Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub Rebuild Their Relationship During Yoga


On Wednesday, October 19th, Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub attended a yoga class together and we can reveal that they are trying to rebuild their relationship.

“We had a lot of fun!” Danielle shared. “Much more to come I’m sure.”

“It just happened!” she continued. “She reached out to me and it’s really organic and very natural and all along it always had to be Teresa and I. I think it’s a re-bonding and rekindling of an old friendship, but it’s much overdue!”

“It’s so fresh,” she said of their newfound relationship. “I wasn’t anticipating this. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with her. I’m super happy about it.”

“It’s the least expected — I don’t think anyone expected this!” she told RadarOnline. “We have a lot more in common than people realize.”

“I’m looking forward to what’s happening next and I’m anticipating that she and I can rebound in the way that we’ve begun to and continue to do so because it just seems so natural,” Danielle said.

What do you think of this shocking reunion?

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18 Replies to “Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub Rebuild Their Relationship During Yoga”

    1. just had to say that phrase….not really using it on either one….though I wonder where Danielle’s “bodyguards” are these days

  1. Makes nonsenseof the story last week saying that DA Kelly was omi g back to take Tre down. I will always like Tre but I have no time for the Show anymore. Or most of the shows. Bring back BH!

  2. To me it is another example of Staub’s unquenchable thirst for fame and fortune and Bravo’s (Andy’s) unquenchable thirst for the unsavory criminal element. How low can a network go?????

    1. I agree Aunt Bee, this crap seems very disingenuous. How can anyone trust or believe in Staub. Everything is so contrived anymore. If these two bond over a yoga class, and let bygones be bygones, that would be one thing. But when Staub is tweeting or sending it out to the world to view, it’s a bullshit publicity attempt.

      1. I saw this on TMZ and They are not taping the show at the moment so this wasn’t for it to be aired. Also the reason for the reconnection was that Prostitution Whore wrote nice things about Theresa when she went to the big house and she wished her well. It just seems like a simple rebonding moment.

        In other Housewives news, Danielle has had too much plastic surgery done. I think if she blinks the back of her head might explode and spill open all the brain guts.

  3. Leopards don’t change their spots!!! Just trying to get ratings! Proof she’ll do anything, go to any depths to get attention and boost ratings. She hasn’t changed a bit. Clearly another dig to Jac, Kathy and Rosie. She can make up with prostitution whore but not her family? She’s pathetic!

  4. Lol they go to do yoga together and the same day she’s talking to the press about it? really? lol….. it’s one thing to post a pic on Twitter, it’s an other thing to give an interview about it :’D

  5. I didn’t think Danielle was the bad seed, overall.. With that said, how great would it be for her and Teresa to be allies and Jacq be on the other side.. Jacqualine went crazy on her.. as did Teresa.. I for one, would like to see Danielle back and think that it would bring the spice back to the show that it is missing

  6. PS- Danielle had her issues, but she didn’t deserve the treatment that she got while on it.. I think that she was ganged up on

  7. A few things.

    1. I think this is making Jacko sweat being that she was close to her at the time when all that crazy went down first season. Also, I read somewhere that Jacko also reached out to Melissa around the second season as well, which may align when Danielle did too. Who knows, conspiracy theories.

    2. If Teresa is really trying to find peace with people on this show past and present and she was willing to give jack a chance after being burned by her so bad in the past, why not Danielle? What jack did does not even compare to the crazy Jack, Caroline, and her own family did to her for several seasons. If she can move on with others, why not another bravo alum? Plus, I know a lot of this is bravo pushed, but I’m like why not.

    3. Also, didn’t Danielle spill the tea on Big Al’s extramarital affairs and mistress with no fear? If she’s back on the show, I can’t imagine what she had to say about the Lauritas and Kim D now Don Caro is no long there.

    Who knows! But if I have to see wacko I can see lopsided boobie Danielle go toe to toe with her.

  8. For the love of God Bravo.. drop the housewives, all of them. Give us something better to watch. Perhaps the Southern Charm crew working along side The Below Deck Peeps. Not as charter guests, but as green yachties? That wound be a great show !!!

  9. You know what? Here’s a concept for ya BRAVO…start over. Regroup. Find a new premise for the show. Oh I know! Get some nice decent women without any criminal or questionable backgrounds….kind ladies with some wild & interesting hobbies and make the show about their funny shenigans together getting into silly predicaments that make us actually laugh at their escapades. You know, like a bunch of Lucy & Ethels. Bring COMEDY instead of crying screaming assaulting embarrassing tearing up of families and friendships kind of heartlessness, and watch your ratings soar. America doesn’t need one more show about misery and angst, we’re trying to ESCAPE it remember?????

  10. In other words…instead of pitting the women against each other, show them rallying together being put up against impossible situations, or any situation that makes us root for them, make any sense?

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