Teresa Giudice Clears Up What She Meant About Jacqueline Laurita Setting Her Up


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog this week to react to part one of the RHONJ reunion. First, Giudice clears up her comment about driving a Ford. She also insists that she doesn’t blame Jacqueline Laurita for her and her husband’s legal problems, but goes on to say that Jac was in cahoots with people that were setting out to destroy Teresa and her family.

“I hope you all enjoyed Part I of the two-part The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 reunion. Trust me, if you thought part one was good, wait until you see part two.

There are so many things that happened at the reunion that I want to address, so I am going to get right to it.

The Ford comment. Yes, I would drive a Ford, I have driven a Ford, Joe’s F-150 pickup truck is parked in my garage. I didn’t like the question, and I gave a snarky response. The reason I felt so defensive is because of all of the attention my car received when I came home from camp. Literally the day I came home people were taking about my car. As I said at the reunion, I was away from my children for 352 days. I am done apologizing to people about what happened. I accepted responsibility, I served my sentence, and I paid back every cent of restitution that was owed. The chapter of my life is over and yet as hard as I try to put the past in the past where it belongs, some people have to constantly bring it up.

People like Jacqueline .

Is Jacqueline Laurita the reason Joe and I had legal problems? No.

Were Jacqueline and others involved in communicating with some of the people that set out to hurt Joe and I? Yes.

Did I consider Jacqueline my friend at that time? Yes.

Did it bother me that someone who I thought my was my friend was in cahoots with people that were trying to destroy my family and hurt my children? Absolutely. That’s why I labeled Jacqueline a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that’s why I absolutely want nothing to do with her.

She ran out of Rails in the season finale because she is a coward, she knows what she’s done to hurt my family, and she knows that I know.

When she didn’t show up at the Season 3 reunion, it’s because she knew what she had done to Melissa, and she didn’t want to be confronted about it.

You’ll see a lot more of me confronting Jacqueline in the second part of the reunion, and things will become a lot clearer.

I loved that Joey and Melissa have my back and that I have theirs. That’s what family is supposed to do. We are unbreakable and that’s another thing that drives Jacqueline nuts.

I absolutely love everything about Siggy and Dolores, and I loved when Melissa warned them about Jacqueline.

PS I had a great time with them this past weekend in Boca.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for part two this Sunday on Bravo at 10 pm.

Love love love you all,




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  • YoYo’sRobe

    Back peddle much?? Get this deranged thief off TV

  • Marie

    Oh please Teresa we know you think your to good to drive a ford which p.s. your not, Your trying to backtrack because of the backlash you have received from the comment, I hope you save your bravo money cause once that show is over, hopefully soon, You could kiss your Lexus and tacky house goodbye, you’ll NEVER MAKE THAT KIND OF MONEY AGAIN!

    • Anonymous

      You r wrong about that she made money before the show and she’ll make money after the show stop being so jealous thank you Karen Yocum

      • Your so right. She’l be fine with or without Bravo.

      • Anonymous

        Yes she made money before the show,that’s why her & her husband have/are serving time in prison Doh

    • That’s the truth, you’re a phoney liar, a tax cheap, fraudulent criminal.

    • Lisa V. didn’t know what a Ford ranger even was, but I don’t see anyone bashing her for it. I know, I know, Teresa is a felon. That is a fact. Saying it hundreds of thousands of times doesn’t make it any more true. We already know.
      If I was Joe Guidice I would have had an effing Bentley waiting for her. Hey, if you’re going to go down in flames for something, make it good.

  • Kelly

    Why does keep referring to her going to “camp” it was prison, not a holiday camp, she broke the law and went to prison for it, we all know that so why try and make it sound better than it is.

    • Anonymous

      i think its an Italian thing because when I was a child in my family when someone in the family was in this type of situation my uncles and aunts would say oh he is off to college or he went away this was years ago maybe its the same in her family they say they were brought up old school and that how they would refer to going to jail now in 2016 its open everyone knows about it

    • Teresa stop lying you were not in camp you were in prison, now Joe’s in prison

  • I have to laugh reading her stories because the first person that came to my mind was Dorinda..I picture her saying..back that shit up..lol. Theresa is doing quite the opposite in this case.

