Teresa Giudice Insists Husband Joe Is Not Homophobic!

Since Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice has been accused of being homophobic for using certain gay slurs in front of the Bravo cameras. In a new interview with Star Magazine, Teresa is insisting Joe “loves” his gay friends, goes to gay bars, and even cried at a recent gay wedding!

“Joe came to the gay bar with me, and we had so much fun!” Teresa tells the magazine, “It’s so obvious he is not at all homophobic.”

Teresa continues, “Both my husband and I have many gay friends. In fact, we have a very close friend who just bought a house with his partner to be close to our beach house on Long Beach Island.”

Then Teresa went into detail about Joe’s feelings at a recent gay wedding they attended, saying, “He thought their vows were so heartfelt, he was actually welling up while they were reciting them!”

Tell Us- Do you think Joe is homophobic?

Photo Credit: Getty Images