Teresa Giudice Divorce Rumors Spiral Out of Control

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice has been accused of having a new boyfriend, and a new report claims she has spoken to a divorce attorney to get advice. Teresa’s husband Joe is currently serving time in a federal prison in Pennsylvania after he and his wife pleaded guilty to charges of bank and wire fraud.

We happened to notice on Instagram that Teresa just took a vacation to Mexico with her alleged boyfriend and family and we have the proof that Shane, aka Teresa’s supposed boyfriend, was there.

“Teresa went to Cancun for the holidays with her boyfriend,” a source revealed, adding that Giudice has met with a divorce attorney.

Teresa, her father, and her children, including 16-year-old Gia, 13-year-old Gabriella, 11-year-old Milania, and 8-year-old Audriana, could have visited Joe Giudice over the holidays, but Radar Online claims they instead spent time in Cancun. As fans likely noticed, Teresa shared tons of photos from her trip on her Instagram page.

However, Giudice’s attorney, James Leonard, is insisting that Teresa will not be divorcing Joe. “I don’t know how to say it any louder or plainer, but it ain’t happening. Period,” Leonard told US Weekly in response to the divorce rumors. “Why can’t people accept the fact that these two people simply want to stay married to one another and let them live their lives?”

Teresa shocked fans when she opened up about her feelings toward Joe in her latest book, Standing Strong. “When he gets home, we’ll see. We have to ride this whole thing out. He has to serve his time, come home and do amazing. And then I’ll answer that question. But I am giving him a chance. That’s why I’m standing by him,” she responded when asked if she will divorce her long-time husband.

Do you think Teresa will divorce Joe? Do you believe she has a boyfriend?

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62 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Divorce Rumors Spiral Out of Control”

    1. And…. People are always going to talk about their crimes, but they’ve paid back all money owed and pulled/pulling prison time. Lost parents, and precious memories with their children. Nobody is perfect and I’m rooting for them!

      1. They have NOT paid back all the money owed. I don’t know where you get your information but that is a total crock of poo. Tre still doesn’t take responsibility for what SHE did and continues to blame everything on Joe. She is stupid.

          1. She’s paid over $400K in restitution and did almost a year in the slammer … what more do these people want?

            1. Exactly! And it keeps being said how “dumb” she is. So which is it, she’s smart an knew what was going on? Or she’s dumb and clueless? Can’t have it both ways.

      2. They still owe about 6 million to creditors as well as the courts. She has not paid off the entire 11 million dollars. Look it up.

    2. She is done with him, her daughter doesn’t even want him back, she knows things, Her father and brother hate him, and now that he is not in her ear, being the asshole that he always has been to her, the wine trip, his snide macho nastiness at her exspense, she has to feel a sense of relief, and regrets, she was bringing in all the money after all, she wanted to be a good loyal wife, Prison changed her for the best, learning about the lord, loves yoga, but losing her Mom is something she cant get past, or forgive, when I saw her Dad move in, I knew she was done with her marriage, he is there for good..Plus Tre isn’t moving to Italy when he gets his deportation orders,

      1. Seriously. I’m not a fan but it does seem like she’s found things that make HER happy, and aside from her unfortunate incarceration, I do think she loves her girls. She doesn’t need that stupid greaseball around anymore. More power to her.

      2. Her father being there is probably so he’s not alone and she can use the help. And in the past I can recall her brother being jealous of their dad and Joes relationship. Who knows. I believe in marriage and I believe in doing everything you can to make it work if it’s possible. Sometimes it can’t be worked out, but sometimes it can.

      3. I agree except for 1 thing. I do believe Gabriella & Milania are very upset. They do not want her to divorce Juicy. She is gonn ahave a big problem with those girls especially if she starts bringing some Sancho around eventually.

    3. I wouldn’t be so sure. How do you explain her now completely blaming Joe for the legalities, not visiting him in the slammer, and taking a (successful single) dude on a family vacation?

