Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Make Up?


The final installment of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired Sunday night and it left off with Teresa Giudice accusing Jacqueline Laurita of being responsible for calling the IRS and putting her and her husband Joe in jail.

“You’re a f*cking crazy bitch!” Teresa screamed at Jacqueline. Andy Cohen asked Teresa to clarify her accusation. “I feel like she was definitely dabbling in it. She was speaking to people, getting information. Then maybe those certain people then went to the feds.”

Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania couldn’t believe Jacqueline would ever do something like that. “I’m friends with Jacqueline, and I’ve never seen anything but good come out of her. I only see her as a loyal person who wants to help,” Siggy said. Dolores added, “I don’t know her of doing the things that she’s being accused of.”

At this point, Jac’s husband Chris chimed in admitting they had a “mutual friend” who had called him up because there had been a real estate dispute with Joe Giudice. According to Chris, he had tried to help Joe make a deal so there “wouldn’t be any problems,” but when he reached out, Joe effectively told Chris to tell their mutual friend to “go f*ck himself.” At that point, Chris explained, he’d wanted “nothing to do with this.”

Then, Melissa jumped in to defend Teresa. “She sucks!” Melissa pointed at Laurita. “She will tell all your secrets!”

“Look at me in my eyes!” Melissa said to Siggy and Dolores. “I warned you first.” She then turned to Jacqueline and called her “disgusting.” Melissa also told Jacqueline that she was a sh*t friend and asked her how she lived with herself.

“She’s a wolf in lamb’s clothing, but she has rabies,” Teresa added, prompting Andy to explain that the saying was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “You are a low, dirty bitch!” Teresa added as Jacqueline shook her head.

Andy turned the conversation to ask what Teresa learned while she was in prison. “I met a lot of wonderful women,” she explained, adding that she finally had come to terms with saying the word “prison,” which had been hard for her at first because that’s not how she thought of herself. She also reported that she had received massages from other female inmates but had not had any sexual encounters.

Andy pressed Giudice to talk about what actions led to prison. “I know I’m not a bad person. I know I didn’t try to commit a crime,” she said. “The numbers that were on the paper were incorrect. I didn’t fill out that paper. All I did was sign on the dotted line.”

Teresa also gave an update on how Joe Giudice has been doing since he’s been away. She shared he has lost 35 pounds, and reiterated her belief that he had not cheated on her while she was away.

“I know if I was with Joe Guidice, I would make sure I would get kissing pictures,” she explained. “I would make sure I would get pictures in bed.”

Cohen asked Teresa about the possibility that Joe could be deported when he gets out. Teresa got emotional but said that it was “a legal matter,” so she really was not able to talk about it. “I guess we’ll deal with that when it comes,” she said. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Towards the end of the reunion, Andy played a montage of clips of happy times with Jaqueline and Teresa which had both women near tears. “We both have said and done terrible things to each other,” Jacqueline said. “It’s like sisters.” Teresa said she didn’t want to fight with anyone like that, but also insisted she’d never done anything to hurt Jacqueline “intentionally.” Both women seemed to change their tune after this. “Just because I’m angry at someone doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion,” Jacqueline said, while Teresa admitted it was “not easy” watching Jacqueline’s struggles with Nicholas.

Melissa admitted, “I don’t like to see anybody hurt,” and praised Jacqueline for being “wonderful” with Nicholas. Dolores echoed that sentiment, noting, “Jacqueline has a much harder job than all of us and never complains.”

Siggy encouraged everyone to end with a group hug. “We don’t have to be friends,” Jacqueline said to Teresa. “But I will never utter a bad word about you.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  • I haven’t seen part two of the reunion yet, because Amazon can’t show it until the next day. But if I don’t hear ever Jaq utter another bad word about Teresa, I guess that means shocking surprises can still happen.
    That last episode though, Melissa and Teresa hadn’t even had the chance to greet everyone before Jaqueline started telling everyone what to do. She did that on purpose, IMO. She wanted that to end badly, because when Delores said “you don’t speak to an Italian like that on a good day” I’m sure she was correct, but in my world, no one speaks to anyone that way, good day, bad day, any day. If Jaq had truly wanted to get some stuff talked out, she would have waited until everyone had lunch & had something to drink ( they were in a restaurant after all ) then it would have been appropriate to ask if she could please speak to Teresa alone for a moment. That is how it is done where I come from, which is where all ladies speak with respect to each other.

