that was crossing a line. Who does that? Then, as you saw, she hit me below the belt with her nasty words. She was mean. For me, that was it. I had to leave. I had to remove myself from her negativity. As I’ve said before, I just want peace. I wasn’t getting any over there.

Truth be told, I felt the same way at her house that night that I did on her deck all those years ago when she just kept going with the questions about my legal issues, digging and digging. I thought it was weird that she asked so many really personal questions that none of my other close friends had ever asked me -– intrusive questions I would never ask them.

I really hope that one day Jacqueline and I can rebuild our friendship, but right now, I’m not so sure. I’m disappointed in the way she acted toward me that night. I had the best of intentions going there. But she showed me that she hasn’t changed at all. She was so vicious. It was sad to see her like that, to be honest. Hopefully she will find a way to stop being so negative and to learn to listen better and not make assumptions about things before lashing out. I hope she learns to be more positive.

On a more positive note of my own, I have to say I was really happy when Melissa defended me and my brother at lunch with Jacqueline. It makes me feel so good that things are good with her and my brother again. I was hoping the same thing would happen with Jacqueline, but it didn’t. But keep tuning in to see what happens next with us…you may be surprised! Or not!

I also liked how this episode focused a lot on family — Siggy and her kids and me and Joe and our kids. Siggy is a great mom. Tradition is important to her, as it is with me and my family. I loved watching the moments with Joe and the girls but got emotional. It was hard to see Joe now that he is away. The girls and I miss him so much.”

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41 Replies to “Teresa Giudice: Jacqueline is Vicious”

  1. I’m sick of the crooks and bullies on RHONJ. Teresa is a hypocrite she has dogged everybody since she told the first lie in season 1 flashing cash like a drug dealer!

  2. Theresa is crazy. She has no connection whatsoever with the truth. She’s pathetic. I’m sick of her insanity and her instability.

  3. Love Teresa! She’s right about wacko Jacko. Jacqueline is so angry and bitter. I wonder if that’s why her face looks the way it does.

    1. Maybe, but likely it is the botox, face and body lifts, boob lifts and redo’s, fillers, more liposuction, some kind of diet pill, IOW ( Prescription speed ) tranquilizers to help her sleep from the speed, more lipo suction………….

    2. Jacko is wacko and not in a good way. More like a boring way……and her daughter makes me ill. Her daughter’s boyfriend seems like a nice guy, but he can’t be if he thinks Ashlee is “the one.” Poor guy…..he’ll have to learn the hard way.

  4. Oh, for heaven’s sake, here we go again with “Poor Teresa”. She brought the whole thing up and now Jacqueline is the one that is vicious? This is really rich. OMG Teresa, give it a rest. You may be educated, but you continue to put up with a cheating, conniving husband and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for you? As of Sunday, 8/22/16, you were still spending money like a crazy woman, living in that G-d Awful, gawdy house with your a@@hole of a husband and your very “mouthy” daughters. Educated women do not put up with that kind of behavior you silly, silly woman. If you ever take off your rose colored glasses and see what BS your husband has created and gotten you and your daughters in the situation you are now in, you are going to be shocked! Take the blinders off, wake up and smell the coffee woman. You give all women a bad name. You were glad to see Melissa take up for you because she is the only one that will do it…….how stupid can one person be?????????

    1. I couldn’t agree more! And, I want to know who writes her blogs for her! She can’t even speak proper English, let alone write it! SMD H!

    2. When a Mom comes home from prison for a year, everyone is raw. Not just their feelings, their everything. Confusion, Mom’s home now, Dad was the boss, now Mom is again. Everyone was venting in different ways and it was sad. Never did I hear Theresa say poor me, but, hey, I have compassion and see the actions and behavior as something different, and somethingTheresa is trying to become a positive part of. The girls are hurt and confused. Of course it is Theresa’s fault, and Joe’s, but they still have to wake up each day and do their best.
      I was also pleased when Melissa stood up for her sister-in-law. Jaqo could have easily put a stop to the way that night went. She was the hostess, and it was up to her to make the evening go the way she wanted, and IT DID.
      She has been waiting to say that to Theresa for a couple years, and now she has. But, I guess the millions of dollars they personally STOLE FROM THEIR EMPLOYEES is different.
      If she wanted a friendship, which SHE SAID SHE DID, she should have stopped that in it’s tracks, IF, IF that was what she wanted, which it WASN’T. She should have at the very least realized Theresa JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON. SHE should have gone over, put her arms around her FRIEND, and said “I am sorry for anything I said or did that hurt you. If you can say the same to me, let us never speak of this again.” Then change the subject. That is what a friend does.

    3. Karen…bitter much? Point Wacko was the hostess and just acknowledged that that’s how Teresa felt at the moment and moved on instead she was like an angry ex-lover ready to unleash on her ex.

  5. Heather and Karen I agree. Theresa has no integrity and I applaud Jacqueline for standing up to her. Theresa is dumb as dust. No one stands up to her because they are all scared of her. And the children have no manners. They’re gross.

    1. Hey Jody, I think I speak for most of us on this board when I say that we keep kids off limits. Not to reprimand you, it’s just not fair to the kids who really have no choice but to film.

          1. How are you getting on now you are back studying? Is it as bad as you thought or are you coping with it? Xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Kids are fair game. They can still film & be respectful like Gabriella & Audriana. If kids are disrespectful like Gia & Milania, they should be called out on it. That’s exactly why they act that way; because they get by with it.

    2. Jaqo didn’t “stand up to her” She went in for the kill, as she has been aching to do ever since the beginning. The speed, the lipo, the botox, the other many Rx se likely swallows made her even more hostile. It was the truth, they have “legal” problems ……….and Theresa never asked. And as many times as she says theirs wasn’t criminal, that’s how many times she lies.

  6. Same old same old. Soliloquy of Teresa. Me, Me, Me, Me. I call B.S.
    Regardless, of who one likes, Teresa started that whole PLANNED argument.
    ” The last time I was here, you attacked me on your deck?!”. That’s a perfect way to start an argument
    Teresa is still the same.

  7. Amen. Preach the gospel!
    She put herself in that position; she spent money like a drug dealer. Hate that Joe catches all the blame. By Teresa’ own mouth, she is very materialistic, & believe she put ALOT of demads on him.
    Remember her arrogant motto,” Happy wife. Happy life.?”

  8. Dee Dee. Where I ‘ m from, kids that talk back , have little respect for their parents are called ” Ill Breed Brats!”
    I do have to correct myself, Gabriella,& Audriana are sweet girls, but Gia,& especially Milania need a good pop.

    Thank you for the compliment.
    Xoxo 🙂

    1. Gabriella and Audriana are angels. Gia & Melania’s disrespect toward their parents and each other is astounding! I can’t believe Teresa allows that kind of behavior. Imagine what they are like off camera!

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