Teresa Giudice Explains Why Joe And Melissa Gorga Blame Her For Cheating Rumors


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain to viewers why she believes Joe and Melissa Gorga choose to blame her for the cheating scandal and not Penny Drossos. Teresa says she believes Joe and Melissa are deflecting the problem onto her so they don’t have to deal with the actual rumors. Read what else Teresa had to say below.

Teresa writes, “Another roller coaster episode, right? I loved seeing everyone together again. I wish it could stay that way forever! Unfortunately when you’re on TV, people want what you have. They want to be on TV too and they’ll do anything to make it happen or they just want to take you down because they’re sick of watching you. I get it. I’ve seen it happen now on every season of every Housewives show in every city. It’s not fun to be the target, but it comes with the territory. The problem is when newer cast members join and get attacked, they can freak out like Melissa and Joey were. You have to stay united and refuse to let any strangers break you down. But I get that it’s hard. It shouldn’t be hard for family to believe family over strangers, but…

I’m definitely not happy to see where this season is going based on how Melissa and Joey are reacting to the rumors. It’s all my fault again. I get it. It’s easier to blame their own sister/sister-in-law than it is to blame a stranger. It sounds strange, but here’s why.

First of all, blaming me takes all of the emphasis off the actual rumors. Instead of anyone looking into those, they’re all busy looking at me. Fine, deflect away. I’m here for you.

Second, going after family is safe. They know I will never do anything to them. With a stranger, you can’t be so sure. They don’t want to go after Penny because she might take it to a whole new level. Easier to befriend her, right? I wouldn’t be looking to make BFFs with someone who was talking to my ex-boyfriend and threatening to expose rumors about me, but that’s just me.

And third, family will always forgive you, and they know it. Family will always be there. To save themselves, they feel like they have to throw me under the bus. I don’t like it but I can’t do anything about it. They are going to believe what they want to believe. Their beliefs make no sense to me — they don’t believe Penny one minute and the next they do. Pick one! They already confronted Penny at the Youthful 8 Milania Collection launch party and she told them I had nothing to do with it. But it wasn’t enough for them. They had to keep going after her. Why? And when they did, suddenly Penny changed her mind that I had something to do with it. Why would she suddenly do that? Why didn’t she say that when I was right in front of her?

But it’s how they’ve chosen to deal with this and I can’t seem to stop them. I’ve done everything I could possibly do, and now I’m done. Done.”

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  • Prettypinkie

    Penny is very much full of Shit an a Lying dog. I wouldn’t believe anything she had too say at all, Never !!! If Penny is only out for one thing and only one thing that’s Camera time I mean does she really think in that big head of hers she’s going to be the next one on the show … I Dont Think So at all so I say “Penny say what you will cuz no one is Believing You not for a min. Be Gone !!!

  • Michelle Woodman

    I don’t understand what any of this should matter to anybody but Melissa and Joe in the first place !! Cause if Joe was concerned with any of the rumors don’t cha think he would get to the bottom of. It? I know I certainly would !! I don’t think anyone should be involved but the people who it pertains to. Give Joe alittle bit of credit.He’s not a total meat~head !! I think Teresa is just jealous of Melissa cause she misses what her and”Joey”had at one time !! I know this will sound silly but a new woman has taken her place and she feels threatened. Melissa has not just popped into this family recently.So think about it there is SOOOOO much more to this story then what we have seen !! But they need to realize how BAD they are hurting their parents and kids. Cause they don’t know it but they are slowly killing their fathers SPIRT and SOUL !!! They don’t have much more time here on earth !!! “REMEMBER WE ARE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW”
    SOOOOO, SOOOOO SAD !!! ; ) ; (

  • Anonymous

    GOOD. She’s done. Now can we only be subjected to her on “Locked Up” and not a show that’s supposedly about enviable women? I don’t know if she pays her “fans” to adore her or if there really are that many deluded people in the world. Fox News viewership indicates the latter. I don’t really like Melissa but “Tre” is the devil. I’m SO over these two and their entire families.

    • Mommahurley

      Another dupe drinking the Bravo Kool Aid! Teresa is a strong woman who has been attacked set up lied Bout betrayed and still she keeps her head up high! You just believe any crap Bravotv feeds you! Dupe!

  • Mstudammuch

    Theresa “We don’t believe U… U need more PEOPLE!” It’s shameful the levels you will stoop too to destroy your Sister-in-law… U r #shameless

  • DebBrenn

    Cry us a river, Teresa. I think Penny wanted her fifteen minutes, but when pushed to having to out her source she finally did. You have arranged sit downs too many times when the subject has been bashing Melissa, bashed her right to your brother’s face, and remained friends with your hit team while pretending your hands were clean.

  • Chloe

    Lol, she has a nice writer to write all of her blogs.