Teresa Giudice Confirms Melissa Fired Envy Employee, Doesn’t Consider Herself a Criminal

andy Teresa Giudice appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after the explosive fight on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She answered viewer questions and dished about the show with Andy Cohen. After Andy played a montage of the ups and downs of Jacqueline and Teresa’s relationship this season, he asked Teresa what her reaction was when she saw Jac crying to Siggy and Dolores about how much she loved Teresa. “Yeah, it did. It was just moving me right now. It was moving me right now, like when we saw each other for the first time and it’s sad. I don’t know how somebody switches like that. She wants a relationship with me and then… Jekyll and Hyde. I don’t understand?” Next, Andy asked opinions about what happened in Vermont. Why did you think Jac was bringing up Strippergate with Melissa at dinner? “Because she’s maybe guilty of a skeleton in her closet,” Teresa said. Andy asked, “Do you think she’s guilty of being a stripper?” To which Teresa replied, “You said it, not me.” What did you think when you actually saw the footage of Jacqueline sitting on Robyn and telling her to rage? “Aggressive, she was asking for it,” Teresa said. Did you think Siggy made the drama about herself then the next day? “No, I thought that was so cute how she was crying,” Teresa replied. “I never saw somebody cry so much.” Jacqueline called you a narcissistic psychopathic in her confessional, what was your response to that? “C’mon… think of another word,” Teresa shook her head. Siggy called your relationship with Jacqueline toxic, do you agree? “Yeah, I would agree,” Teresa admitted. What about Jac saying Melissa had four nose jobs? “First of all, she broke the girl code. Whatever, she didn’t have four nose jobs. You’re not supposed to spill the beans on your girlfriend and it wasn’t four nose jobs.” A viewer pointed out that Teresa expects everyone to forgive her mistakes even though she never does the same and asks if she thinks this is one-sided. “No, not at all,” she responded. Teresa also revealed that she agrees with Melissa that Jacqueline is jealous that she is close to her sister-in-law and that things got nasty when Melissa didn’t take Jac’s side before Teresa came home. “It’ll all come out at the reunion,” she teased. Andy noted that they will be taping the reunion this week. Robyn Levy and Christina Flores were behind the bar and Andy asked them if they were irritated that they had to leave the trip early. “I felt like Teresa deserved to have a good time, even though it seemed like it was reversed,” Robyn said. “I love her and the truth is, I really just wanted her to have fun.” Robyn also denied being one of Teresa’s soldiers, noting that she is strong enough on her own. Andy played a clip of next week’s episode where Kim D is caught talking about Joe Giudice’s cheating while Teresa was away, Teresa was shocked, as she had not seen this footage yet. Teresa noted this was funny, because Kim had just called her telling her they needed to get together and talk. However, Kim tweeted, “@Teresa_Giudice lied through her teeth @Andy. She called and asked me to talk. I never called her ! #RHONJ”

Teresa explained, “No, I called her, not to meet, I called her to tell her she was right about that guy that was working for Melissa. She did fire him and then she said, ‘We have to talk.'” “Teresa knows what she did to me . I didn’t throw the first punch. #RHONJ”

Another viewer asked Teresa why she calls criminal the “c” word. “I just don’t like… I just don’t consider myself that,” she explained. “And that’s why I don’t want to say that word.” Giudice also revealed that Joe has lost 30lbs since he’s been away and that he watches the show from behind bars. Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. First of all–Jaco is a c-word–CRAZY. TRE IS a C-word–CONVICTED FELON. Yes, that is a definition of criminal. If TRE doesn’t consider herself a criminal, then this is proof once again that she shows no remorse.

    1. On side note, TRE did handle herself well at the restaurant with all that yelling. I’m not a fan of TRE, but I thought I would throw this out there anyway. TEAM Justice!

  2. I don’t watch NJ but was that Mindy Kaling on WWHL??? I LOVE her show!! Funniest woman ever!! I’ll have to watch WWHL

  3. I think Jac is a bit off but they are trying to re-write history of the show about Strippergate. Jac went crazy because of that AND Id be the same way. I mean we know what happed and that Penny girl has finally started talking. (I heard there was a gag order on Penny and now its been lifted?)

    No matter what Teresa thinks she is a CRIMINAL……its just facts and she was CONVICTED of a crime. I don’t watch the full show ever cause she just annoys me!

  4. I agree Jac is crazy (emotional- lashes out) but I also feel her love for Teresa is genuine. I think thats why she gets so worked up. I dont like how Teresa throws people out of her life like trash. That really bothers me. REALLY bothers me…. What I came on her to say tho was I cant believe Andy set Teresa up like that and had her watch that clip for the 1st time where Kim accuses Joe of serial adultery. That was MEAN. Teresa didnt blink tho. Good for her.

  5. I thought this was about Melissa firing the kid? Oh, well, it’s ANOTHER bashing party for Tre. It wouldn’t matter what she said, how much she acted as if she was “remorseful” that is between her and God, and her husband and kids. If she got on her knees and begged for forgiveness, everyone that I see would simply kick her while she was down there. She has obviously learned that from being on the show all these years. I simply believe in forgiveness, and I believe she did say she was sorry, to those she hurt. Her family.
    Jaqueline is creepy. She cries, and cries, then turns on Theresa every effing chance she gets. If ANYONE is sticking close to Theresa and being a leech, it’s JAQUELINE. Bringing up something from FOUR years ago, why? TO CAUSE TROUBLE. I see Theresa and Melissa being family. I see a real change in both of them, and what Theresa did, she just doesn’t want her SUPPOSED FRIENDS calling her that. Hey, I don’t know about any of you, but there are a few times in my life I am REALLY glad it wasn’t aired on tv. Anyone who is perfect can throw the first stone.

    1. Spot on again D’s. I’d hate to see these people at a family union where they knew someone in the family had ever run afoul of the law! They’d all be screaming at the poor person at the top of their lungs Criminal Criminal Criminal….Funny though aren’t Jax & Chris criminals too by their own standards, yet Jax throws the C word out there like a grenade?

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