Teresa Giudice: “I Feel Like I Was Set-Up!”

After all the allegations that Teresa Giudice set-up her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, on the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa is now talking exclusively to RumorFix about how she feels she was the one that was set-up. Kim D has already admitted she was behind the whole debacle at the finale, and Teresa had no idea of what was going on behind the scenes.

Teresa reveals she is shocked cast mates and former friends Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita would accuse her of that. “I felt like I was set up,” she tells RumorFix. “If you really watch closely, Jacqueline is texting the whole time. Did you see Jacqueline’s face? She looked so contrived and calculated and kept texting with someone. You’ll see a lot of things revealed at the reunion show. Kim D says that she spoke to Jacqueline every day for an hour and a half on the phone. So to me that says a lot. Jacqueline definitely knew what was going on.” We’ve also reported who the alleged person was that Jac was texting, you can read that article here.

Teresa says that she has of course heard rumors that Melissa was a stripper, “but I never said that she was. I wouldn’t say that she was even if she was. She’s been in my family for seven years now and that’s not something I wanted to put out there, because I do have four daughters. It’s not my style. I’m old school. My parents are off the boat. I’m first generation. It’s not something I would want to put out there, because I didn’t know for sure.”

“I confronted her [Melissa] because I had to tell her what happened because this guy approached me in the salon,” Teresa explains.”After he came to the fashion show, Melissa said she knew him and he looked familiar to Kathy [Wakile].  Then I thought ‘Now I need to tell her what this guy said to me at the salon.’ If he didn’t come to the fashion show, I would have never told her or I would have told her the next day off-camera. Because he came up to her at the fashion show and Melissa said she knew him, I was like, ‘Oh my god this guy might be telling the truth, so let me tell her what he said.’ I was questioning it too.”

Teresa also clears up some more of Bravo’s scandalous editing. She reveals she didn’t go back inside after the drama happened. “I didn’t go back inside. That was the beginning. When I was saying ‘Hi’ to everyone, that was the beginning, but I guess they ended up putting that afterward.”

Tell Us- Do you believe Teresa was set-up?

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5 Replies to “Teresa Giudice: “I Feel Like I Was Set-Up!””

  1. Anyone with any common sense can follow that night and clearly see Teresa is responsible and lying through her teeth,

  2. i dont agree. i think tre was set up by everyone else. they were all in on it from cat rodriquez, the producer who was fired. the entire cast is jealous of tre and were out to bring her down. #teamteresa!

  3. Debbie, are you serious? Bravo has definitely been pulling some shady things in regards to RHONJ and they have it out for Theresa. You can totally see the Jacqueline was not surprised in the least when this all goes down..none of them are except for Teresa.

  4. BullSh*t, Tre could have called Mel as soon as the bold guy came up and introduced himself! Tre waited til she had Mel alone in the restroom, with cameras rolling then started questioning Mel, ie did you know that guy, you taught during the day your night were free, Tre knew what the hell she was doing, what a bitch!

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