Teresa Giudice Has Sold More Books Than Bethenny Frankel!

1Teresa Giudice

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice has officially become Bravo’s #1 Best-Selling Author! She has sold more books than Bethenny Frankel! Teresa has been building an empire that features her cookbooks, wines, hair products, and more!  Teresa has 3 New York Times Best Selling Books! Her cookbooks include Skinny Italian, Fabulicious, and Fabulicious: Fast & Fit! Teresa is also coming out with a new cookbook in May 2013, Fabulicious: On The Grill!

Bethenny Frankel has released 4 books to date, and Teresa’s 3 cookbooks have already sold more than all 4 of Bethenny’s combined, according to figures given by Amazon! The website TheRichest.org says Teresa’s net worth is $11 milliion, and the site states that her source of wealth is from, “Cookbooks, Television, and Other Businesses.”

Teresa is also coming out with a new workout DVD that revolves around her healthy cookbooks! Teresa’s fitness routine is called Fabulicious Fast & Trim, while Bethenny’s motto is obviously, Skinny Girl!

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  • Pinky

    This proves Andy Cohen is an inmature, spiteful, hateful dumbass who can’t put personal dislikes aside for good business decisions. It is painfully obvious he hates Teresa and husband Joe. He ignores the obvious and continues this lame, predictable storyline of harrassment and evil against bravo’s NewJersy HW biggest money maker. I can’t believe how disconnected the Bravo Executives are from the true mess Andy makes of all shows. The ratings are fale positive as many viewers watch in disgust and hope for redemption for the good guys. Andy is honestly clueless, not to mention his personal popularity is dragging the floor these days with former fans. He has become the joke of bravo and I pray when Teresa’s contract is up – she moves on to a much better, classier network where they reward and respect their star people.

  • Liannsh

    I agree Pinky. It’s so frustrating that he beats on T and protects the rest. But i’m hoping there is a grander plan to turn the tide when the ratings start to drop. But with ratings at an all time high, we are doomed to get more of the same.

    If rumors are true, at least T is well paid, allegedly the best paid housewife.

    • ECartman

      1. Nene is the highest paid
      2. Teresa
      3. Ramona and Luann

  • roo

    All Housewives need to be treated = no matter who is are favorite, or bravos or andys.Alexis,she gets treated different because she is a christian.She is my favorite and i do not care what anybody says.Each to there own.

  • Delaney

    This story is completely inaccurate and does not back up the book sales claims with any true figures. Bethenny’s books sales are actually 4 times more than Teresa’s. Teresa only had one book on the NY Times bestseller (top ten is what qualifies a bestseller) and it was not on for long. All her other books never made it to the top 10.

    Every one of Bethenny’s books has been in the top ten for months. It is laughable that anyone would compare the two.

    Teresa is broke (remember the criminal charges?) and will be paying back that debt for the rest of her life.