Teresa Giudice And Family Say Final Goodbye To Her Father-In-Law


Teresa and Joe Giudice said their final goodbyes to Joe’s father Frank, who tragicallyy died from a heart-attack. The services included a wake on Sunday and a funeral Monday, and an insider is telling RadarOnline which Housewives showed up to support Teresa during the difficult day.

“Dina Manzo came with a friend and didn’t stay long,” the source reveals, adding that new RHONJ cast members Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano also made an appearance.

“[Dina Manzo] showed up after 5 p.m.,” the source said, adding, “the twin sisters came with their husbands and left right away.”

Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita allegedly were nowhere to be seen either at the wake or the funeral.

During the mass and burial, Joe did not give a speech but his sister gave a eulogy at the cemetery, and his daughter Gia spoke during the mass at St. James of the Marches. Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile did go and Joe and Melissa Gorga were there.

“It was very sad and heartbreaking,” the source shared. “Joe was very quiet. His siblings, Pete and Maria, are taking it very hard.”

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  1. In these statements, Teresa said there was a certain amount of people that contact her, well she told Me lisa this week there was no list, and as for the use of the word camp, one she just explained came from the guards themselves just now, earlier she said she used it as a way to tell her girls she was in a camp to work on her books. Ok Teresa, what is the truth, and stop blaming other people for yours and Joes prison time, you are the ones who didn’t pay your taxes and cheated the government and us, the citizens of this country out of money. .Now own up to it…..

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