Teresa Giudice & Her Parents Will Never Like Melissa Gorga, But They Are Trying To Mend Their Family!


There have ben many reports whether Teresa Giudice and her brother and sister-in-law [Joe and Melissa Gorga] have genuinely made amends, or if they were just faking nice for Bravo’s cameras. A source exclusively tells RealityTea that even though the family’s relationships have suffered some serious damage, Teresa and her parents have really made an effort to get along with Melissa. Teresa and her parents, Giacinto and Antonia Gorga love Joe and want to be part of his life, but the insider reveals that doesn’t change the way they feel about Melissa.

“You will see Teresa’s parents in this season. They refused to film last season, but they will be on this season. You will see them trying to mend their family,” RealityTea’s source reveals. “[Teresa’s] parents will ‘pretend’ everything is ok because they love their son and grandchildren.”

“They will never forgive Melissa. They will never like Melissa. They just have to put up with her and try,” the source explains. “Joe wants them (including Teresa) to love and embrace her but, he needs to accept that is not going to happen.”

“It’s a pride thing with Joe Gorga. He is always looking for his parent’s approval. He’s never going to get it with Melissa and that is that. His parents never approved of Melissa,” the insider said.

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28 Replies to “Teresa Giudice & Her Parents Will Never Like Melissa Gorga, But They Are Trying To Mend Their Family!”

  1. My parents immigrated from Italy in the 60’s, so I get the culture dynamics of their family. Melissa MUST have done at LEAST some of the things that have been put out there about her. I have 2 brothers, and my parents would do anything to have us all get along. Melissa must have been pretty terrible for these people to not want to embrace her. Plus she went on the show Teresa was on, and vilified her. Why would Melissa think the senior Gorgas would think this was OK? They appear to be private people. Just my observation.

    1. Not true. Melissa has done nothing except have a past and that’s IF the things Teresa’s crazy fans have put out there are true. Regardless, it’s her PAST and she shouldn’t be judged for it now. They’ve been married for almost 10yrs. Teresa and her parents need to get over it. Teresa’s just jealous because her marriage….unlike her brother’s….is a big fat JOKE.

      1. I agree… Melissa DOES have a past as you state (good or bad), and the Giudices don’t like it. It is their prerogative to like her or not, regardless of what you or I think of her. Peace…

    2. I think if they don’t like Melissa, someone (Joe & Tre) were telling them things which were probably untrue. Tre takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any problems in any relationship.

      I found it funny that her husband went after her brother for calling her scum, when he’s called her his f***ing bitch wife &- c**t. Joe giudice is such a jerk. But it was wrong for Joe Gorga to call her scum. He was out of line.

  2. And this is why Teresa is hated by everyone on that show. Why would you want people to like you if you’re just NEVER going over yourself? She’s a leech and needs to stop trying to breastfeed her brother.

    1. They hate Teresa because she is the most popular NJ housewife and the star of the show, She is also the only one making money from her products. Melissa music career is going nowhere.

      1. No, that’s not why they hate her lol. Please. She’s fake and the WORST sister/friend anyone could possible have. That’s why they hate her. Not because she threw her own family under the bus to be the star. She’s a snake.

        1. What are you talking about? Teresa never said one negative word about her family in season 1 and 2. Melissa and Joe join the show and aired out the family dirty laundry so Melissa can be a star.

          1. She never said anything negative cause they weren’t around. Why would Bravo include Teresa bashing her own family on camera when us viewers don’t even know who her family is? It’s no secret Teresa hates Melissa. They’re just speaking the truth. Teresa made Melissa the star (kinda) by always slamming her.

    2. Tre is far from a leech. She is the most successful housewife with three best-selling cookbooks and other products. The others have failed with their products and they are just green with envy. Her brother acts like such a self-absorbed baby maybe Mego should breast feed him. He is pathetic just like his wife.

  3. Melissa gave them those grandchildren and is good to their son. They need to quit listening to Theresa who, out of jealousy, is the one behind every ugliness.

    1. I wouldn’t call her a loser. Whether they agree with the choices she has made in the past, she seems to be a good wife to Joe, and a good mom. They should be happy that their son loves his family and wants everyone to get along.

  4. What the heck did Melissa do that was so terrible?? It’s obvious Joe and Melissa love each other and are happy. My ex inlaws were Serbian and hated me because I wasn’t…there was nothing I could do. Some parents need to back off.and let their kids be happy!

    1. Trish it is a tv show for crying out loud.
      We don’t know if this is actually true. We weren’t there.

  5. She is not a good mother. She has no regard for anyone except herself. She can’t even bother to make sure the kids are safely secured in their car seats while she speeds.

  6. Bravo is not American Idol. Melissa was only offered a spot as a housewife in S3 because her and her husband were willing to air out the family dirty laundry. What they did was unforgivable. You don’t go against your family in public.

    1. They didn’t air any dirty laundry… They came on the show because they wanted to. I guess they’re not allowed to do anything that involves Teresa. “Oh no my stardom will be taken away!! Let’s come up with some schemes and people from her past!! Maybe she will leave!”

      1. You need to rewatch season 1 and 2 and see that Teresa never said anything about her family. Joe and Mel threw the first punch at the Christening.

        1. Like I said, why would they show Teresa bashing people we don’t even know as viewers? It would be pointless and stupid. Season 1 + 2 revolved around Danielle and their hatred for her. That was the storyline.

    1. No doubt, Ans. It’s always Teresa going to the media, and that statement is not only pro-Teresa it’s absurd.

  7. I don’t blame the family for not liking Melissa. She doesn’t seem like a bad mother or wife, but just a stuck up person. She seems very self absorbed and extremely superficial. You don’t want a superficial person coming into your family because you don’t know if they truly love your son or what your son can give you??

    1. Don’t forget all the nasty passive aggressive attacks Melissa has endured from Teresa. I prefer superficiality to someone who is out to destroy them.

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