  • Marcy

    Teresa has Joe’s Truck in her garage, guess what he drives a Ford-150 Truck, she was using it as a example, about Jacqueline and Chris lie about downsizing their vehicles, which they haven’t, oh! but they sold their Rolex watches yeah right. Jacqueline 60,000 shopping sprees Chris gambling $500,000 on craps was nothing while he’s stealing from his company.

    • I am with you there, Marcy. This page might be headlined “Teresa clears up….” but we are allowed to speak to what she was writing about i.e. Chris and Jaq.. Being there are hundreds of pages here with unlimited space, a person could easily find a page with no mention of anything but the headline. This page, however, relates to Chris and Jaqueline also committing fraud by doing things like gambling and traveling first class using funds from their business. Because I do believe they ( Chris and Jaq ) made a deal with the feds to tell whatever they knew about money and property Teresa and Joe possessed. Of course they committed fraud. They were prosecuted for it. That doesn’t mean that their “friends” didn’t look to their own situation and plan on how to keep themselves out of jail by ratting out Teresa and Joe with everything they knew. Just like when Jaq spills secrets told to her in the confidence of friendship. Her excuse is always that “she was deeply hurt.” Melissa was right, anyone close to Jaq better watch what they say, because next time Jaq is “deeply hurt” she will scream it in the next public place she finds herself in.
      I thought the reunion was rather boring and disjointed. Every time I had to look at Jaqueline I wondered when she was going to choke on her choker. That distracted me something horrible.

  • YoYo’sRobe

    This blog is about The Thief Tre trying t dig out of the bullsh#t SHE threw out there and offended the majority of working class people and as usual trying to blame others for her FRAUD. Its not about Chris and Jac its about TRE and HER FRAUD.

  • Robert

    If, and that’s a big if, and when I hear the words “What happened is solely the fault of Joe and my actions,” then I will maybe be able to cut her an inch of slack (though I doubt it.) Own up, lady. You broke a federal crime and nobody but yourself made you do it. Oh, and if there’s Joe’s truck in the garage, why aren’t you driving it? And if it’s stick shift and you don’t know it, learn. And another lie, leasing any car is more expensive than you should be paying. Leasing a Lexus is very expensive. So, no tears from me to the new Danielle Staub of the show.

  • Melodie

    Blah Blah Blah Blah. AGAIN, another deflection by Tre to move the focus off of her. Teresa…. STOP IT….. Jaq had nothing to do with the fact that you and you husband are convicted felons. Yes you went to prison… we got it but the actions since you came home prove only that you did not take responsibility for actions because if you did when you came home there would be NO discussions about who is responsible because the parties who are responsible for this situation are you and your husband. That is why I totally believe that this story is scripted. Bring on the drama make up a story that Jaq did it.
    The entire thing started way back before Tre and Joe ever got on this show. The feds were looking at them for a long time. Then they come on the show and we watch Tre pull out cash over 100,000. dollars at the furniture store. That right there is a BIG HUGE red flag. If you have that much cash on you, you are not reporting that income. The IRS watched it and then they just kept following them until they had 41 counts of fraud, theft, and all the other charges. Jaq is not responsible for Tre’s stupidity. I don’t watch this show any longer because it’s so obvious that all of these fights and yelling and blaming are added in to bring viewers. I don’t see Jaq blaming Tre for her and Chris’ financial issues. Jaq has a lot on her plate with her child and no one knows what has gone on with their family and the downsizing they have or have not done. No one knows what goes on behind their closed doors. Chris managing his situations and yet he deals with it on his own and doesn’t point the finger at any one. Im not a fan of Jaq at all so don’t come at me. Im just saying that people make accusations with absolutely NO PROOF and they try to make it look like everyone is stealing, lying, and its not true. Joe will be back in 4 years and in the meantime the only storyline Tre has is blaming Jaq for her issues. Im kind of tired of this subject and it looks like Tre is going to HAVE to use the this story till Joe gets back and starts stealing money again.

  • Panda

    Not sure why people keep hating. She said that she accepted the responsibility and did her time. What I am reading and hearing is that Jacqueline and other people were feeding information that further led to her arrest. She didn’t say they turned her in or it was their fault she got caught.

    None of them have clean files but you don’t see teresa making all their issues out in the open.

  • Adrienne

    So if Teresa thinks that Jacqueline was in cahoots with other people trying to hurt her family, why did she say she wanted to rekindle the friendship when she got out? Makes no sense at all.


