Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Make Up?


The final installment of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired Sunday night and it left off with Teresa Giudice accusing Jacqueline Laurita of being responsible for calling the IRS and putting her and her husband Joe in jail.

“You’re a f*cking crazy bitch!” Teresa screamed at Jacqueline. Andy Cohen asked Teresa to clarify her accusation. “I feel like she was definitely dabbling in it. She was speaking to people, getting information. Then maybe those certain people then went to the feds.”

Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania couldn’t believe Jacqueline would ever do something like that. “I’m friends with Jacqueline, and I’ve never seen anything but good come out of her. I only see her as a loyal person who wants to help,” Siggy said. Dolores added, “I don’t know her of doing the things that she’s being accused of.”

At this point, Jac’s husband Chris chimed in admitting they had a “mutual friend” who had called him up because there had been a real estate dispute with Joe Giudice. According to Chris, he had tried to help Joe make a deal so there “wouldn’t be any problems,” but when he reached out, Joe effectively told Chris to tell their mutual friend to “go f*ck himself.” At that point, Chris explained, he’d wanted “nothing to do with this.”

Then, Melissa jumped in to defend Teresa. “She sucks!” Melissa pointed at Laurita. “She will tell all your secrets!”

“Look at me in my eyes!” Melissa said to Siggy and Dolores. “I warned you first.” She then turned to Jacqueline and called her “disgusting.” Melissa also told Jacqueline that she was a sh*t friend and asked her how she lived with herself.

“She’s a wolf in lamb’s clothing, but she has rabies,” Teresa added, prompting Andy to explain that the saying was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “You are a low, dirty bitch!” Teresa added as Jacqueline shook her head.

Andy turned the conversation to ask what Teresa learned while she was in prison. “I met a lot of wonderful women,” she explained, adding that she finally had come to terms with saying the word “prison,” which had been hard for her at first because that’s not how she thought of herself. She also reported that she had received massages from other female inmates but had not had any sexual encounters.

Andy pressed Giudice to talk about what actions led to prison. “I know I’m not a bad person. I know I didn’t try to commit a crime,” she said. “The numbers that were on the paper were incorrect. I didn’t fill out that paper. All I did was sign on the dotted line.”

Teresa also gave an update on how Joe Giudice has been doing since he’s been away. She shared he has lost 35 pounds, and reiterated her belief that he had not cheated on her while she was away.

“I know if I was with Joe Guidice, I would make sure I would get kissing pictures,” she explained. “I would make sure I would get pictures in bed.”

Cohen asked Teresa about the possibility that Joe could be deported when he gets out. Teresa got emotional but said that it was “a legal matter,” so she really was not able to talk about it. “I guess we’ll deal with that when it comes,” she said. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Towards the end of the reunion, Andy played a montage of clips of happy times with Jaqueline and Teresa which had both women near tears. “We both have said and done terrible things to each other,” Jacqueline said. “It’s like sisters.” Teresa said she didn’t want to fight with anyone like that, but also insisted she’d never done anything to hurt Jacqueline “intentionally.” Both women seemed to change their tune after this. “Just because I’m angry at someone doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion,” Jacqueline said, while Teresa admitted it was “not easy” watching Jacqueline’s struggles with Nicholas.

Melissa admitted, “I don’t like to see anybody hurt,” and praised Jacqueline for being “wonderful” with Nicholas. Dolores echoed that sentiment, noting, “Jacqueline has a much harder job than all of us and never complains.”

Siggy encouraged everyone to end with a group hug. “We don’t have to be friends,” Jacqueline said to Teresa. “But I will never utter a bad word about you.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo