Teresa Giudice & Dina Manzo Want Danielle Staub To Return To RHONJ?


According to a new report, the biggest bombshell dropped at the RHONJ reunion taping was when Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo allegedly told Andy Cohen they wanted Danielle Staub to return to the show.

At the reunion shoot, Cohen “asked Dina and Teresa, the only remaining original cast members, which housewife they would most like to return to the franchise,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Teresa and Dina’s answer was shocking, as both said they would like Danielle back on the show!”

“Dina is feuding with her sister Caroline Manzo and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, and Teresa is Dina’s friend, so she’s scared to go against her and is supporting her idea to bring Danielle back,” the source claims. “In addition, Dina knows that Danielle tortured Jacqueline behind the scenes, and if she were to make a return to the show, Danielle could make Jacqueline’s life a living hell.”

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  • DebBrenn

    If this is true it just shows how un-namiste and vindictive Dina is. That’s not really news, nor is it news that Teresa is such a snake in the grass.

  • I honestly don’t think anyone cares what teresa or dina want as 4 Danielle yes I would like 2 see her return the show now with who’s on is a laughable joke!!!

  • Aunt Bee

    From what I have read both Dina and Danielle are hard up for money and that is one of the reasons that they wanted to return. They both need to get jobs other than laying on their backs for rich men. Both are high priced whores. IMO.

    • One Rotten Egg


  • Brazilian


  • funkypinky2014

    I want Danielle back just be cuz Dina thinks she’s so slick in thinking that Danielle would go after Jac and that would make Jac quit the franchise, lolol IF Danielle returns, she has a better chance becoming friends with Jac than she would Dina, remember, Danielle. & Jac used to be friends, Danielle knows that Dina couldn’t stand her early seasons on.

    For this reason only Danielle should return., Danielle WOULD put a fire up Dina’s arse! Ya, she’ll quit then!

  • shipsss

    I don’t get the Dina hate. From what I see she is the only decent one on the show. But I guess that’s not what these shows are about. Still why the hate?

    • DebBrenn

      I don’t think it’s hate as much as annoyance at her pretending to be the non-controversial one. Dina was the very first housewife to target Staub instead of just ignoring her. Dina was the one spreading the rumors all over town about the Staub woman, which were hurtful to her family and helpful to nobody. Then she denied her involvement at the table flip. She wouldn’t film with Danielle, then she wouldn’t film with either her sister, brother, or sister in law. In fact, she rubbed it in their faces by filming with Teresa. Now she’s the one that was pointing her finger at everybody but herself, when she’s the one that carried the tale about sex with the mother in law to the party which turned everything upside down. Instead of calming the girl who did nothing wrong, she called her husband a bunch of names. Why? Namaste my butt.

  • shipsss

    Haha haha haha poor Danielle she could have been the break out star if it wasn’t for Dina lol. Maybe I don’t take all this stuff serious enough. But thanks for explaining :-). I like the work Dina does with and for animals. And I can’t imagine she is all to blame for everything you said or maybe she is… But then again I don’t look for or hold on the negative stuff.
    I just have enjoyed her back 🙂

    • DebBrenn

      And you enjoy having her back, it seems. 🙂 I don’t remember suggesting there was any “break out role” for Danielle Staub. Only that Dina was crappy on several occasions and pointed the finger at everyone else. And I only commented on what I’ve seen.

      • shipsss

        🙂 I more meant it didn’t matter who did what to Danielle it all would have ended the same with her, but still no one should throw rocks and hide their hands. I don’t think she should take heat for the gossip from that Gotti pig.
        We all know how these shows work Terase knew what Gotti was gonna say. Had she not filmed with Gotti then none of it would have seen the light of day. Mostly I’m outraged by how short this season is like WTH?

        • shipsss

          Teresa argh

  • shipsss

    Arr being back I meant 🙂 tho I’m sure she has a lovely back or maybe she doesn’t…