Teresa Giudice Confident She Will Not Go To Jail


As her sentencing date approaches, Teresa Giudice spent the weekend at the Jersey Shore with her family, but insiders reveal that Teresa isn’t stressing and insist that she is “confident” she will not serve any prison time.

“Teresa has been telling friends she doesn’t think there is any way the judge will send her to prison because she is a mother of four girls. Teresa is planning on saying she just went along with whatever her husband Joe gave her to sign, and never paid attention to the details,” a source tells RadarOnline.

According to the source, “Lawyers for the couple will ask for leniency and probation for both, with no jail time. Teresa is very positive that the United States Justice Department won’t recommend that she go to jail either. She is very eager to review what prosecutors are asking for. Of course, the judge will have the final say.”

Joe Giudice could be sentenced to 47 months in prison, and could be deported back to Italy upon completion of his sentence. Teresa is facing 44 months.

But Teresa “continues to live in a dreamworld, and tells anyone who will listen that she doesn’t even think Joe will go to prison,” the source insists.

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  1. I do not believe for a minute that Teresa thinks this is a easy ride for her I do believe she is concerned over jail time and this is just another story to put her in a stupid light I can see this woman has taken all of these charges seriously…just stop smell the roses Teresa I hope and wish the best for you…and you will survive my sweet girl keep that eye of the tiger!!

    1. Didn’t Teresa put herself in ‘stupid light’? She made headlines (REAL story) when she had 41 counts of fraud brought against her and actually pled guilty! Stay sweet Teresa, while you peddle that booze and cookbooks, charging cash for autographs at book signings, only to report later after it was revealed, that it was “for charity”. Stay sweet Teresa, while your cheater husband calls you a cu@t, and your unruly kids (except the middle girl) continue to use foul language for little kids, show disrespect for you and staff members, and your just turned 13 year old tries desperately to be grown up but still acts immature.

  2. She was living off money that she didn’t have lying and cheating at every corner but she’s got 4 girl’s and the judge probably want send her 2 prison she’s no better than other felons that broke the law she has family that can step in and help with the children

    1. She lied, cheated, stole, forged and can still keep her mansion and not go to jail? Where’s the justice? How many other people do you think had children and went to jail because they deserved it? Lots – and this couple is no better – probably worse – than anyone else. Send them to jail – Federal – so there’s no parole or good time. They need to do 100% of any time they are sentenced to, just like anyone else.

      1. I agree. Just because they appear on some horrible reality show is no excuse for going easy on either one. They should both serve time for the crimes they have committed.
        The fact that she is on RHONJ or has four kids at home does not earn her special privileges — there are plenty of women and men in prison who had to leave children behind on the outside when they were sent to jail. They have family members who can take care of the children.
        Too bad Teresa and Joe weren’t thinking of the welfare of those kids when they decided to multiple counts of gross tax and bankruptcy fraud. Lock them up just like any other con artists that get caught.

  3. Even though I don’t like Teresa I do believe she was stupid enough to do what Joe told her without thought to what she was signing. I hope Joe does the time (especially after the drivers license fraud) and is deported. There are enough citizen criminals in the USA without an imported one without citizenship. If Teresa does go to jail I hope her kids go to someone who can teach them respect – especially that brat Milania. I for one am sick and tired of “celebrities” getting off scot free.

      1. Teresa knew exactly what she was doing. She and Joe were jealous of her brother (Joe Gorga), but didn’t want to work for it. Besides her husband was too busy cheating on her. How stupid could she be. I guess her pride will not accept it!!!!!!!! I bet while Joe is in prison she will findsomeone else because it appears that she can’t live without a man. (That must be why she stays with him.)

    1. Joe Giudice is as dumb as Formica and he has the creativity of lint. Teresa is the one who wants a “certain” way of life. She is the one who lied about being a Vogue editor, a college graduate, etc. She is as guilty as he, at least – she certainly signed the forms and she certainly had an interest in pretendng they made more money than they did.

      She needs to go away. What she did was about 14 times worse than what Martha Stewart went awa for – Teresa’s crimes caused other small business people to lose all of their earnings.

      Send her away. Look at those kids. They have no positive role model – Milania is a monster. Send them to other relatives and let them have a real life.

