Teresa Giudice Has Other Fraud Charges Dismissed


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has had a legal victory! NJ.com reports that a Bergen County Superior Court judge dismissed a lawsuit against Teresa, saying she played NO role in a fraud suit involving her husband Joe Giudice against his former business partner Joseph Mastropole.

The Judge also dismissed most of Mastropole’s case against Joe Giudice, although Mastropole can seek punitive damages against Giudice for forging his name on documents related to the discharge of a mortgage on an East Orange apartment building in 2007. Mastropole’s name was taken off the mortgage, and Joe Giudice refinanced the property without paying him the $260,000 Mastropole was due.

In 2011, Judge Morris Stern sided with Mastropole, saying the debt should be excluded from the Giudice’s bankruptcy due to the forgery and called Joe Giudice “unbounded as a prevaricator in spinning a tale,” and that “the extraordinary web of lies and misrepresentations woven by Giudice to implement and cover his misconduct reflects on his approach to business matters, and suggests his disregard for legal restraints which would bind others.”

The Giudices later withdrew their bankruptcy application amid accusations that they hid assets and income, and were indicted in 2013 for bankruptcy and bank fraud. 

Photo Credit: Bravo