    4. You don’t think they will divorce if he gets deported? Im just asking for your thoughts. If your husband was deported to another country with NO way to return you wouldn’t divorce him. (he is a felon)
      The US doesn’t really want him and my guess is that Italy is going to not want him either. I have no idea how that decision is going to be made. I do hope he is shipped off to anyplace other than the US. He won’t be deported because his attorney is going to argue that he would have to leave his children and his wife and to separate them would be an injustice. Yes I wonder how the people and businesses they stole from feel about it.
      Anyway if it were my situation and I was in Italy and my husband and kids were in the US I would tell him to divorce me. Out of love I would want him to have a life with a partner who can be a good role model to the kids. Now would he do it? Im not sure. It’s a very unselfish decision to know you have no control over the situation and to let your wife go.

      1. Guess it depends on if you truly want to stick to the vows you made or if you’ve had enough. Either way, wish them all lots of happiness. They’ve been through a lot.

  1. I am NO Tre fan at all, and her husband is a joke. Anyone in their right mind would look at that PHOTO and say “So……. this picture proves NOTHING. Its a photo from a balcony somewhere over water. It’s ridiculous. Sad part is there are people who will look at that photo and say “Oh my god Tre was cheating with a guy in mexico and actually believe it. There is NOTHING in that picture that says ANYTHING about Teresa or a boyfriend. Amanda…. I agree only to point of saying they won’t divorce because they have too much on each other. There is so much more to their lies and fraud and only they have each other to talk about it with.

    1. Well it’s not just a pic. There’s pics on this guy’s page with Tre’s father & brother on Christmas Eve and Tre was in Cancun on NYE with her dad and daughters so are we all supposed to think this is a coincidence?

      1. I haven’t seen any pictures of this guy who was supposedly was in cancun with or without TRE. She is a sad unintelligent woman but even she is not stupid enough to get caught with another man while filming with Bravo. If she is cheating, more power to her. She doesn’t have to look very far because the homeless guy on the corner asking for money is a step up from the troll she is married to. SOOOOO Disgusting. I hate the Giudices and don’t watch NJ but go girl get all the nooks you can get.

        1. I agree! Honestly, I cannot stand Tre but more power to her. After everything Joe has put her thru, I don’t blame her.

            1. You hit the nail right on the head Justanothermary. She may have not known everything about what the troll had done but she was aware that she signed loan documents under penalty of perjury. I know she is dumb nut you would not ask questions about a 5 million dollar loan? That would just make her look even worse, that she would let this go by and not ask questions. Well… I guess that is twofold her lying, disgusting pig of a husband was so dumb he probably came up with some excuse that it was for work on their home and business and Tre would believe it. Getting the calls from the credits should have opened up her mind.

            2. I agree. I wasn’t referring to the bankruptcy stuff. I know she’s not innocent on any of that. I really think she was the mastermind to be honest. I’m referring to the cheating stuff.

    2. They will divorce. Joe will be deported. Italy has to take Joe but probably would not take Tre since she is a felon and not an Italian citizen. Once Joe is in Italy, Tre doesn’t have to worry about him spilling the beans.

      1. Your right….. If Joe is deported Tre wouldn’t take the kids and go to Italy but as much as I would like to see that little greasy troll deported for some reason they have gotten away with so much. 39 counts charged against them in the fraud and wire tap case and they get sentenced based on only 4? Where is the justice? I don’t care about her legal backing or the attorney who represented them, he lies for a living. Hi job is to take a guilty person and find whatever way possible to make them innocent. My friend is a public defender in our county and when you ask him what he does for a living… He says I am the biggest liar in the world. Funny…. Not so much because he is correct.
        1) Tre would NEVER leave her father – Fact – Tre would never take the girls to Italy their entire life is in NJ. Tre enjoyed visiting their parents in their homeland, but she would never want to live there… the extended family, school, activities …. just my opinion. She might divorce him if they were going to be separated for life but with the outcome of their previous trial they got off so frickin easy and you can never tell what the courts are going to do. If the judge is in a bad mood at the hearing he may get deported and but with all the media attention he could easily get off.

