Teresa Giudice Considering Divorce? Lying To Joe Giudice About Birth Control?


It has been rumored that Joe and Teresa Giudice are trying to have another baby, because the couple really wants a baby boy, but Teresa denies reports the couple is trying to conceive. The RHONJ star told Wetpaint there are no more babies in her future. “It’s not happening, the shop is totally closed. I’m looking into tying my tubes!” she insisted. Amongst the baby talk, Joe Giudice’s pending trial, where he could potentially serve jail time, and constant cheating allegations, Teresa has remained by her husband’s side and also denied any rumors she would divorce Joe.

According to a blind item originally reported on July 23rd, 2012 on CrazyDaysAndNights, Teresa has been taking birth control and hiding it from her hubby, and is also considering divorce! Joe seems to think the couple was trying for a 5th child, but the site reports a different story. “What Real Housewife has secretly been taking birth control pills without telling her husband. He thinks they are trying for a baby. She thinks it may be time to get divorced and wants no part of a baby with him right now. It’s not RHNYC or RHATL,” CDAN reported.

On June 22nd, 2013 the site revealed the blind item was about “Joe and Teresa Giudice.”

Photo Credit: Bravo