Teresa Giudice Feels Like Kathy Wakile Is A Copy Cat


There is a new feud brewing in New Jersey and this time it’s not Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. RadarOnline reports Teresa is feuding with her cousin, who also appears on RHONJ, Kathy Wakile. “Teresa is extremely jealous of Kathy right now,” a source tells the site. “Teresa is telling people that she feels like Kathy is trying to copy her and do everything she has already done, with a food line and now a cookbook. She hates Kathy right now!” the insider says.

“Kathy needs to watch out. Teresa seems to thrive on fighting with people and now Kathy is her latest target. Teresa doesn’t like when people try to outshine her,” the source concludes.

Teresa was supposed to attend a New York Fair this weekend, where Bravo fans could meet her along with other Housewives, but Teresa was replaced by Kathy when she decided not to attend the event. Teresa reportedly didn’t want to be bombarded with questions by fans about her legal issues, and so she dropped out of the appearance. Instead, Kathy joined Tamra Barney and Jill Zarin at a meet and greet with Bravo fans.

“Can’t wait to meet everyone at #NYStateFair -I’ll be there with @TamraBarney @Jillzarin & of course @richardwakile,” Kathy tweeted.

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Feels Like Kathy Wakile Is A Copy Cat”

  1. And people think Jacqueline is mentally ill !!!!!!!! Not only is T crazy her eyes are so green with jealously they glow evilly in the dark.

  2. When is Teresa NOT jealous of everyone else? She’s always tearing somebody down one way or another because she thinks she deserves the spotlight. Well, she’s getting one, but it will be in a cage.

  3. Theresa, every woman copies you. You are a unique. You’re Bravos cash cow. They encourage your bawdy crude ways. I’m so tired of you. You have no respect for anyone. What kind of a home did you grow up in? Your brother is a doll you, Neanderthal woman, are so self-centered and abusive. You have nothing. Your insanity is Bravo’s cash cow. Maybe you can cook for the girls in prison. Karma.

  4. Why don’t people have the guts to just say “SHUT-UP TERESA, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!” Oh that would be the people that sell their stories!!! I can’t wait to be her Prison Pen Pal… hahahaha
    BOYCOT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! If you are as tried as I am of Teresa’s lying and now the fact she has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar.

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