Teresa Giudice Facing The Reality Of Life In Prison


According to a new report, the reality of prison is starting to sink in for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, especially after a series of missed phone calls and visits with her husband Joe and four daughters.

“Teresa has hit a wall and she’s feeling the blues because she’s fully faced the reality of what living in prison and being cut off from loved ones means,” a source reveals. “Time just seems to go by so slowly.” Teresa has been feeling especially disconnected lately, because when she calls her family “they can’t always pick up,” the insider adds.

While Teresa understands that scheduling conflicts are to blame for missed phone calls, the source says she is devastated that her family has failed to visit her at the Danbury Correctional Institute in Connecticut every weekend as they originally planned.

“She lives for those visits and it upsets Teresa so much when they don’t happen,” the source tells RadarOnline. “There have been a lot of tears over it.”

But Giudice has been making the most of the situation. “Teresa has been keeping a journal, and has been making friends at the prison,” the insider claims. “She isn’t as guarded as she was in the beginning.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Boo-frappin’-hoo. That’s what prison is for. Suck it up, Theresa.

Where do all these stories come from? I tend not to believe anything unless I can see it unlike some people DebBrenn!

I think many of these “insider” sources have their own agenda. But it stands to reason Theresa is bummed to be there. That’s the point of prison.

So why say ‘suck it up Theresa’ when you don’t know if it’s true! yes of course She is upset, worrying about Her girls. Who wouldn’t be. I am not saying She shouldn’t be in prison but I don’t believe everything in print.

I’m not following your logic. If you agree with me that it’s logical that she is miserable there, then why would it be a stretch for me to suggest she should ‘suck it up’? I used that phrase to indicate she got what she deserved. Id you don’t agree with the sentiment, so be it, but it was consistent with the premise, and you agreed with the premise.

My logic, which I think is clear, is Yes She should be in prison but why do we need to post mean girl comments that her children can see. Have a heart!

Reread your comments and try to tell me that they didn’t change course while claiming consistency.

and i feel sad as a mother that she is not getting to talk to them or see them as she anticipated . that sucks and i do not even like her. any mother would have to understand this pain

She should have thought of that before she committed fraud. Too narcissistic to think this would happen. Hope she learns a lesson. I don’t know if she will. I would never watch a show with her on it. No difference than hiving a child molested od murderer their own show after they are out of orison. Maybe that will be new reality story lines by Bravo. Anything for money. Just like the Guidicies. No morals in this world any more. Or few and far between.

DebBrenn are you ever wrong? Have you no compassion or kindness in your heart? Yes Teresa got what she deserves but does that mean you have to rub her face in it? Be nice.

We are arguing opinions and you haven’t changed yours either, so am I to ask you, ‘Are you ever wrong?’ I have compassion and kindness in my heart for victims (including those of Theresa and Joe) and not perpetrators like Theresa and Joe. The whole idea behind a penal system is twofold: 1) Protect society from further offenses by perps while they are locked up, and 2) To teach perps (and all of society including her kids, for that matter) that hurting and cheating others out of what is rightfully theirs (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) has consequences.… Read more »

maybe teresa needs to mend her relationship with her brother and melissa i bet she would see her girls every weekend then ! joe cant drive drunk or hungover lol does he even have a driving license? sad for her that she didnt lean on and make arrangements with the ones who would have done anything for her. i cant believe she thought her drunken cheatin lying conniving slop of a husband of hers would be there for her or the girls.

I can’t help but feel badly for her…

Perhaps her girls were busy with activities or the weather was bad…In NJ we have had snow and icy conditions, etc. and they cannot go to prison every weekend too easily all the time. This is prison. Joe and the girls are dealing with it too. She is where is has to be since she broke the law. I don’t pity her. If we were there, she would not care about any of us. She has always been a person who shows off and who puts herself above all. She wants fame above everything. Even if she misses her children,… Read more »

I agree, why to the girls week-ends have to be consumed with visiting their mother? In todays world there are so many activities and get togethers, they need to have normalcy too. Yes they should go visit, but every week-end is too much. She destroyed her life, she needs to try not to let that trickle down to her children.

Well, you are bound to have days like that- Teresa should be happy she only has a year to serve. Plus, like Sandy said, the missed visits are probably due to the horrible weather back East or the girls commitments- which Teresa would approve of. She said herself she’s tough, she will get over it and move on. Just like all the tens of thousands of other jailed mothers do. What other choice fo they have? The real sympathy should go to her children- I feel bad for her little ones who I’m sure could have used a hello from… Read more »

Whoa is me….poor T. Boo frigging hoo.

Teresa who?

Karma is a bitch Tre and its ur bed buddy in prison.