Teresa Giudice Feuds With Actress Sofia Vergara

During a live panel with some of her RHONJ co-stars, Teresa Giudice majorly insulted Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

Teresa told a live audience that Vergara acted like a “bitch” during a photo-op and claimed that Sofia should be nicer because she’s an immigrant.

Teresa claims that she took a photos with Sofia last week together while at a media event and Sofia supposedly stepped in front of her to steal the spotlight. Then she griped about posing with Teresa, TMZ reports.

You can watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Feuds With Actress Sofia Vergara”

  1. If I were the biggest female television star in Hollywood, I’d bitch about being asked to take a photo with a felononious nobody too. This isn’t a feud. Sofia likely has no idea who Teresa even is.

  2. Is this ex-convict effing serious ? Has she forgot that her parents or grandparents came from who knows where in Sicily, fleeing from poverty, hunger and who knows what else ?…

    She calls herself “Italian-American” and has the gall to call Sofia Vergara an “immigrant”, I´d take Sofia anytime over a an ex-convict who was scamming taxpayers and whose husband did the same, did not even finished high-school and is on the verge of having his ass deported

    B*tch, please….

  3. I’ve never heard of Sofia Vergera and I’ve never seen Modern Family. I bet when Theresa Guidice’s name is mentioned 20 years from now, people will say “Oh, yeah, the housewife from New Jersey.” It’s about time a shift took place and the evil doers like Weinstein and Bill Cosby started getting the lashing they deserve. They have not even paid for their many crimes, crimes that destroy lives. Crimes that are so horrific that they forever live in the soul of every woman who was violated. FGSake let it go. The comment she made about SV being a immigrant was not an insult, it was commenting on something they share. Teresa has been bragging about her parents immigration and success, the hardships they faced and the pride she feels from the beginning of the show. She took everyone to her parents home in Italy. She is proud of her status as the Daughter of Immigrants. ( I am not saying she paid for it for anyone who wants to jump in and tell me that ) It’s a shame she will never be given the benefit of the doubt about any one thing for the rest of her life. For those who believe she didn’t pay for her crimes, didn’t stay in prison for long enough……the comments here prove she will be paying for it for the rest of her life. I think it’s disgusting that with felons walking the street that hurt people, physically hurt and kill people, hurt kids……….the list goes ooooooonnnnnnnnn and oooooonnnnnnnnn that her fraudulent bankruptcy and her other non violent crimes are still on the front page of so many minds. I have had to learn the hard way that when a person commits a crime, and a loved one was physically targeted in the violent mind of the evil doer, hurt and battered and violated, I must let it go. The anger hurts only me. Why does anyone with such strong dislike and almost hatred for her listen to her, watch her show, read her blog? I truly don’t understand. Just leave it behind. It’s over. If someone you love was financially hurt by their criminal activities, I understand trying to help them legally recoup their money. Other than that it seems people are choosing to focus on something they find negative and wrong. How many years now has the same thing been said over and over and over? I wonder if it will EVER end.

  4. There has to be 2 participants for a feud.
    Sofia Vergara is a huge, talented, beautiful Star who won’t give fake, no talent reality show felon & “celeb” the time of day! Teresa is so obviously jealous of her.
    Sofia so obviously could care less & has no clue why she was nearly forced to be photographed with this hag.

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