Teresa Giudice & Her Parents Will Never Like Melissa Gorga, But They Are Trying To Mend Their Family!


There have ben many reports whether Teresa Giudice and her brother and sister-in-law [Joe and Melissa Gorga] have genuinely made amends, or if they were just faking nice for Bravo’s cameras. A source exclusively tells RealityTea that even though the family’s relationships have suffered some serious damage, Teresa and her parents have really made an effort to get along with Melissa. Teresa and her parents, Giacinto and Antonia Gorga love Joe and want to be part of his life, but the insider reveals that doesn’t change the way they feel about Melissa.

“You will see Teresa’s parents in this season. They refused to film last season, but they will be on this season. You will see them trying to mend their family,” RealityTea’s source reveals. “[Teresa’s] parents will ‘pretend’ everything is ok because they love their son and grandchildren.”

“They will never forgive Melissa. They will never like Melissa. They just have to put up with her and try,” the source explains. “Joe wants them (including Teresa) to love and embrace her but, he needs to accept that is not going to happen.”

“It’s a pride thing with Joe Gorga. He is always looking for his parent’s approval. He’s never going to get it with Melissa and that is that. His parents never approved of Melissa,” the insider said.

Photo Credit: Bravo