Teresa Giudice Gets In Trouble With Probation Officer

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice could risk going back to jail over not reporting 2 traffic tickets, according to TMZ.

Court documents state that Teresa failed to give her probation officer information about her 2 traffic tickets, as she is still on supervised release for fraud.

The first ticket was making an illegal turn last year and at that time her attorney and herself were informed that any future contact with law enforcement needs to be reported.

Then, last month, she was pulled over for using her phone while driving, and once again didn’t report anything to her probation officer.

Teresa’s attorney, James Leonard Jr., says “both tickets were reported, but not within the required time frame.” He adds, “Teresa’s been fully compliant other than these incidents, and … “Both she and I have spoken to her officer and understand exactly what is required should she have any future contact with law enforcement, which we do not anticipate will happen.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Gets In Trouble With Probation Officer”

  1. Again, it is not until she gets caught. Minor violations until they cause harm or kill someone, right? When will this woman learn she is NOT above the law.

  2. Wow! They don’t fool around, do they? My first thoughts were “damn it Teresa! You’ve got to know the rules off by heart by now, so why push it?” I can’t help but think it’s quite typical of her not to really consider minor traffic violations, Much Ado About Naught. I think she now considers it important.

  3. I just read above the NJ trash bags are in Italy… the average person on probation can not even leave their state while on probation.. what’s up with that special treatment?

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