Teresa Giudice Says “I’m Proud Of The Way I Handled Things!” And, “I Didn’t Set-Up Melissa!”

Teresa Giudice is talking about The Posche Fashion Show, and all the rumors saying that she set-up her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. Tre also claims the whole situation has been blown out of proportion. She explains she had nothing to do with Angelo Voorhees being there. She took to her Bravo blog to clear things up for viewers.

“My heart was racing all over again watching this week’s episode. I think you can see I was sincerely uncomfortable at this strange guy trying to talk to me about Melissa’s past. (We all know I’m no actress — that’s actually what finally got me fired from Celebrity Apprentice!) It was very weird because the guy Angelo didn’t really do anything terrible, he wasn’t rude or aggressive, so I couldn’t really say anything more than I did. I think he really did think I knew about her past — which I didn’t, I still don’t, and I, like the rest of America, don’t care! — and when he saw I was upset, he apologized right away. But I didn’t want anything to do with anyone talking about my family, so I left (and I was downstairs, not just around the corner! I couldn’t hear Angelo and Kim D. at all!). I even told Kim D. to shut the f— up! (Sorry, Kim.) The whole situation just felt weird, so I took myself out of it. I can’t keep track of all the people Melissa has pissed off in our town, but I am not going to be a part of it.”

“You did see my honest reaction to everything and I’m proud of how I handled it. I think I’ve learned a lot over the past few years — thanks in part to Posche Fashion shows! — and I kept it together, but rose above it. Again, thank you all for supporting me, for giving me words of encouragement, and for helping me grow over the past four seasons. I’m so thankful I don’t have to defend myself and work as hard as the other ladies do to try and convince the viewers of what “really” happened. You’re all smart, you can see for yourself.”

“The one thing that does still sadden and confuse me is why my cast members, especially my own family, were back then and still are so ready to believe I would “set Melissa up.” First of all, I don’t play like that. For better or worse, what you see with me is what you get. I don’t scheme and plot and try and twist people’s minds and opinions about things. I don’t bash people on Twitter, have my sisters and mothers and daughters pick fights with people on social media, I’m just not about that. You know who does that sort of thing. They always have and they always will. I yell and fight in person when I’m mad, but thankfully, that’s rare. The rest of the time, I parent, I work, I write, I cook… I’m busy, I’m happy, and I enjoy my life! I wish the other ‘Wives would spend half as much time taking care of their kids as they do getting into fights on Twitter. We’d all be so much better off, don’t you think?”

“Second, I have nothing to gain from exposing Melissa. She is my parent’s only daughter-in-law, she goes by our family name “Gorga.” Why would I want anything bad out there about a Gorga? She’s my only brother’s wife, the mother of my godson, and my daughter’s godmother. She may not have any family loyalty toward me, but I have it toward her and I always will.”

“Until the day of the fashion show, I had never heard of this Angelo guy or even Lookers. (Sorry, I don’t hang out in places like that and never worked in one. I worked at Macy’s!) Just a week after the show in a taped interview, Angelo said the same thing: that he never met me before and I had nothing to do with it.”

“I’m just so over all of this backwards, made-up drama. (Whoever created the Alice in Wonderland picture with Andy as the Mad Hatter, I love love, love, it!) By this point last year, everyone in the cast knew that Melissa had definitely been in contact with Danielle and told her private things (lies, actually) about my family to try and purposefully and publicly bring me down. And it worked, since because of Melissa, Danielle knew just which buttons to push at the Season 2 Reunion. I reacted, flipped out, and almost flipped Andy. A terrible day I wish never happened. Thank you, Melissa!”

“When I found out — by Danielle outing Melissa on WWHL, not by Melissa owning and admitting it — I forgave her. I truly don’t believe she would forgive me for something that evil, but I did forgive her. I didn’t wait for a year to see how I would look on TV to forgive her. I did it right away. Yes, I wanted my family to be whole that bad!”

“What I don’t understand is how Caroline and Jacqueline, who had their own family buttons pushed by Danielle, buttons that ended up in legal cases and drama with their children(!), think it’s no big deal that Melissa was working with Danielle this whole time. I didn’t get it, but OK… But then to pretend to be so disgusted and upset with a possible/fake/not really “set-up”? What? How screwed up are their priorities exactly?”

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really see what the big deal is here. Someone Melissa used to work with said “hi” to her at a fashion show and then left. I don’t know what his intentions were, if he thought it was funny, but seriously, big f—ing deal. She used to work at a bar, he worked there too, maybe she danced, maybe she wore a tank top, maybe she only stopped by to empty the trash on her way home from church. Who knows, but again, big deal. The Angelo guy didn’t say anything bad to her, wasn’t mean or violent, didn’t have secret pictures to leak to the press, wasn’t involved in a legal case with her… the whole thing was a big fat nothing. The entire scandal is that maybe Melissa danced? I’m sorry, but after all the hype, it doesn’t even look like a set-up to me, more like a let-down. I have to say it again: big f—ing deal. Who cares if Melissa danced? As long as she doesn’t plan on opening a car wash and recruiting my girls to work there, I don’t care.”