    How many more times must she tell us she paid her debt to society? She PAID HER DEBT. Holy Mother of Pearl! OJ didn’t get this much hatred and he murdered people. I hope Jac and Chris get what’s coming to them. There is something hinky about that guy not having a real job. Black water? Seriously????

  • Your right. I would not swim in Black Water let alone drink it. Yuk. With all of this bad mouthing of Teresa and you haters keep watching. I luv luv luv that she entertains me. I liked this season.

    • Me too, Rusty. The only reason she has to keep repeating it is because the entire VIEWING audience keeps bringing it up.
      Jaqueline’s little ditty “41 counts of phony” might have been clever the first time, maybe. But, she is so hopped up on benzos she can’t think of another clever retort. I believe every word about Jaq’s shopping sprees, and their gambling. EVERY WORD. But, the difference is Teresa never said anything about it till now. After hearing the thousand times Jaq has pointed at her “friend, that she LOVES….. so much” trying to keep the attention off of her and her thief husband, it makes me continue to wonder just how much money they stole from their own employees retirement funds. Turn about is fair play. Every effing chance Jaqueline gets she calls Teresa a felon, and of course, Teresa is a felon. But Teresa rarely, till now, calls Jaq a clown, or tells about what she herself witnessed with the gambling and spending.
      She forgave Jaq, and Jaq forgave her. That is what they both did.
      Every time anything negative happens, Jaq is the one who goes off, cussing, pointing, name calling. Then, she starts bawling like a baby, “I love that girl” Anyone who loves someone, for real, allows for a little bit of doubt. Teresa is the one who was struggling during the trip. When they were all out at the fire pits in Vermont, Robyn said that Jaq found a way to attack her, Robyn wasn’t yelling or being hostile, she was simply answering the question Jaqueline asked “What do you think of me?” Jaqueline immediately went to the bait and switch as in “what would you rather I did?” Not what an adult woman does, not what a lady does. She should say, as hard as it must be for her, “I am sorry you felt attacked, what made you feel that way?” Seriously. Jaq knew using the term “soldier” would cause an uproar. I have a sister like her, kind of. I consider her a “crisis junkie.” She isn’t satisfied unless there is some crisis and/or chaos.
      Jaq and Chris are the ones who want the attention pointing at Teresa, even though she is OUT OF JAIL. No more purpose in pointing fingers.
      TERESA didn’t buy the car, the Lexus. Joe bought it, or leased it, or whatever. I still think it is equipped with safety glass, and a bullet proof body. I believe that “Lexus”, in a secret deal, built them a car to keep his wife and kids safe. And, I must say, if anyone can keep a secret, it’s Teresa. As I have said before, I would have had an effing Bentley out there, but maybe Rolls Royce, who purchased Bentley Automobiles in the early 1930’s, wouldn’t build him a car equipped with all of the safety features.
      This entire thing is so old and talked out. The reunion naturally brings it all up again.

  • Michelle r

    Jacqueline is a big cry baby dont like her she needs to act her age and not her shoe size..she is a hater and you can see it in her face she hates that tre and melissa are doing really good…

  • One Rotten Egg

    Very bad pic of Tre’s hairy forehead. You would think with all that money she is making and left over from her “paid restitution” and low Lexus payments, she could do something about that hairy forehead.

  • She hasn’t paid back every cent. She is just now waiting for the bankruptcy judge to sign off . Even if Jacqueline did tell people about Theresa . She didn’t make Theresa or joe commit 40+ counts of fraud. I keep hearing all this stuff about Jacqueline & Chris committing fraud but I don’t see them getting indicted. If Theresa wanted zen & peace and was so changed then she wouldn’t be spouting all this nonsense. Maybe instead of yoga she should have found God !
    Yes Jacqueline is just as bad as Theresa . If someone is really your friend , then if they tell you that they were hurt by your actions , then apologize . Why couldn’t Jacqueline just acknowledge how hurt Theresa was? Jacqueline always wants her hurt to be acknowledged. I think maybe Jacqueline should read the good book too & realize there is a greater power.

