Teresa Giudice: “I Had A Breakdown!”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey filming has taken its toll on Teresa Giudice. From her husband calling her terrible names along with cheating allegations on national television, losing her best friend of 15 years, Jaqueline, to not speaking to her brother for a year. The reality star reveals she had a complete breakdown.

After the filming of the Season 4 reunion Teresa says, “After the taping was done, I broke down. I started crying, and I couldn’t stop,” she reveals. “I’m tired of getting blamed for things I didn’t do. I’m making myself sick over this.”

Since the Posche Fashion Show drama Teresa says she longs for emotional support. “I need help,” she admits. “Everyone is against me and ganging up on me.” Teresa is now wondering whether fame cost her the close-knit family she once had.

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice: “I Had A Breakdown!””

  1. Everybody did turn on Teresa! Her husband blind-sided her with bankruptcy, DUIs, possible infidelity, might go to jail, and she’s worried about keeping her home and her kids safe. Anyone would be stressed. The problem is that Teresa is old school Italian, so she is holding it all in. She thinks of it as a betrayal when the others mention her problems on camera, so she couldn’t open up to Jac as she wanted. She thinks she’s supposed to keep a smile on her face, which is impossible, so something had to give. I don’t know anyone who could hold it together as well as she has. The girl deserves to break down now and then. I just hope she doesn’t push anyone else away. She needs an ally on the show.

  2. I’ve truly never seen a more delusional and narcissistic woman on TV in my life. She does nothing but brag herself up about what a good person she is, she never does anything wrong and that everyone else is to blame for everything. It’s painful to watch, I can’t imagine being there in person to have to listen to it face to face. She certainly has a God complex. Frankly I think she’s an extremely insecure woman who is jealous of everyone. Nutcase.

  3. leave Teresa alone….. everyone out there has family,money,husband,kid problems… get a life people !!!! look in your own back yard….

  4. I’m NOT a fan of Teresa’s,but I must say she did have a bad year family wise,ESPECIALLY with her disgusting husband.The way he speaks to her and treats her is horrible.Having said that,Teresa needs to stop talking about what a great sex life they have,we all saw in the vineyard that day she was BEGGING him to have sex.It’s was degrading to her and uncomfortable to watch.No marriage is perfect,but she needs to stop trying to portray hers as such,maybe she’d seem a little more human.

  5. I feel Tersea should make this her last HW show. Hopefully, they will give her a
    cooking show. It could be funny too. If she can’t pronouce a word…even funnier.

    Let the Lauritas, Manzos and Gorgo’s continue with the show and let them fight
    things out. I have a feeling the reason Bravo is taking such a long time putting in
    her show is because Tre is the show. … or they could also put all of Caroline’s
    siblings in. Let them have a whack at it!

  6. I like Teresa, but her husband what a pig! how can he even think that he is better than anyone else. I’m sorry for the kids, but I think that he deserves everything that is happening to him including going to jail. His attitude and demenor is “I don’t care” well neither does the courts, the lawyers, the judge and so on. He has lied to just about everyone including himself, he has cheated on everyone including his OWN kids. In his own words “HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE” HAPPY LIFE, HAPPY JAIL TIME.

  7. Tre needs to let go of the umbilical cord which seems weirdly attached to her brother..? Does anyone else find their relationship kinda bizarre for brother and sister?? I was a little creeped out by it at times… they’re both married with children for goodness sake!

    Try to be a little more accepting Teresa, u got some tough times ahead and may need a lot of support… I wish no ill will only what is deserved for one’s action… it applys to all of us, even the Guidices!!!

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