  4. The audacity of the “insider” that T isn’t stressing, the judge will cut her slack bcuz she’s a mother, etc, etc, I hope she does go to prison, I don’t care how dumb she plays or (actually is) she shouldn’t be treated special, she signed legal documents knowing they were committing fraud. Any who, I hope justice will be quick & swift.

    * I agree with Aunt Bee, that Miliana sure does have a mouth on her & so early on… shameful.

  5. Stories like this piss me off! She and Joe have made a lot of missteps the last few years! She and Joe may just get probation OR they may both be sent to prison for the maximum sentences-it’s up to the judge!

    We all have to wait and see. If I were them, I’d mentally prepare for the worst case scenario-then if they get a lesser sentence or get probation they can really breath a sign of relief!

  6. I don’t think this story is true at all. I think it is very nasty of you to put this out there knowing it could affect what a judge might perceive as teresa not caring about her sentencing. I really wish people would be more sensitive to their children. I don’t see how some people can hope that these 4 children become orphansand it doesn’t matter whether they are spoiled brats or not. I have even read comments on how some very disturbed people think that Milania deserves this because she is a brat. Puerile like that is what’s wrong with the world today and it just makes me sick. Besides, why aren’t some people intelligent enough to realize that bravo picks the very worst behavior in this child to show because they think it is more entertaining than watching a child behave? Do you think they would show Milania sitting still, being quiet and behaving? Furthermore, maybe Teresa does punish her and the don’t show that part. I’m sure if she picked the child up and busted her butt in front of cameras she would be going to jail for that too.

    1. If I or any of my sibs would have EVER talked to our parents at any time like that we would have been spanked immediately. That kid needs discipline. I have read that Teresa and Joe do not believe in spanking their children and it shows. Plus I think Tre is being even more indulgent because of what the future may hold. I hope she gets house arrest and is able to raise these girls but also hope she has time to read some good parenting books.

      1. You don’t have to spank your kids for them to be respectful. I have four very respectful, happy children and I only spanked them if they were doing something dangerous. I do hope Teresa and Joe get jail time. I think that will be the only way they understand the severity of the situation. They clearly don’t get it now.

      2. It’s disgusting how disrespectful her children are, but its her own fault. Teresa seems to think its funny, laughing when her children speak disrespectfully to others. Spoiled, rotten little princesses that get no discipline. No surprise there!

    2. @ Mich– no child deserves to be “orphaned”, without their parents, not even Malinia. Unfortunately, the. Guidices didn’t think about their kids when they committed these crimes.

      As for catching Maliana “in her worst moments”, she must have a lot of them. Still not acceptable behavior and language for any child to behave that way–truly shameful.

    3. Whst those 4 girls deserve is a break from their thieving parents and a chance to live with a decent honest family… at least for a while.

    4. Teresa lied about earnings for years, sweet pea. She is a ghasty horrible person and no one we should be defending – she is a major reason that people today have a hard time gettng a mortgage – her crimes (yes, HERS – she signed the papers and she touts herself as a cllege graduate AND a Vogue editor – not true, btw) – changed the laws in every state and nationally.

      She deserves the hardest hit. If your kids don’t get jobs, it’s because their would-be bosses can’t get capital because of the Giudices of the world.

  7. Some bookers are gonna rake in the dough…What I think should happen: Joe serves at least 10 years for fraud and license fraud (should get more time than Teresa) and gets deported and pays restitution. Teresa serves minimum 6 years, large chunk of money from business/products paid back to people they robbed, and no one signs her on for any TV shows, movies, book deals, etc..

    What WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN: Joe gets less than 6 months in minimum security and on probation. Teresa will be under “house arrest” or probation only, gets her own show, book deals, TV movie about her family, makes millions more, laughing all the way to the bank, declaring “JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED!”

      1. I voted “NONE” on the Poll for favorite. The whole cast is just dysfunctional with a capital D or should I say Criminally Insane.

    1. Tersa needs to be off Bravo and banned from doing TV or books – and the courts can order that.

      Had Teresa said, I am making all this money and I am going to use it to reimburse all the people who got screwed when we didn’t pay for our house, etc. – I woud respect her. Instead, she used her mney for her own purposes while she let peope she owed twist in the wind.

      God oh dear God, my Lord, my Saviour – I have suffered uder Terea Giudice and my family starved. Therefore, let Teresa suffer and starve. Let Teresa be locked in a hole and rot. My children have suffered and while I wish the best for her children, at least her children have other peope to clothe and shelter them. The rest of us had to suffer for Teresa.
      Let her suffer. For years. Years and years.

