Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Make Up… Again


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey the women wanted Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita to make amends so they forced the women to go on a spa weekend getaway. But things got awkward as soon as Jaqueline failed to properly greet Teresa and offered her a handshake.

“She walks in trying to ignore me and it’s like, ‘Why’d you even come?'” Teresa asked.

Later, the ladies enjoyed dinner along with a fire and s’mores. Everyone seemed to get along as the topic of conversation led to money troubles. Jacqueline opened up about her financial troubles and revealed that it can cost up to $60,000 a year to provide care for her son Nicholas, who has autism. Melissa shared a story about how once she was forced to leave a store because her Costco card was declined.

Teresa joined the conversation, saying that people often ask her why she stayed with her husband after what he did to her. “What do you mean how do I stay with him? I love my husband,” she said is her response to that question.

This made Siggy emotional, and she reflected about how they all have had their ups and downs, but how hardship makes them the people they are today. The ladies ended the night by calling Teresa’s husband Joe and pretending that Teresa and Jaqueline had gotten into a huge fight.

The next morning, Jacqueline was having a breakdown in the bathroom. Siggy found her and got her to reveal that she was sad because while all of the other ladies were telling their “proud mommy moments” she was upset that she hasn’t had those with Nicholas yet.

“The proud mommy moments,” Jacqueline said. “I have those too, but they’re different. My child’s childhood is different from theirs. Nicholas works so hard every day for doing the things that other kids do so easily. At this age he doesn’t notice the differences, but one day, he might.” By this time the other women had gathered around Laurita. “If you believe it, he will,” Teresa told Jac. But she had something more to say to the cameras. “I can’t even understand what Jacqueline is going through,” she confessed. “It breaks my heart into, like, a zillion pieces.”

Later in the weekend, Teresa and Jac enjoyed some body brushing treatment just the two of them. “If you ever have a bad day, always feel free to call me,” Teresa told Jacqueline, who admitted to the cameras she could tell that Teresa was actually sincere. “It’s nice to have her ask about me and really listen,” Jacqueline said. Teresa explained to the camera that she hadn’t been there for Jacqueline as much as she would have liked when the issues with Nicholas first surfaced because she was handling her own legal issues at the time. She implied this was a regret she had.

They ended the weekend with a yoga class that was taught by Teresa. She finished the class with, “Namaste, bitches.”

What did you think of this wee’s episode?

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31 Replies to “Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Make Up… Again”

  1. Glad TRE and Jaco got along. saw Whaco Jaco go overboard with the read lips observation. Saw sis in law of TRE try to stir pot with her comment how it takes a lot longer for TRE to forgive her. Saw Joe Giudice still not take accountability for the mess he got his family into. Otherwise, boring episode.

  2. I think it is all a bunch of phoney baloney BS!! Instead of bemoaning the fact that Jacqueline’s son is autistic, she should focus on the positive strides this child has made. While she may not be popular, look at Jenny McCarthy’s son, Evan. He functions like a normal person and he is only 12-13. Also, she could look at Holly Robinson Peete’s son who is a fully functioning person with his limitations. Give this child some time and the resources she and Chris seem to be providing and wait and see the fruits of HIS labor. These women want everything and they want it NOW. Well ladies, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And, if Jac is soooo worried about her son, why isn’t she at home with him instead of going on this “spa-cation” with all the ladies. True dedication is being there when you are needed, not off pampering yourself and integrating yourself into potential crazy situations with people who don’t really give an effin iota about you & your family. Everything wrong in Jacqueline’s life can’t be blamed on poor little Nicholas. I know this will sound incredibly cruel, but perhaps the 3 miscarriages you had b4 getting pregnant with Nicholas were a sign that maybe, just maybe, you should have stopped trying. That being said, he is here and he is challenged. Imagine how scary it must be for him not to be able to express himself and be understood. If as much time was spent on him as is spent “trying to keep up with the Jones”, you might feel better about yourself and not be so incredibly shallow and bemoan the fact that you don’t have the same “mommy moments” the other ladies have. Sorry Jac, you ain’t gonna win this one with me! While Chris should be commended for his new business endeavor and having some of the profits go toward providing Autistic children resources, get busy and spend some time with the therapists who are working hard to give this child the best for his future!

    1. It’s too easy for Jacolush to blame the costs of an autistic child on their money problems but maybe she should look at what she spends on fillers surgery and Botox. She isn’t looking mormal anymore, she is looking more and more like Brandi.

