Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo Celebrate Audriana’s Birthday


Just because Dina Manzo lives in California now doesn’t mean she doesn’t fly back to the East Coast for certain special occasions. This time it was for her goddaughter Audriana Giudice’s 7th birthday. That’s right, she and BFF Teresa Giudice celebrated Audriana’s birthday and she even brought along her boyfriend Dave Cantin.

“My little princess Audriana is the sweetest!! Birthday celebration!!” Dina shared.

My little princess Audriana is the sweetest!! Birthday celebration!! 🎈💕❤️

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Dina currently lives full-time in Los Angeles. When the Daily Dish caught up with Teresa earlier this year, she revealed she’d love to welcome her friend back to RHONJ. “I love her. She’s one of my best friends. She’s my daughters’ godmother. I just love her,” Giudice shared.

Check out more photos of Teresa celebrating her daughter’s birthday.

🎈Happy 7th Birthday to my beautiful princess mommy loves you ❤️🎂🎈

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Thank you @dinamanzo love the balloon stand with the feathers and the lights ❤️😘love you Audriana

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I’m glad Dina is there with Tre, that’s what really friends are about. Audriana is a little cutie.

Don’t you know this must just kill Caroline. 🙂

Yup she will be seething! Lol xoxo

S/be real not really!

While Tre needs all the friends she can get right now, the ONLY reason this friendship works is because Dina never wants to know anything about anyone. She puts her head in the sand and just “goes with the flow” and keeps her thoughts to herself. Too bad she can’t do that with her sister and sil. I personally don’t think Caroline gives one wit whether Dina is in town or who she is with.

Audriana and Gabriella are such nice kids.