  • Ria Everett Hawke

    I am not a Teresa or a Jacqueline fan. I watched the whole season with fair mind. I have found Jacqueline to be very underhanded and coniving. Everyone of those housewives wanted to be the lynch pin of the show from the beginning but Teresa was the one who got the honor. SHE became THE show. They made mistakes, they wereally wrong and are paying for their crimes… Money is the root of all evil. It makes people weak..
    I do believe that Jacqueline may have tipped the FEDS off. She was also living it high but couldn’t compete with the Guidice’s..
    That woman is jealous that Teresa is on her way out of the debts she owes and they are barely getting g by. She’s not acting right. She seems to be flying without wings and her 2 sidekicks shouldn’t be trusted (Siggy and Dolores)
    They are in pursuit of making it their show, Bravo waited for TG for a reason. GET rid of all 3..

  • Tammy

    I have once to hear her admitting guilt. All of her derogatory comments about Jaq in her interviews (not only this season) prove she has disdain for her, but to her face she acts like she’s the hero trying to “move forward”. I know why Jaq is so upset, it’s because she does have a heart, unlike Teresa. Also someone help me understand why all the comments from people that say they don’t even watch the show?

    • Melodie

      Tammy I agree with you NOT ONCE have I ever heard her stand up and admit what she and joe did was wrong and they apologize for their behavior. They had the chance before the troll went to prison but they back peddled and ignored the one thing that would have helped them gain back some respect from the country. It just goes to show you just how uneducated and ignorant Joe is, he went and leased a new lexus for tre’s homecoming but did not think once about what it would do to Tre’s image. She was driving a cadillac Escalade what the hell was wrong with that. But no Joe makes one of the dumbest moves and throws that car right in the faces of all the companies, banks and anyone else they owed money to. What a slap in the face. Oh well I know that she has no integrity so I don’t see her coming clean anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    Love To Thersa Love And Prayers God is In. Full Control. Joe and Theresa will always be there for you Who are these. Sending mean remarks To Judge You.Love from Louisiana carolynchaney

  • Anonymous

    Team Teresa! Wacko jacko is bad news and a fraud!

  • Shirley

    Oh please…take some responsibility for your own actions…what a load of bullcrap..I think you have spent too much time watching Trump in action…I hope Jacqueline sues your backside for slander…anything to keep yourself in a show…Money speaks…

  • Anonymous

    Teresa is always blaming someone for her issues. Sad that she is not teaching and showing her daughters to take accountability for their actions. Stop blaming everyone for the trouble/ shit you cause. She better hope this show continues or she is screwed. I will NOT be watching any more, can’t stand Teresa and Melissa.

  • Lisa

    Sorry Tre you can’t dig your way out of this. jac had nothing to do with your crimes and wasn’t plotting against you, Time to own your shit.

    • The thing is, she doesn’t need to “dig” her way out of anywhere, she walked right out of federal prison when she was released. I honestly do not get why it matters so much to know how she FEELS about her crimes. It comes to mind that she truly doesn’t believe she purposely committed a crime. I mean, I like Teresa, I really do. I have always had a soft spot for her, it’s the human condition to like certain people. But, she is not the brightest bulb in the box, and it is quite possible, probable even, that she honestly does not believe she purposely committed fraud. Either way, she spent just short of a year in prison, and now she did her time. She physically spent that time in prison, and physically paid back any money the court told her to. She continues to pay any money she is told she still owes. When I read the blog and take time to really reflect and evaluate the matter, I see that it is this polarity and controversy that keeps the show on the air. So, all in all, this continuous interest is a smart way for the powers that be to keep everyone working.

  • Tammy

    My hope for next season would be that the criminal is gone, her trusty side kick Melissa is gone (used to like her) maybe leave her Joe. Keep Siggy, Jacqueline, get Kathy back, Rosie and the wild cards, The twins! Please for the love of anything good in this world, stop paying for Teresas bad behavior!!!!

  • Teresa makes the show I used to like Kathy before she hung out with Jac .i like watching Tre and Melissa Siggy and Deloris . They start the fun .Jac is a downer full of negatives . No fun at all.

  • TERESA you started the stripper rumor I even went back in found the episode do you want me to post it for the public, another one of uh our lies.