      She is a thief and a cow.

  8. I agree. I don’t think this story is true at all. Whoever put it out there knows if Teresa looks cocky than they hope they throw the book at her.

    She’s terrified. Anyone would be, especially when you have 4 children at home who may have no parent to care for them.

  9. I agree with Aunt Bee. I don’t think Theresa knew nor cared what she signed. She doesn’t seem to
    swift. I wonder and tend to agree with Mich about Milani. They are all raised in the same house
    but only one imp. I don’t know nor care.

  10. Shes delusional as usual.there are plenty of women in jail with kids who even go to foster care temporarily.Of course she believes she deserves special treatment.why shouldnt she have to pay her dues like everyone else.I dont watch this trashy show anymore.I enjoy catching up with these articles but REALLY dont care for having to scroll down through the photos to reach the comments

  11. I think that the only way Theresa will wake up is if there is some sort of punishment that will be more
    than a tap on the wrist. And according to Nancy Grace there will be. She states that the Federal
    Government does not take this lightly and that time will be served. What is going on with the
    story that Theresa’s parents live over the their garage?

    1. Read how Joe Gorga put got loan against dad’s home used as collateral or perhaps second mortgage then had to sell to pay debt-had shortfall–something like this.

    2. I believe it. I also believe that their only reason is they fear for Teresa because she is married to Joe Guidice. I know Joe Gorga feels bad because he thinks that his parents don’t care as much for him. (not true Joe they just are so worried about your sister being with Joe Guidice that they feel they have to stay around.) On the other hand they know he (Joe G) has all his stuff together…..

  12. I don’t believe the story. But what I will say is that—–in America it seems that no-one wants to accept responsiblity for their bad or criminal behaviour (always blame someone else), and this has weakened American values. We have a president who openly admits he smoked pot and did crack, can’t show a valid birth certificate and so on, and yet he got elected? Where is the “accountability” for his prior drug use? All the people want to do is make “excuses” and so on? It’s a bad example………..

    1. Leave our fine president out of this reality bullshit please he never said he did crack he did say he smoked pot he’s always stood up 4 anything hes done and he’s as American as I am and I was born in Ohio u sound like a right wing Republican Racist and I pity u. You probably watch faux no new’s channel 2

      1. Just bc she doesn’t like the president doesn’t make her a racist. There are plenty of people that don’t like him including several that voted for him. I don’t, however, see the correlation between the president and the housewives. :/

        1. Im just tired of President Obama being drug in2 everything humanly possible enough and yes I do support him he’s made mistakes who hasn’t but he’s a fine man and I’m a southern white Democrat that think he gets 2 much crape through his way peace 2 all!!!!!!!

          1. I despise President Obama – I think he is inept and arrogant. Which makes me sad – wouldn’t it have been amazing had he done a great job? He seems more divisive than talented. He reads well, though.

            But – his issues need never be correlated with those of the Housewives. So far as I can see, President Obama always paid his bills on time. Politics is subjective – but on-time payment is just a fact.

        2. Agree with you, LaLa. When it gets politically charged like “Republicans vs Democrats”, then this fun site turns into political fodder.

  13. Besides doing time, the Guidices should not be able to keep their house(s). Because it would be rewarding them for being criminals. They must be made to pay restitution PLUS fines. People like them are thieves and they STOLE from others to get a lot of what the have and they can damn well live in a double-wide and their daughters can share bedrooms. There is no shame in that and they are not better than than that. All that finery and crap Tre buys and dresses herself up in does not disguise the ugliness and hollowness underneath.

  14. I hope Teresa and Joe are punished for ripping off people without a care in the world. I still can’t figure out how one files bankruptcy and still has all their ill gotten furnishings and their home. Bravo is paying them so much money, yet they don’t have to pay their debts? I no longer watch it anymore, they are all fake and there isn’t anything “real” about them.

    1. you are SOOOOoooo right. She robbed dozens of people who worked on her house as well as all of those who gave them credit for every little thing in their lives – furniture, hair dye, ugly children’s clothes, acting lessons. cars.

      She had no intent of paying anyone – even no that she makes about $750K per year.

      Let her rot. She caused pain and ruined – literally ruined – other people for her own vanity and pretense.

      I hope she rots, and I am sorry they can’t hold her for 50 years. She ruined families.

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