“The only thing that made any of this a big deal is the fact that Melissa freaked out, ran into the bathroom, and right away called my brother and said she’d been “set up.” What? You’ll see my face next week when everyone immediately jumps on the “Melissa was set up” train. I’m so confused. First, because I don’t think the big incident was really that big a deal. I didn’t like to hear it or be put in the middle of it in a creepy, unexpected way, but it was no ambush. (And I think I know ambush!) The guy said, “Hi, remember me?” and LEFT.”

“But conveniently the other Housewives, the ones with the matching blogs every week, came to the same exact conclusion right away: Teresa set Melissa up! What, what, and what? And again: what? It doesn’t make sense for me to do, they had absolutely no proof, the guy himself denied I had anything to do with it, but the truth doesn’t matter to them. They went on Twitter to talk about how they think I set Melissa up, they went to the press, and still, a year later, they’re singing the same sad song. This is actually one instance when I’m so glad the cameras were there for the whole thing, because you see what I see. But the worst part is my brother, who wasn’t there, doesn’t see it. He believed their crazy story right away, still believes it I guess, and we haven’t spoken for a year. In the end, who got what they wanted? Not me…”

“I know the other women think I’m so dumb (and yet a manipulating mastermind at the same time?), but I do get why they all have to blame me for everything. Because my name on their lips is the only way they ever get attention. “Can you give us a horrible quote about Teresa?” “Yes, but only if you mention my “Happy Ending” desserts/”advice” book/new song/makeup/restaurant/yummy water too!” If that’s the price they are willing to pay to take a bite out of the big ol’ pie or whatever Richie calls it, then have at it. I’m just going to keep moving forward, and moving up. And because of all of you and my beautiful family, I have so much to move on to! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Wow, Teresa’s intense blog, matches the intensity of the show. And from what I hear next week’s episode is pretty bad. One source tells me to make sure to pay attention to the subtitles. Somebody forgets they are mic’d and “the truth comes out.” I’m already dying! I can’t wait until Sunday!!!

Tell Us- What do you think about what Teresa wrote?

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5 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Says “I’m Proud Of The Way I Handled Things!” And, “I Didn’t Set-Up Melissa!””

  1. One source? I’m guessing you mean Jacqueline. Yeah, I’m not really going to believe the subtitles. If I don’t see the person actually say it, I’m going to write it off completely from now on.

  2. I gotta say her publisist is great because this is clearly not the words of teresa giudice. Melissa was in cahoots with danielle, actually she told YOU that she responded to a few emails from danielle, last year, come on teresa, you say nasty things with your husband about kathy her husband, joe commits FELONY crimes and you are b!tching about melissa talking to danielle LAST YEAR, your priorities are messed up. Like your husband calling you a c u n t and a b!tch to national television, not to mention dui, owing millions of dollars and you having to talk trash to sell magazines to pay for your debts that you keep piling up because you cant stop buying sh!t YOU NEED YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT and you are right THE PUBLIC can see whats going on here, Melissa did nothing wrong, she is ALWAYS trying to bring you and your brother together and tries to diffuse situations constantly, you have NO RESOECT for kathy or her husband call them geeks and caroline fat and old it is just gross your words and your husbands, take a LONG GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR because you are a straight up FRAUD and have a nasty vile tounge. GOD WILL SERVE YOU KARMA because YOU CANT LIE AND BS GOD but Lord knows Joe Giudice will try. Pigs!

  3. @bettysnoops…you’re clearly a fan of the institution that is manzo bullshit. when did Teresa ever talk down about Kathy? if anything Kathy and her snake ass husband use every chance they get to try and humiliate her. Caroline is the biggest joke on television. her and her in the closet emotionally displaced sons. I think Teresa should’ve given Melissa a heads up on the situation at the show. Melissa has been a bitch the entire time but Teresa still should’ve done what was right. but Caroline and Kathy are two pieces of shit and I hope they get dropped.

  4. Manzo,and Lauritas are dumb to be going in behind the Wakiles,and mainly the Gorgas.Jacqueline has join forces with the Marco sisters,and there mother to destroy Teresa, and Caroline is scared of Jacqueline so she basically the weak leak.The posche fashion for Kim D it was about the salon and the guy saying Melissa was a dancer,which in fact melissa was a whore and still is today!Penny and John(which knows Melissa personally,way before she was even a mother or a hosewive,set-up the Angelo showing up again.Cat rodiguez(the ex producer of the show) txted every housewife besides Teresa,and told them that Teresa was in behind it,when in fact Teresa didn’t even know he was coming!Also Joe and Richie was next door not in New york like they clam!

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