    2. Well to be fair, while I agree with you on Jacqueline’s constant complaining, clearly she’s taking part in the 2 night spa-cation so she can be included in filming, and thus, earn her paycheck from the network. Still, I do agree about the rest, and I would add that Grammy award-winning vocalist Toni Braxton is another example of a mother with an autistic son who has made tremendous strides, and she’s been able to share some details of their journey on her show in a very dignified manner (and she herself has Lupus on top of heart disease issues)). It can definitely be off-putting to see someone with as many resources as Jacqueline has, with a national TV platform and nearly a million social media followers constantly come from a place of “lack” instead of empowerment and action.

      1. All Jacqueline does is complain about what Nicholas is costing her yet she has no problem pissing away tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and all of her other indulgences.

      1. I don’t believe God punishes us by giving us special needs children. I have cousins who are special and their parents call them “blessings”.

        1. I don’t either. But when the season was on that she had all the miscarriages, I was reminded of mine. My doctor told me NOT to get pregnant again, that I would most certainly lose the baby, and maybe my life. I got pregnant with TWO forms of BC!! I had so much scar tissue in my uterus that I could not carry a baby. So, fortunately for me at 30 I needed a complete hysterectomy. My husband has his vasectomy planned but didn’t need it. It cured me and I no longer bled all the time and believe me when I say it is very, very difficult to stand and deal cards when you are hemorrhaging 20 days a month. Anyway, I wondered why she kept having miscarriages too. She had a daughter and a son, two healthy children. But Nick is a blessing as all children should be.
          I go back and forth with Jaqo. I can stand her, then I can’t. She speaks of others being cruel, but she is cruel herself. We all hurt another’s feelings at a time in our life. Someone we love. It is when it is purposely said to hurt that it shows cruelty. THAT is what maturity and growing are IMO. NOT allowing oneself to hurt another person purposely is one thing we MUST DO to grow and mature.

    3. *Could not agree more about the miscarriages & not trying anymore.
      *I also call BS on Jacqueline’s claim that Nicholas is costing her an extra $60,000 a year because he is autistic.
      *All she seems to do is use that kid’s disability to garner sympathy & to ensure her pity “job” on RHONJ. His autism is her passive-aggressive claim to fame.

  3. I enjoyed this episode because there was no blow up and they were having fun. I found it touching when Jac was crying and Tre was playing with her hair. That is something my sister would do.

    1. This episode was so disjointed. Was Jacqueline really drunk or is she just a pathetic actress? The pity me because my son is autistic was a bunch of crap (so scripted).

  4. Happy Monday ladies,

    Hope y’all had a great weekend 🙂

    Speechless! ( Almost.) The Spa Episode? What a treat that was! Loved it. Refreshing, showed that true friendships can withstand the ups,& downs, if both parties act like adults, & put their guard/ walls down. ( too bad it l only lasts a hot minute. )

    There is not anything negative I have to comment on.

    Loving Dolores,& Siggy more ,& more each week. Both have been great additions to the show. Fabulous , down to Earth, approachable ladies.

    1. Morning Southern cutie pie . Sorry you’re having a bad time . I have tons of vodka at my house plain and flavored . What would you like sweetie

  5. I loved this episode. It proves, to me, that Theresa has changed. When they were in the mud bath talking, Theresa and Jaquiline, she showed how she has changed. But no person changes who they are. We can expect people to change for the better and to try to do so, but not change who they are. I thought it was cute how they made the pretend fight. I don’t watch to see househusbands. I SKIP any part with Jo Gorga, but I loved the spa weekend. I said to myself “See, it CAN be interesting without fighting.”
    For once Bravo found some interesting, strong women to fill the cast. Those twins were a joke and that entire season with Marcheeseballs.
    This is going to be a wonderful season. I bought it on Amazon Prime already. Yay.

  6. I enjoyed the episode because there was no fighting and excessive bitching. I did notice that Jacqueline is walking around spooling for a fight. If that notion is simply to make the episodes more exciting, I’m not good with that.

    I have a niece who is Autistic however she is high functioning. I know the sons of two businessmen with Autism and both are low functioning, one more so than the other. My heart does go out to Jacqueline but I’ll be honest, when she raised the subject again I felt it was simply to garner sympathy. Not cool. Nicholas looks pretty low functioning at the moment. I think they may have a long road ahead of them. I wish she didn’t compare him to the other kids. You can’t wish it away. Maybe I’m being too judgemental but I think it’s time for her to see all the great things about the boy, celebrate them and stop moaning.

    Overall, it was nice to see them laughing and having fun even if it only lasts a moment.

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