Teresa Giudice Confronts Kathy Wakile In RHONJ Lost Footage


In this preview for this Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice confronts her cousin Kathy Wakile over Christmas gift she received. You might recall at the beginning of the season when the Giudices, Gorgas and Wakiles got together to exchange gag gifts for Christmas and Teresa received a dictionary, which she took as an insult to her intelligence.

During the dinner, Teresa whips out her dictionary to refer to something, and Kathy tells Teresa she wishes she would have taken home the dictionary she gave her because apparently Teresa left it at the restaurant the night of Christmas gathering.

Teresa tells Kathy she laughed at the gift the night she received it, but reveals she actually found it “kind of weird.”

Kathy says, “Teresa, if I said there’s a full moon outside, you’d look at me and say, ‘What are you saying about my ass.'”

“A dictionary, really Kathy?” Teresa says in her interview. “Let’s see, how do you spell ‘bitch’? K-A-T-H-Y.”

Watch the preview below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • DeeDee

    Kathy is a bitch. And she’s gross. She is the definition of passive aggressive. Kathy is a disgrace & a dispicable cousin. I’ll “leave it at that” too.

  • PixNTrix

    OMG Teresa can’t claim to be too stupid to understand “contracts” and say things like texes and ingreedeences but then get offended when someone gag gifts a dictionary. Besides anyone could have gotten that dictionary it just happened that Teresa got it. Kathy may be a bitch but Teresa is a dumb convict bitch.

    • Assnonymous

      I am trying to work out if you meant to misspell taxes and ingredients I think that’s what you were trying to write??Who’s the dumb bitch??

      • LocoForBravo

        Assnonymous, PixNTrix was typing the words like Teresa pronounces them.

  • misti

    Kathy was doing it all in fun Teresa deserves a taste of her own medicine Kathy isn’t a B**** Pay backs are

  • No matter what’s gone on now, Kathy came on the show taking aim at Theresa. Everything she did was to take her down. Now she’s off the show, TG. I don’t want to see an overweight witch vetching about her cousin.