Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Make Up… Again


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey the women wanted Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita to make amends so they forced the women to go on a spa weekend getaway. But things got awkward as soon as Jaqueline failed to properly greet Teresa and offered her a handshake.

“She walks in trying to ignore me and it’s like, ‘Why’d you even come?'” Teresa asked.

Later, the ladies enjoyed dinner along with a fire and s’mores. Everyone seemed to get along as the topic of conversation led to money troubles. Jacqueline opened up about her financial troubles and revealed that it can cost up to $60,000 a year to provide care for her son Nicholas, who has autism. Melissa shared a story about how once she was forced to leave a store because her Costco card was declined.

Teresa joined the conversation, saying that people often ask her why she stayed with her husband after what he did to her. “What do you mean how do I stay with him? I love my husband,” she said is her response to that question.

This made Siggy emotional, and she reflected about how they all have had their ups and downs, but how hardship makes them the people they are today. The ladies ended the night by calling Teresa’s husband Joe and pretending that Teresa and Jaqueline had gotten into a huge fight.

The next morning, Jacqueline was having a breakdown in the bathroom. Siggy found her and got her to reveal that she was sad because while all of the other ladies were telling their “proud mommy moments” she was upset that she hasn’t had those with Nicholas yet.

“The proud mommy moments,” Jacqueline said. “I have those too, but they’re different. My child’s childhood is different from theirs. Nicholas works so hard every day for doing the things that other kids do so easily. At this age he doesn’t notice the differences, but one day, he might.” By this time the other women had gathered around Laurita. “If you believe it, he will,” Teresa told Jac. But she had something more to say to the cameras. “I can’t even understand what Jacqueline is going through,” she confessed. “It breaks my heart into, like, a zillion pieces.”

Later in the weekend, Teresa and Jac enjoyed some body brushing treatment just the two of them. “If you ever have a bad day, always feel free to call me,” Teresa told Jacqueline, who admitted to the cameras she could tell that Teresa was actually sincere. “It’s nice to have her ask about me and really listen,” Jacqueline said. Teresa explained to the camera that she hadn’t been there for Jacqueline as much as she would have liked when the issues with Nicholas first surfaced because she was handling her own legal issues at the time. She implied this was a regret she had.

They ended the weekend with a yoga class that was taught by Teresa. She finished the class with, “Namaste, bitches.”

What did you think of this wee’s episode?

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