Teresa Giudice Declined To Go On RHONJ Cast Trip To Miami


Every year the Real Housewives take a cast trip. This year the ladies of New Jersey will be heading to Miami to blow off some steam. However, Teresa Giudice’s ongoing legal troubles prevented her from going on the trip. According to a new report, her lawyers advised her to decline the trip.

Teresa’s lawyers told her in “no uncertain terms could she go to Miami,” a source told RadarOnline. “She is allowed to travel. Teresa just has to notify the United State’s Attorney’s Office. But her lawyers just thought it would look really bad if Teresa was seen on camera going on luxurious vacations with her sentencing looming.”

According to the insider, “Bravo was very unhappy about Teresa’s refusal to go and assured her nothing would be done to jeopardize her criminal case if she were to join the other housewives.”

But she still declined.

“Teresa really wanted to go, but had to follow the advice” given to her by her counsel, the source explained.

While there have been rumors Bravo is angry with Teresa, Giudice’s PR Manager assured us there is no bad blood between anyone.

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6 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Declined To Go On RHONJ Cast Trip To Miami”

  1. Doesn’t she have to get permission from the courts to leave the state? If I were the judge I wouldn’t let her out of his sight.

  2. I”m SO sick of the Jersey housewives this season. I watched two episodes and called it quits. The current cast sucks. Teresa is a TOTAL moron.

    1. I love the new cast!! geez if they where to put old ass Caroline on again I just wouldn’t watch it again and that Jacqueline has gone thank goodness now she can look after her beautiful son she was loosing it…the only one back that shouldn’t be is Kathy and loopy sister with big mouth, I am excited about this year and new cast!!!

  3. My message is for Monica: your suggestion on how to get the blog print larger and the comment section to show whole story worked for me. Thank you from Aunt Bee.

  4. Not right that Teresa won’t serve her time for doing something so wrong. There’s lots of women in prison that have children and do their time. What’s so special about Teresa? What is the problem with our Courts n Judges!

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