  • Janice

    Theresa is so crazy! Of everyone I believe Chris Larita.

  • I agree with you 3 Ds she should have waited until lunch was over and then asked if she could talk in private. Jacs dress and necklace were so tight on her. I was waiting for something to bust apart. Chis always talking about his wife loving Teresa. Jacs didn’t need a tissue for her tears. They were not real. I loved Joe for saying nothing will break the bond he has with his sister.

    • I do wonder, too, why she wears clothes that don’t fit. She is still pretty young. She had Ashley when she was 20, and Ashley is 26. There are so many designers who want to dress Housewives, because like it or not, it is a small, exclusive group. She could have really beautiful clothing made for her figure if she would leave behind the lie she tells herself that she weighs 110 lbs. I know many women older than her, heavier than her, who look fabulous all the time. And, they don’t have designer wardrobes. They simply know how to choose clothing that flatters their body. And, please, Jaq, stop with the plastics. You really are starting to look odd.

  • One Rotten Egg

    I just can’t see why Siggy has to make everything about herself!

  • Geminigirl

    Chris is as slick as oil. He should’ve been a lawyer instead of snake oil salesmen because he took over speaking for Jacqueline the majority of part 2. It was annoying as hell. And the fact that he coped to having a “conversation” and being the “messenger” with people the Giudices had a case with leads me to believe there was more to the story when Jacqueline tried to pretend no such thing happened moments before on part 1. Why would you play messenger and why would you not call Joe directly, but call another mutual friend to call Joe to pass on the message. That’s too many people unnecessarily involved in just a mere “message” and I call bs.
    He made excuses for Jacquelines behavior over and over again. Asked everyone but her to take accountability for their behavior. Blamed their bad relationship with the Giudices on Joe and Melissa, but if the relationship was as solid as they act like it was…no one would’ve been able to shake it but themselves.
    I used to like Chris until I realized he’s as big of a con man as Joe Giudice, but he’s got more pretty words to go with it. The fact that he’s the conductor of crazy train Jacqueline just to keep some forms of cash flow coming is disgusting for me. That became obvious when he spoke for her the majority of the time in a flowery version of the bs jack already spews.


      Agreed about Chris as well! There is a reason Dina fled clear across the country. Yes, she’s shacked up with a married guy after going after him and him/her, but still….

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, Chris is a loser.


    I agree with 3D’s about Jac and her ill-fitting clothing. Why does she squeeeeeze herself into these ugly dresses? It has to be extremely uncomfortable, like spanx. Spanx? No Thanks. Meanwhile, what possesses these “girls” (hard to call them women) to go on national tv and act like a bunch of morons???

  • What really makes me sick is when Jaq has that smug smile whenever Teresa is hurting. I’m 1/2 way thru the second part of the reunion, wondering when anyone will bring up Chris’s fraudulent business practices. Maybe it’s off limits? Hey!!! I know, he will use a “wife insanity” plea when it comes to be his turn. Jaq’s doctors better watch out, she’ll be calling the D.E.A. and the Board of Pharmacy on them when she realizes she is addicted to benzos.
    It’s not just the clothes, it’s the necklace. She looks like she’s going to choke on it any minute. I could have sworn I saw mirrors backstage.

    • Anonymous

      I was amazed Teresa was able to keep from punching the ever annoying Jac.

  • Anonymous

    RHOC, RHONJ – yay!!! Two more hours of my life each week I get back for good. This year was their last chance to reel me back in, but I am glad to say I am free!

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of Jacqueline’s Teresa-obsession and blaming her pathetic behavior of Nicholas. How about taking responsibility for your actions, just once, instead of blaming it on Nicholas’ “regression.”
    Blaming autism for everything that goes wrong in your life got old a LONG time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really care what Jac does?