Teresa Giudice Forgives Joe & Melissa Gorga


The history between Teresa Giudice and Joe & Melissa Gorga hasn’t been the greatest as we have seen play out on previous seasons of RHONJ. Now after a little time apart with Teresa spending almost 12 months in prision, things are looking a little better for this trio, according to RadarOnline.

“She’s looking forward to seeing her brother, she has really had time to reflect and frankly she has no ill will towards him” the source says.

“She has really worked on herself and has had time to reflect about life, it was really therapeutic for her. She’s honestly not going back with any ill will towards anybody,” the source continued.

Teresa’s time away has given her the opportunity to move past the drama, “She has forgiven her brother for everything, and she has also forgiven Melissa,” the source explains.

Just when you thought everything was coming back together apparently the feeling might not be the same on the Gorga’s end. “Even though Melissa says in public that she supports Teresa, Melissa still has a lot of animosity towards her,” the source claims.

As the source says that Teresa is bent on starting a new chapter and getting her life back on track.

“Teresa, for her part, has definitely released everything and forgiven everyone and turned over a new leaf, she has had a lot of time to think about life and think about the mistakes she has made. She’s taking responsibility for her actions. She admitted her faults and did her time. She’s not trying to point fingers and she’s not trying to act like a victim.”

“She has come around, she is very remorseful about the relationships that not only suffered as a result of this, but also as a result all the stress she was under during the process.”

“She attributes the difficulties on the show with all that she was going through,” the source finishes. “She’s only human. All she can do is say she is sorry to anyone she has hurt, do her time, and really move on. She’s in a really good place.”

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98 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Forgives Joe & Melissa Gorga”

  1. Deflect deflect deflect….. What a moron…. She reflected on what her bro supposedly did but no where in that statement did she reflect on her behavior. This is why I will never watch another NJ show. She’s learned NOTHING in prison and has the same ignorant attitude…. What everyone did to her, not what she has done to everyone else. Go back to prison you disgusting moron… You belong there.

    1. I’m sorry Mel but how do you know she hasn’t learnt anything from prison? You seem so sure! I get that you don’t like her, join the long list but surely we should wait until she is out to see if she has or not before condemning her. If you don’t want to watch it fine that’s your choice as it is for all of us.

      1. @Sally–food for thought: why would she blame Bravo/show for her added stress? The show paid her bills, not caused the fraud.

        1. All I’m saying is let her come out first then if there is no change fair enough. But the odd one or two comments made under stress I don’t think are a fair representation. Crumbs if she doesn’t show that she has changed and repaying her debts I will be first in line to say something negative!

          1. I’m in agreement with Sally here. Let’s all just wait to see if Teresa will be a new model of herself. And, Merry Christmas to everyone here.

        1. Hallelujah!!! I was just thinking I was on a raft on my own today!! Lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. You know the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer- gotta feeling that’s what Teresa will be doing ( if this article is fact) – knives in the back- karma- I’d be careful

  2. If I was Teresa I wouldn’t forgive them but on saying that I don’t believe this story, Radar and undisclosed sources yet again. Can’t we have stories from credible sources.

  3. They’s Something Very Fake About Melissa
    Think She Does A Lot Of Things For Show
    Glad Teresa Forgiven Her Brother
    Let’s Hope It Lasts This Time

      1. @Sally? I’m not a Mel fan any longer but just wondering wxactly what Melisa and Joe did to Teresa? Take “her” show? Surely it was the Giudice extravagant lifestyle and crazy spending that caused the IRS red flags, not Melissa.

        1. I HATE MY IPAD! I have just typed a reply, quite long, I was just thinking of reducing it and it crashed! So it’s reduced to zero!
          Take her show, no that’s not possible as Bravo have proved by waiting until Tre comes out.
          Yes of course it was their extravagant lifestyle that put them into prison. No question of that
          I do know some things but I’m not getting into them here. People will decide on their own, I would never think that others should think the same as me on anything or anyone!
          I can totally understand people not liking her, I do but unless she has changed I won’t any longer as I have already replied to you.
          Sorry I’m not sure if that covers everything but this and the first has taken me ages! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. @ Sally…I hate when that happens to me too! Just wondering why there is forgiveness to be had from Teresa on Melissa. Was it proven Melissa made that call to the IRS or attorney to investiage the Giudices?

            1. ORE, I will reply tomorrow, I need to think about what I am going to say. Painkillers make my vision blurry so I will do it tomorrow morning

              1. ORE, I have thought about replying with what I know to be fact rather than from sites that have now shut down, so I have decided not to say anything at all because I’m a wuss! I don’t want to be accused of libel again! Monica Chacon and party. That’s all I am prepared to say.

