Teresa Giudice Devastated By Producer’s Editing On RHONJ! Believes They Always Make Her Look Bad!


Social media has really become an important part of The Real Housewives franchise and the watching experience. Viewers can interact with the ‘Wives while while the show airs live. When The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired Sunday night, Teresa Giudice’s good friend and co-author, Heather Maclean, tweeted that Teresa was upset with how Bravo edited the episode. RealityTea points out that Heather has outed Bravo’s producers before for the way the edit things together to portray a certain situation to viewers.


Heather claims producers made Teresa look guilty when Penny and Jan revealed that Melissa Gorga had cheated on her husband. Heather says Teresa actually got up from the table and walked away when the topic was approached!


Heather also tweeted that Teresa was devastated when she watched the way the show was put together. “She’s devastated,” Heather tweeted. “Producers lied to her again.”


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6 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Devastated By Producer’s Editing On RHONJ! Believes They Always Make Her Look Bad!”

  1. I would love to watch one season of pure, total, honest, raw, filming. The complete truth. I have to say Andy has really missed the mark. The ratings and market shares are down and honestly, it is because Andy continues to believe viewers want the dark drama and the sex crap – which I am really sick of. Joe Gorga seems to have to adore his wife and constantly refer to sex chat with the menfolk and Rosie. When the vidio of him went public in social media of his youngest dancing and mimicing Daddy -masturbation…..I am just sick of it. Way to go Andy. You have ruined the very shows you created and initially were wonderful. And Nielson shows it. Market shares suck for almost all, but especially NJ (1/2what use to be) and that is all your advertisers study and care about.

  2. Ridiculous! We saw Teresa continue to sit there and react weakly to the accusations. Teresa EXPLODES when someone says something she doesn’t like…. unless it’s about Melissa, then she sits in “shocked” silence allowing it to go on and on.

    1. She doesn’t owe Melissa anything. Nothing, nada, zilch. Teresa is a kinder person than I for getting up and leaving during the conversation.

  3. Please, Teresa leave Bravo and do your own show. It would be a hit with all the fans you have. Love, Love, Love all things Guidice!!!!!!!!

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