Teresa Giudice Confused Why Joe Gorga Would Forgive Kim D & Not Her!


After meeting with Caroline Manzo on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up a few things. Teresa explains she was extremely confused why her brother would send Caroline to mediate their relationship, and why Joe and Melissa would make up with Kim D and not her, when Kim had admitted to setting up #strippergate.

Teresa writes, “Of course it was very hard to see Melissa say (over and over and over) how she was moving because she didn’t want her kids to grow up near my kids. But I will say their house is beautiful and very well made. Joey did a wonderful job. It’s in our blood. My father did construction in Italy and when he first came to America.

When Caroline texted me to meet with her, I really had no idea what she wanted. I wasn’t nervous, because we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. The reunion was horrible, but I really just wanted to move forward. I really just wanted everyone to forgive and forget.

I was confused at first when Caroline said my brother had asked her to meet with me. I didn’t mean he was “scraping the bottom of the barrel” as a personal insult to her, it’s just that if Joey wanted someone to be a go-between for us, why would he ask someone I wasn’t in a good place with? Then she said it was her idea to talk to me for Joey. That didn’t make any sense to me either, since unless she had figured out some magical way of fixing her own problems with her siblings, she didn’t have any more answers than I did. I didn’t ask her about her family to start a fight, I just wondered (and was hoping) that’s why she thought she could fix my family. Then I decided that maybe this was her way of trying to reach out to me, sort of her way to apologize for last year. I’m glad I met with her, she did look good, and the place we met was adorable.

I did want to clear up one thing from our 2-hour conversation. Caroline asked why I was still friends with Kim D. when Kim admitted to trying to set up Melissa as a stripper. I mentioned my brother apologized to Kim D. for the fight they had about it, but still wouldn’t talk to me. The rest of that story is that my brother and Melissa MADE UP with Kim D. They were all fine. If they were fine, why wouldn’t I be OK to hang out with her? Caroline and Jacqueline were also good with Kim D. I don’t know why if everyone that was there that night was good with Kim D., I should be the only one to suddenly turn my back on her? I don’t do that to people.

Kim D. never did anything to me, and she actually apologized to me for dragging me into the whole thing with Melissa. I had nothing to do with it. Melissa knows that, Caroline and Jacqueline know that, and my brother knows that. Kim D. admitted it to everyone, apologized, and they accepted her apology. And yet they were all still mad at me. For what?

I apologized to each and every one of them last year as many times as I could for anything I did or said to them. They accepted my apology, we were good, and then they all used the Posche Fashion show and Kim D.’s attempt to reunite Melissa with someone from her past against me. They knew all along it was never me. Why they pretended to believe it was, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever know.”

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3 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Confused Why Joe Gorga Would Forgive Kim D & Not Her!”

  1. Teresa, why won’t Joe forgive you? Maybe because you’ve been coming after his wife for years now. Kim D is a nobody. You’re his family. Family doesn’t do that to each other.

    1. The reason she doesn’t have a point is that she’s confusing his seemingly sincere apology to that woman for trying to be her best buddy. I think he apologized at the reunion hoping that Kim D would drop her vendetta against his wife and tell the truth. The truth being Teresa was behind it all. Kim D wants to be on the show, and she thinks the best way to do that is to stay friends with Teresa the Outcast, and have a storyline that makes her seem interesting (at least in her eyes). Every single time Teresa starts a sentence with “there are rumors” and “people are telling me” she finishes it with some slanderous comment meant to further the rumor she probably made up in the first place.

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