Teresa Giudice Defends Husband Joe’s Temper


The Giudices were lucky to have spent some quality time together after Teresa was released from prison in December of 2015 and before Joe had to surrender in March of this year. But it hasn’t been a bed of roses as we’ve seen on RHONJ. Joe has gotten into arguments with their daughters, as well as Teresa, even telling her to “shut the f*ck up.”

Now, Teresa is talking about those not-so-pleasant moments in a new interview. “I didn’t take that to heart because that’s not how Joe normally talks, he really doesn’t,” Teresa said during a recent interview with PEOPLE. “You see, he passes out right after. He went to go lay down and he passed out. And when he woke up I said to him, ‘Hon, why’d you say that?’ And he said, ‘What?’ He didn’t even remember what he said.”

Joe and Teresa have been married for 17 years and she says him acting out was just his way of dealing with his impending prison sentence. “I know how Joe talks, I’ve known him my whole life. I think there’s going to be a surprise on the show. They’re going to show stuff that you guys are going to see really how long I know Joe,” she said. “I’ve known him a long time, I know his language. Everyone deals with things differently and he was nervous that he was leaving his wife and his four daughters.”

Teresa said that the distance between them has benefited their relationship. “We’ve always been close but when you go through things like this either it can break you or make you stronger as a family or as a couple, and obviously it’s doing that for us,” she said. “We both know in our hearts that he didn’t try to hurt me in any way and I know I didn’t try to hurt him in any way. If anything, you know what they say, when you’re away from each other it makes the heart grow fonder? It’s definitely doing that for us.”

But, of course, her four daughters miss their father. “They’re doing good,” Teresa said. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but a little easier because they went through it with me so they know what to expect. But they miss him tremendously, they always say we miss dad. They miss him. You can feel his absence, our family’s definitely incomplete without him.”

Teresa said it’s difficult for her to enjoy herself with her husband away. “I don’t really have a good time because he’s not here. It’s not like when I go out I have a blast, because I really don’t cause he’s not with me. [The] only time I do have fun is when I’m with my kids. Like fashion week was fun cause it was all about them,” she said. “I feel like it’s weird, I’m kind of old-fashioned like that because he’s not here, I’m incomplete. He’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Like without him I feel lost.”

“What keeps me busy is my girls. I swear, that’s what makes the days go by. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably go crazy. Then I would really think about him 24/7 and it wouldn’t be easy,” Teresa shared. “I’m going through the motions of each day. I just can’t wait for each day to pass by for him to come home.”

Photo Credit: Bravo