Teresa Giudice: RHONJ’s Star…


Ever since Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, entered The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 3, it’s no secret the two have been pretty competitive. It’s always a ‘tit for tat’ with the two Jersey ladies.

We’ve watched Teresa’s family try to repair their unhealed wounds and become a stronger family unit. While it may not look like it on TV right now, presently things have gotten worse. The footage we are watching on Sunday nights was filmed a year ago, and a lot has happened since then, some sources say it’s beyond repair.

A source tells Reality Tea, “Teresa gloats at the fact Melissa [Gorga] is nothing more than a cast member. She isn’t the break out star she thought she would be. Teresa feels that Melissa is just one big joke.”

The insider continues, “They are so tit for tat. That is why they will never and have never had a genuine relationship.”

“Teresa loves that the past 2 seasons revolve around her. It doesn’t matter if people are talking good or bad. it’s still all about her,” the source explains.

A lot of people close to Teresa wonder if she is choosing fame over her friends and family. Her relationships with the tabloids are no secret. We realize we don’t know what goes on when the cameras are down, but it is concerning. With all the speculation that her husband, Joe Giudice, could serve jail time, who would Teresa have if her hubby was away? We worry about T and her daughters.

What do you think? Are you worried for Teresa?

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  1. Crazy Self centered ego maniac sad sad lady and horrible mother spoiled rude children
    She is a liar who can barely speak English
    Really not cute acting so mean and dumb

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