    1. AMEN RMAN The guy is a bug….. a greasy, uneducated moron. Now Tre is not a scholar either she is pretty dumb. She definitely could do better but how much? I don’t know. A single woman with four daughters would not be someone a guy is looking for. Believe me My husband died 20 years ago. After about 5 years I wanted to get out and start mingling. The guys knowing I had 5 children did not go well. They are all grown now and out on their own but the well is still dry.

      1. Are you kidding? Tre is still a (relatively) young woman, has never looked better … but above all she is VERY famous. I can guarantee you there is no shortage of guidos and meatballs in NJ and NYC lining up to date her.

        1. Yeah and she is a felon who has gone to prison. Not the best way to present yourself. She is in great shape, I would be too if all I had to do all day was work out. (in prison) She still has a 6 year old. and 3 others up to 17. That is a lot of baggage. She may look great but the fame thing does turn men off. If they actually spend time watching any of the episodes from season 1-4 they would see the real side of Tre.
          I have to disagree with your words that she is FAMOUS. She is on a reality show that presented her as a criminal. The viewership of the Hw’s franchise does not make her famous at all. There are a very small amount of the countries tv watchers that watch NJ. The only time the world ever got a glimpse of her outside the show was when she was being indicted. How many people do you think care about her. UUUUMMMM not a lot. Its an interesting group of people who watch the HW’s I do out of boredom because my health is bad. Stay at home mom’s I don’t know but when I was home with my kids I never got to watch anything but Mickey Mouse. So the viewers of these shows and these viewers don’t necessarily watch all the shows they pick and choose. I don’t watch any of them in sequence I watch here and there. Even if a million people watch the Hw’s that is a very very low amount. There are almost 7 BILLION people in the world and in the US alone almost 350 million so figure out the math 1million in 350,000,000 million that is not enough to be famous. She is only famous to those of us who watch her.

      1. I agree, Teresa getting her love tank filled up while her husband is in the slammer would be a good storyline

  2. I think all this talk is for ratings. Period. If the show folds, Tre’s broke. I think Tre and Joe have discussed this at length.

  3. Well let’s see, she’s making her own money, Joe’s presumably broke – and gone – and Tre’s not exactly Dana Reeve, here. She’s not the type to stand by her man, not that she should. I mean, greasy Joe? Puh-leeeze. I’m no fan of hers, but hey, she’s a liar. Liars lie, it’s what they do.

      1. No, I meant Dana Reeve-who stood by her husband, Christopher, in the face of adversity and through his darkest hour.

        1. Sorry, I completely forgot about Dana Reeves & Christopher Reeves.
          What an altruistic Living Wife and advocate.
          Such a Tragic Story..

          1. Meh, no worries. I can see why you’d default to Donna Reed. It makes sense. Dana and Chris had something special, indeed.

          2. Also, I hate disqus, and most of the gaping cunts on here (I’d look at you Enigma, but I blocked your sorry ass). But you’re alright.

  4. This is a curious post, indeed. Is this the direction the blog is going in now? Feels weird and counter to the feel-good, gab fest nature of the place – like we just went from “Cheers” & “Archie’s Place” to that night of the Jersey table flipping where people start pulling out books for “proof”. Yikes!

  5. “Affairs are generally clandestine” and “Legal matters are discussed in private”.

    THIS. ☕️

  6. Thanks Minx I appreciate the pick me up. There are extenuating circumstance as I am awaiting a heart transplant. I actually was headed to Stanford Dec 9 but one of my tests came back too high (antibodies from having so many children. Damn kids are grown and out of the house but they are still making me crazy.
    I don’t think that there are many men out there who are willing to step into a relationship with me, knowing that the next 8months to a year will be HOPEFULLY ( I pray) recovering from surgery. My total situation was a fluke or a bad day. I have very low BP I have no heart disease, none in my family either. I am very THIN I don’t smoke, but I did like my wine. I don’t do drugs either. One day I was exercising and I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a Right Coronary Spontaneous Dissection. The doctors found NOTHING wrong with me to relate my dissection to anything. I was an amazingly healthy person. SO now I am permanently disabled mostly spending my time with my granddaughters and posting on this site. Pretty crazy HUH. It’s no fun because now it’s just a waiting period til I can find a donor. Pray for me, if your not religious just wish me well.

