Teresa Giudice NOT Happy With Bravo’s Editing, Says Everyone Has Seen Caroline & Albert Manzo Fight


Teresa Giudice is taking to her personal blog to write about the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Teresa reveals she is not happy with the way Bravo edited the reunion to make it look like the day ended with her and Caroline fighting. Teresa explains that is not how things ended at all. Teresa does explain why she was so upset with Caroline and admits everyone has seen Caroline and Albert miserable and fighting.

Teresa writes, “Alright, so how do we close out this season? I’m sorry to say that we didn’t close it out on the Reunion exactly how we did in real life. There’s a lot of footage to go through since we taped for 15 hours, but happily we did end with a lot of love and peace and forgiveness. I’m really proud of everyone, myself included, for that. We’ve all been through a lot together, and I think we’ve all grown and learned from our mistakes.

My “final words” last night were NOT final words about the season and not at the end of the Reunion after we’d all made up, but final words about what we all talked about with Dr. V. Right after Dr. V. left, there was still some confusion about the argument between me and Caroline and I wanted to make sure it was set right. Caroline does a great job of putting words in other people’s mouths. One time in reference to her actually being older than the rest of us, I said she was “older.” She twists that around and says I said “you’re old and you only have a few good years left.” Um what? I express how happy I am to see hope for Jacqueline’s and my friendship, and Caroline says, “You said Jacqueline is your only true friend.” No I did not. I usually don’t care, but I’m not going to have her, of all people, call me a liar.

Truth be told, I really don’t care that she called me “superficial” — not anymore anyway — but the day I saw it on the episode it bothered me because she is a faker. Fine. So I wrote in my blog that she puts on a front and her and Albert were really miserable the whole time. The funny thing is it wasn’t even on my Bravo blog, but on my personal website blog. I didn’t think she read my website, and I certainly didn’t expect her to bring it up at the Reunion and get so dramatic about it. It wasn’t a lie and she knows it. She is miserable every single trip we take and yes, we’ve all seen her fighting with Albert. She did it in Italy, in Napa, everywhere. It’s not like I said (or ever would say!) someone was cheating or anything. I was just pointing out that she’s not as honest as she pretends to be about her feelings, so she shouldn’t judge others.

And I don’t know why she took my comment as such a big deal though because it’s not. All married couples fight. We all just don’t work so hard to pretend we don’t. That was my problem, that she’s so quick to pass judgment on everyone else’s marriage and finances and even our emotions, when she isn’t honest about herself. Remember the whole “You heard it here first” comment from her about me and Joe? She had numerous times to take it back and refused. Fine, that’s who she is. I just wanted to let her know that I don’t play her game. But I am big enough to see that the whole thing is petty and stupid, and I did apologize directly to her.

I didn’t love that she was talking about my finances on the Reunion, but at the time which you didn’t get to see, Joe defended me immediately, and I defended myself. I do work hard and make my own money. You haven’t seen my husband buy me an Hermes bag or brag about fancy cars. We’re really not like that. We bought our house for $500,000 and we’ve lived in it for 12 years. We took a “used” house and fixed it up. We’ve both of us worked hard every single day.

Anyway, I would never go backwards at the end of the Reunion when everything was settled and good to bring up the Caroline “superficial” comment again. Believe me, I’m not that superficial! Caroline and I hashed it all out like you’re supposed to do at a Reunion, and then it was over. Why it was moved to look like I brought it up again, like I was harping on it, is beyond me. I’m stumped! I wish they could’ve left the Reunion as it really was: we were all at peace with each other and happy.

I was kind of hoping that Danielle or Kim D. or Dina or even Penelope Cruz would have come out when Andy was teasing us. I would like to see everything resolved with everyone. But I guess that’s for Season 6…”

Photo Credit: Bravo