Teresa Giudice Gives Update About Husband Joe Since He’s Been Away


This week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Teresa Giudice and her daughters say goodbye to Joe before he began serving his 41-month prison sentence back in March. Now, Teresa is revealing how she keeps her husband strong while he’s away.

“Just to hang in there,” she told the Daily Dish when asked what advice she’s given him. “And I love him very much and this too shall pass and we’ll get through this.”

Teresa spent 11 months at Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut in 2015.

Teresa also confirmed that Joe has lost some weight since entering the facility. “Yeah, he looks really good,” she shared, adding that he’s also been binge watching RHONJ, which is something he’s never done before, despite being on the series all these years. “He never watched it home and now he’s watching it there.”

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Joe opened up about serving his time during Sunday’s episode. “I just want to go in and get it over with,” he said. “Whatever mistakes we made, you paid your debt, I’m ready to pay my debt and I’ll be fine. As long as you mind your business, be humble, do what you have to do nobody’s going to bother you. You either learn two things in there. You either learn how to become a criminal or a better person. So I’m gonna try to become a better person.”

Get to know Joe and Teresa as a couple in the video below:

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11 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Gives Update About Husband Joe Since He’s Been Away”

  1. I have no sympathy at all. There are many military families who honorably serve their country and are separated for long periods of time. And they also aren’t living in McMansions, they struggle to make ends meet.

  2. I have no sympathy at all too. You cheat the government you pay. And they still spend money when they owe. Who is paying for these trips Teresa is going on????

  3. I really find it hard to feel anything but disdain towards them. They willingly broke laws and then lied about it numerous times. Serve your time. Too bad the politicians aren’t held to these same standards.

  4. I am so disgusted by the RHW shows especially this one. There was no good reason to show the hurt the daughters were going through. I’ve lost what little respect I had for t Guidice and Gorga families for being part of this. It is amazing what people will do for money. Sorry my blog friends who are supporters but this is truly abominable.

    1. I agree Aunt Bee, I stopped watching since I don’t condone them being rewarded for what they’ve done. I did watch part of the show and that was truly heartbreaking. That should have been a private family moment, rather than camera time. in my opinion, I really believe Joe is sorry for what he’s done.

  5. And I also want to add that these shows and so many others plus the horrible things politicians are putting on our media outlets show how badly we as a nation have come down too. I am glad I am an old lady and won’t be around long to see what kind of a world our grandchildren will grow up in.

    1. It is sad Aunt Bee – no one is accountable for anything, people can say anything they want, true or not and we just seem to spread meanness, fear, sometimes hate and to be only about one’s self. Hopefully, the people in this country will wake up and stop this.

    2. Don’t say it too loud…you may reincarnate and end up as Chelsea Clinton lady-in-waiting when she runs for Prez in a few decades

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