        2. I thought that since Melissa never did an interview where she DIDN’T bash Theresa was “something.” From the first moment they sat at that table at what is supposed to be a divine baptism ceremony and talk filth and allow others to talk filth about his Sister, in front OF ALL THE KIDS, and Melissa acting like a poor little victim, I thought was something. I did wonder at first why Theresa thought Melissa went to her brother all the time until I saw that EVERY single thing Theresa said or did went right back to Jo Gorga. Her justification for that was that they talk about “everything” as if it was necessary to recreate every word Theresa spoke and then go on to add some that weren’t spoken or even implied. She relished in the entire thing. When the 2 Joe’s were fighting, she yelled at Theresa for not “stopping ” them!! Anyone who inserts themselves between two huge men fighting is a fool. And IMO, she doesn’t have to do much else to look like anything but a fool.

          1. So true 3D! Mel & Slojo couldn’t stand that Teresa was the star. These two ooze sleaze out of every pore. His pelvic thrusts and sopomoric sexual talk makes me want to vomit and she is so obvious in her manipulations and jealousy, I have to fast forward when she attempts to speak. And let’s not forget her singing! Could you imagjne Mel trying to compete on the Voice with real talent? Lol The Wakiles & Rosie are repulsive and boring as well.

            1. Totally agree Krista, but you know I would! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. I’ve seen the every episode, I’m not a huge Melissa fan, id pick keeping Teresa on the show over Melissa as she’s great TV.

        My opinion of thinking Teresa is in the wrong isn’t formed from not liking Teresa. From what I saw Melissa didn’t do anything to Teresa that Teresa hadn’t done to Melissa.
        The biggest thing that seemed to go on between them was Melissa not telling Teresa she joined the show, but I bet Bravo had a hand in that for the drama, and Melissa had no obligation to tell Teresa, she had already shown she wasn’t interested in Melissa.

        From there on we saw Teresa and Melissa being bitches to each other, but I never saw all these things the Teresa fans claim Melissa did.

      3. Yeah really. “Melissa still has animosity….” Over what? She was so jealous of Teresa that she wanted to destroy her. She gossiped, backstabbed, attacked her entire family, including the girls with lies and nonsense and even stooped to badmouthing her products along with her equally stupid pos husband, the loving brother. If I were Tre, I would never speak to those two poor excuses for humanity again.

  4. It isnt about liking one person over another but seriously I thought Teresa was horrible to her brother and his wife (and also to Kathy- just horrid) so not so sure what she needed to forgive them for? Her husband thinks they got her put into prison. That’s insane…Teresa has been so nasty and I sincerely hope this “time out” has helped her to look to faith and the good things in life and come out a better person. I wish her and her family well.

    1. Kathy and Richie were nasty – some of his/her comments were absolutely repulsive -He reminds me of a Lurch – I think theres history between him and Teresa- I’d keep my daughters away from his creepy azzz JMO

      1. V I agree, He is nasty and made revolting comments about his daughters friends being fat! If any one thinks he is nice google him and Exon. Kathy wouldn’t even have anything to do with Rosie until the show started just because she is gay! Can’t stand either of them!

          1. Rosie was kicked out of her house when she told her family she was gay, only allowed back when they started filming, Rosie herself mentioned it during filming! Disgusting pigs!

              1. I don’t mean emotional because of Gay – I mean in General-she seems very on the edge (fragile) no wonder if her family did that. We know a lady that was a man- married and had (2) daughters -when he chose to become she not he- she was so treated badly by everyone. I stay in touch because I never want her to feel alone in this nasty cold azz world – its sad how if we all don’t look alike act alike then we are judged-The only Judge we all need to worry about is God Almighty and we shall each have that day (:–

        1. I don’t believe that is true. I follow Rosie on twitter and when Teresa blamed Rosie’s feeling of not fitting in as a kid on Kathy and said on the show that “Kathy left her out. She hated the fact that her sister was gay.”… Rosie tweeted,

          “My Sister@kathywakile never treated me bad ! she always looked out for me !! thats BS & you know it !! My Sister @kathywakile always loved me for exactly who I am !!I wasn’t always easy to get along with in the past! i love my family!!”.

          I am going to believe Rosie on this one… not the felon convicted of fraud.

