Teresa Giudice Was Glad to Set the Tabloid Rumors Straight


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog this week to say she was glad to set the tabloid rumors straight with her husband Joe on this week’s episode of the RHONJ.

“I hope you enjoyed the episode! It was fun to go to the opening of Melissa’s new boutique, Envy, in Montclair! It’s beautiful and the clothes are gorgeous…I have gotten some pieces there already, like a light blue dress, and I love them all. I am so proud of her! This was my first red carpet appearance since I got home, but it all went well, thank God. I was happy Gia was there with me. It was great to see everyone that night.

Jacqueline and I were continuing to rebuild our friendship in this episode, which was nice to watch…it was fun hanging out with her.

I really like Siggy. She seems very open and honest and doesn’t beat around the bush! I appreciated the fact that she asked me directly about the tabloid stories she read about me and Joe, rather than talk about them with other people behind my back. They weren’t true, and I was glad to set the record straight about it. Since Siggy and I had just met, I knew she had no other motive in asking me about it other than being concerned for me…it was innocent…that’s why I was OK with it…

I had a lot of fun rock climbing indoors with Gabriella and spending one-on-one time with her. But she laughed when I wore my high-heeled wedge sneakers to climb the wall!

It was fun to watch myself recording the audio version of my new book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again at Simon & Schuster, too! But it also reminded me of how emotional I got while reading the parts about being away from my daughters while I was at “camp.” I couldn’t get through a sentence without crying! Thank God Ben Rimalower was there to help me through it all!

It was also fun to watch my meeting with the publisher, Jen Bergstrom, my editor, Nina Cordes, the book’s publicist, Jen Robinson, my agent, Frank Weimann and my lawyer, Jim Leonard, about my new book…They showed me the book cover that day, and I just loved it! They were so great to work with…

As you can see from this episode and from past episodes, I am really into yoga! I really love it and try to do it as much as I can. With four girls to take care of, though, it gets hard to fit it in, but I try my best to practice it when I can.”

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Was Glad to Set the Tabloid Rumors Straight”

  1. Teresa set the records strait? That’s like Hitler was not prejudice.

    C’mon, she goes on TV and “sets record straight” by declaring they paid everyone they owe completely, when we know for a fact it is reported they still owe their creditors.

      1. Or the IRS–still owes 1/2 million dollars too. With hard work, continuous sales for paid interviews, paid interviews, Anbail out by Bravo, she will get this paid off!

  2. I’m not sure what to say here, so I will just say keep going Tre, keep your head down and look after those beautiful girls Xoxoxox

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