  • You spent cash all the time on Camara, wads of cash and buying houses and furniture, buying and remodeling a pizza hope, but not
    declaring on taxes or financial statements

  • I have always been curious, not in a sarcastic way either, that if Teresa said “I am sorry” to the public, would this constant talk of her end? I know she had to admit guilt in court, that is how it’s done. When you plead guilty, it is required that you apologize to the court ( the public IOW. )
    Whatever she and Jo did or didn’t do, Jaqueline is the one who takes the tiniest opportunity to bring up the past. The only time I saw Teresa even speak of Jaq in a negative way, was during the Vermont trip, and she was correct. Jaqueline was the one who crossed the line and acted childish out at the firepit. When Robyn said ( didn’t SCREAM ) “You found a way to attack me” ) prox, Jaq played her usual bait and switch. She said “would you rather I said I thought you were playing loyal soldier to Teresa?” Instead of simply speaking to what Robyn said. JAQ is the one who took the conversation to a much more hostile level. Even when a discussion becomes a little heated, and one of the two parties involved is offended, one of the people always (Jaq ) has the chance to put an end to it. But NOOOO, she had to start a full blown argument. Naturally Robyn then got angry being called a loyal soldier, no one could mistake that for anything but what it was, an insult. Jaqueline threw the first punch, and if we want to get legal here, Jaqueline made the first physical contact. If a judge would have seen it, that would be the outcome. Jaq put her hands, or in this case her fat ass on Robyn first. This constant inclination to say “what about what THEY said, what about what THEY did, etc.” is childish and shows an emotional and mental immaturity. Only one of the two people in the conversation can really stop the situation from going further. It upsets me when neither one does so. If Jaqueline wants to be considered an adult woman and a lady, her response should have been “what was it that I sad or did that made you feel like I was attacking you?” Those words would have taken the hostility out of the situation that was building up. But Jaq never does that.
    Then at the dinner table later she starts in on the stripper thing??? What the F does that have to do with Robyn? Nothing. That was an attempt to cause more problems between Melissa and Teresa and make Teresa look bad. Was Teresa always good to Melissa? NO. Was Melissa always good to Teresa? No. But they both grew up and decided to leave the past behind. Jaq tries her hardest to keep it in the present.
    I really likes what Siggy said, “we don’t drive backwards, we don’t undress to go to work, we don’t walk backwards.” Very, very good analogy.

    • Melodie

      3D you think that Tre has always been nice to Mel??????? did you watch season 3 & 4. There was no love between them and lots of name calling.

      • No. I left a post on another page where I said more about how they both said and did really childish, un called for things to and about each other. In this post, on the bottom I said part of it, actually.

      • On the page “Kim D. Nov. 10th, calls out Melissa and Teresa….” I left 2 posts stating what I thought of their past relationships with each other. As I said there, they both were so out of line that it must have been a difficult thing to let it all go. There was so much that it really shows, IMO, how much they have both grown up, and how important it must be to both of them to keep their family together now. Leaving out entirely the criminal aspect, I believe they both were at fault for all of their horrible past, just as they are both taking responsibility for keeping it in the past. It is Jaqueline who constantly brings it up, to cause trouble. You can read it if you like on that and many other pages where I have made my opinion clear about those two women.

  • lily

    Jaq knows that people have, in the past, written that she is boring and should be taken off the show. That is why she causes drama. She is still boring. Get her off! And I wonder if the bravo people have to keep her because tre, mel,sig,and dolores are always getting along! No drama, no show! They better come up with another storyline soon or we are all going to quit.

    • Melodie

      Jaq has already left the show once. Then Bravo wanted her back to have the tension with Tre. They brought her back and this is what you get. Not sure how you feel that she is boring I cannot get around that fact that these chicks just YELL all the time. Lot’s of talking nobody is listening. That is why I don’t watch NJ any more.

  • During part one of the reunion, Andy mentioned that Melissa and Teresa decided not to let anyone get between them again. Then he said something about who got between them at the Christening, years ago. Even Andy is trying to cause trouble. The deal they made was AFTER Tre came home, not to try to create some kind of magic from the past, magic that has never been accomplished before, ever. They said to look out for each other, STARTING NOW, not going back. How obtuse. There is no way to fix the past, in most cases, and certainly not in this case. They both realized that and made a deal not to let others, like Jaqueline, get between them. And she tries, Jaq does. Every effing chance she gets. And it started to work about the stupid sprinkle cookies. Teresa and Melissa are new at this, so they might slip up for a minute a few times, hopefully not long enough to cause a rift again. Jaq probably had a doll with pins stuck in it back in her dressing room, hoping against hope she could break them up, like an obsessive, stalker boyfriend, if I can’t have her, NO ONE CAN!!