          1. It wasn’t Teresa who said it it was Rosie, They were sitting at a table and Rosie asked Kathy why? Nothing to do with Teresa. Maybe she did tweet after, but it was her that said it. Teresa doesn’t come into this at all!

          2. I don’t believe this either. Rosie has said her family was very supportive. She also has said when she and Kathy had problems it was because “I wasn’t very love able at that time. Had nothing to do with being gay.”

  5. Maybe she and Joe should be asking for forgiveness from the family as they embarrassed all of them with the illegal behavior. Just a thought maybe their actions caused embarrassment and shame for Melissa and Joe and should worry about the family and how their actions effected them. Sorry it’s not always about Tre’s feelings

    1. Cassy, I agree it’s not always about Tre’s feelings. They have been caught and are being punished! The rest will follow, that is one problem I have always had that yourself and others think the others are innocent. I don’t think there is another innocent adult on NJ, not the Gorgas, The Wakiles, The Manzos or the Lauritas. Teresa has just served almost a year Joe in March will serve four years. These were white colour crimes. Today in the UK a man, celeb who was trusted around kids and sexually abused many has been released from prison in less than four years of his eight year sentence. I just don’t get the level of hate! That’s all ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hopeful, Hi, I like Tre and can’t stand the rest of them but the difference between this site to the one you mentioned this site we respect each other’s views, in the main, on the other site it’s very toxic! You know very well what is like to be called names, it’s not fun! It’s lovely you are here but please respect others. I hope Tre and her family have a lovely Christmas. Also you too. ❤️❤️

      1. Hopeful, I can’t be rude to people who have a different viewpoint to me. As I said the other site is toxic, people stealing names, certain people being so rude. A few trying to run the site. There are people I miss, you are one but please please be respectful here!!!

        1. Thank you Sally but I have learned to ignore people as her. My comment wasn’t about hating Tre, I just think all these apologetic stories about Tre forgiving people are crap and think she and Joe need to ask forgiveness just as much as they give it. They have ALL done hurtful things. Tre doesn’t like that her brothers wife comes first in his life (as it should my sisters husband should come before me in hers). However I am educated in the tressa and Joe legal case as I have read how guilty they both were of things and I think when someone breaks the law they are in the wrong and it effects more than just them but also their families. So maybe they need forgiveness as much as they give it. Ya know. I also think these stories are being planted so it will help ratings for RHONJ as they haven’t been great and the 3 part series about Joe and the girls bombed in the numbers.

          1. The thing is that Theresa didn’t write the story. Like most of the “stories” here they are fodder to see how much interest they garner. From the looks of this page and the many others, here and on another blog, I would say they garner quite a bit.

            1. No your correct she didn’t write it. I didn’t say she did. I said they are released to help gain sympathy and ratings for RHONJ. Publicist, Bravo and production companies release many of these for that reason.

              1. No, I know. I was saying that about her not writing it to the universal “you.’ I was just pointing it out. I used your reply button to say it because we have mutual understanding and admiration. I always go back to the fact that these stories are most often from “an insider” or ” a source” and they gain momentum much like any rumor. I do feel for some of the actors and all public folks at times because of the way these rumors almost become facts. CassyJ, Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🙂

        2. Hi Sally… I never really read this site before nor have i posted here and the hopeful you are conversing with isn’t me. I only post on the other site . The Hopeful here is impersonating me and copying some of my posts and printing them here.

          I really don’t care except this Hopeful is stealing my posts and if the person creates trouble here wanted you to know that it’s not me I’m the Hopeful from the other site and only post there

          Love your views though 🙂

          Merry Christmas !!

        1. SW, I can’t work out if that was to me or hopeful? If it was hopeful, she is probably the most popular poster on that site, has taken a huge amount of abuse, I don’t even know if it is the same person!! She didn’t speak like this when I was commenting. If it was to me I will reply when I know.

            1. She wasn’t here, but has taken so much abuse from certain people on the other site, I would have given up!! I haven’t posted there for a long long time but lots like me left. Because of a few. She is a lovely person, just not her comments here.

            2. The Hopeful your talking about is a fraud. Probably looking for trouble and stealing posts from another site. just FYI

              See my above comments. Someone is playing you guys..

              I’m out but you guys should let your administrators know what’s going on cause i would guess this Hopeful posting here using my posts and name is looking for trouble …I’m not


              1. Hey, R. Hopeful, I actually had the fraud reply to me on the other site and you came in and set me straight. I was relieved because I had been reading you and wondered how I could have brought such nastiness out of you! Have you traded your handle there too? Because I am thinking they are impersonating you there also. Welcome if you are staying. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

              2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I also didn’t realize they were bashing my site along with their nasty comments. Unfortunately I don’t see everything that comes through the comments but I happened to see your comments when I went to approve them through moderation. The comments have been deleted. Happy Holidays.