  7. I used to think Tre was too old school Catholic/Italian to ever divorce Juicy Joe, but moreover, for the sake of their dorters, she would stick it out. But what a difference a year makes. I suspect all bets are off since Antonia’s death. She’s now not only throwing Joe under the bus, but she’s running him over with it over and over again. And while I don’t think having dinner with this ambulance chaser has any credence, vacationing in Cancun with this dude indeed speaks volumes. Also, it apparent that everyone around her is urging her to “move on” with her life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the dorters were on board as well. Going back to a life with him (three YEARS from now) would surely seem like a huge step backwards.

  8. Hey darlin’ … I was referring to HuckabeesWonkyEye, not you! But some brown juice sounds pretty good~

  9. That’s wonderful. I’m so happy that you will be teaching again. Love, love, love the name. How is the precious boy? A ride sounds nice. Glad you got the tires, you need them. It’s been so cold here. Damn this is Texas not Alaska, what up with that. Time to go see what’s in my birchbox, finally

  10. Wow…people really have a lot of opinions about this one. I will say…I dont care of she does or doesn’t stay with him. I just hope the kids are a main priority in the future.

  11. Sweetly tired! THAT’S where I’d like to be! Yes, not only are we missing the updates on other wives, the last RHoA was actually good – everyone getting along for the most part to come together to film a PSA on domestic violence, it was a substantial episode for once. Yolanda’s new show is premiering, she just had a promotional interview on Wendy Williams and was cajoled into spilling a little tea on her love life (she is happily in a relationship). Ziggy’s had podcast interviews long ago with the backstory on what her real issues with Margret are (so one understands that she is not a complete loon) – there are tons of fun & juicy new stories out there…but it’s drier in here than a haystack in the sun. Sartorially curious about the galas coming up for you: are they formal/semi-formal? What’s your personal style like for these events? I love a good gown and a dapperly dressed man for the evening! Notice my mind is never too far from work/fashion related things!

  12. Teresa appears to be setting the stage for the possibility of divorce from Joe. If he is deported she will not uproot herself and her girls to go with him to Italy, so she attempts to mold public opinion in her favor. I enjoy her on the show, however she is just as responsible as Joe for their legal / financial issues.

  13. She just wants to drag it our so she can write another hack book or have another boring season of her boring stupid self on RHONJ. She is over Joe. We all know it.

  14. I see…they both committed fraud, but Teresa and Teresa alone is required to pay back all the money? Another situation where you shouldn’t be able to have it both ways. Either she was just as guilty, or she would have never thought of it alone, ( which is my belief ) She’s made all the money since they were indicted, they plead to a lesser crime, which a huge percentage of litigants do, and for some reason this is a surprise and all of a sudden is an unfair legal practice? Many commentators mention that it seems a different legal system for the rich and famous, but when they do exactly what anyone else charged and found guilty of a white collar crime does, it is somehow not fair that they used the same legal precedents. No matter what Teresa ever does, her detractors will find something sinister in her actions. I don’t really care anymore. SO, SO many more important injustices have occurred since then that deserve our attention. And there are so many famous criminals out there it would take an entire blog to simply list the crimes, the pleas, the time served, the restitution and fines. Teresa refuses to quit smiling and refuses to get on her knees and apologize to the public. I’d say going to prison for a year and paying back 100’s of thousands of dollars of money she earned on her own is enough. I wouldn’t get on my knees for the jackals either, because she would be kicked until it was a certainty that she never stood again.

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