      1. 3D this is just what I was afraid of!!! I never want this site to get to the level of hate and control on the other site. I don’t care who knows yes I used to post there. Because a few of us supported one person we were told never to mention their names never to comment under a thread they were commenting on, accused of using duplicate names after leaving. Hopeful wasn’t one of them! I’m not 100% sure this is hopeful because she wasn’t nasty on the other site until she had so much abuse and name calling, I would have left! if you read this hopeful please stop here. There as some Tre supporters here but more not. That’s fine it their choice! I wasn’t abusive on the other site and I won’t be here. In future I will state my feelings about the story but will not reply to any negative responses to keep the peace for me!!! I know you like Tre and that’s great. Anyone who thinks Melissa is sweet and innocent is will see at some point!! I know she isn’t and it will come out eventually! I will just keep quiet about her and wait for then.

        1. Hopeful, Thanks, I don’t mind negative views I have enough myself on Vicki!! But because of three people I will never come back but I miss you xxx I just don’t miss the toxicity xx This is such a lovely site, just the people (most) make it special and in my dotage I feel at home here Lol xx ❤️❤️❤️ You have a brilliant Christmas

        2. I also know there are 2 hopeful’s on the “other” site. How can we ever know? I personally think the site administrators should have a program that announces when typing your handle that it is already being used and disallow it. Not that it would help this particular situation here, but for the other times my name and others were used to make derogatory comments in our name.

            1. Yes, that place also has 1000’s of comments a day and just too much of everything. Last Feb. March I didn’t even know there were blogs for housewives, even tho I had been watching. I chanced upon this site here one day and was just shocked that a post didn’t require an application with my entire past on it! I was totally ignorant, not knowledgable about anything blog related. It is an interesting place, this blog. I find very useful info. and really do enjoy hearing different opinions. I find that I see things much more clearly from another’s view while reading. That is one thing I dislike is when anyone spouts psycho-babble about how someone should think or feel. From the little I have seen of these blogs, every single one of them has little tiffs, but this one has the most people who are respectful, IMO. I see that almost everyone here, including me, has tried to be the least offensive without giving up our views. Merry Christmas, VV, to you and yours.

              1. So what I THINK hear you saying is you FEEL we should all love each other. As it builds a more cohesive planet and helps all of us grow both mentally and spiritually. Hahaha I hope you know while I was writing this I was saying it in my best Freudian (is that how you spell that?) accent while picturing me sitting in a chair with a note pad and truly laughed. I also hope you know this was meant as a joke. I know we loose a lot of communication on here because we don’t see each other’s faces and hear our tone of voice. It’s funny how one phrase can mean so many different things just by the tone used to speak it. Like “Did you see what she was wearing?” Could be meaning she looked tacky, or super cute or just wondering so you know what to wear. I also hope you have a very merry Christmas. I was thinking about how Christmas may be so tough for some and I hope and pray peace and Christs comfort for you my sweet friend.

                1. Cassy and 3D ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ peace and goodwill to all.

          1. The Hopeful here is not me 3D’s I have never posted here before NOW although i see a post that was copied and pasted from the other site that i did write there NOT HERE

    3. I am the poster known as Hopeful on the other site mentioned . This person is impersonating me and copied and pasted at least one of my posts>>

      Just want to make that cleat

      That hopeful posting here is not the hopeful on the other site. I have no problem with anyone here.. I kinda like Sally a lot from the few posts i have read..

      Merry Christmas Guys

      1. And since moderators are here please ban the poster posting as Hopeful because the person is impersonating me and stealing my posts from another site and posting them here along with other posts that i didn’t write

        Thank You

  6. Teresa forgave them! Give me a break. She was so jealous of Melissa & Joe. I can’t stand Teresa’s backstabbing ways. I will not watch her on the show.

    1. Tre wasn’t jealous of them, it was the other way around. Remember the two IQ challenged idiots bashing her products on national TV? Mel telling all the viewers Juicy was a cheater? SloJo charging Joe on vacation? After Tre’s 4 successful books, Mel said slyly to the camera “I’m writing a real book. Talk about passive aggressive!

  7. Love your haters, Teresa . They are your biggest fans. WHY? Because they keep on wasting time just to watch your every move. Wishing Teresa A Prosperous New Year. “Merry Christmas to ALL”

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