Teresa Giudice Caught Backstabbing RHONJ Cast Mates!


Many reports claim that the women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey made amends while filming Season 5. We reported that Bravo forced the women to get along while filming, because viewers were sick of the constant fighting. Now, a new report claims Teresa Giudice was caught backstabbing all of her cast mates. “Everyone was nice to each other’s faces all season,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “But once they all watched the footage to tape their testimonials they saw Teresa’s true colors.”

“The way Teresa acted when they weren’t around they wasn’t shocking. She was fake and she seemed to be stabbing them in the back,” the source continues. “Teresa tries so hard to be nice to everyone to their face, but she always resorts to viciousness and this season was no different.”

“As the women got to see, what Teresa did, they sure weren’t surprised.”

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6 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Caught Backstabbing RHONJ Cast Mates!”

  1. It doesn’t matter they all used T to stay relavant they have no story line T needs her own show. She doesn’t fit in and they are fake cuz without her no one will watch. So whose fake..smh..Team T all day….

    1. I can’t stand T but you are correct, there is no show without her. I liked her in the beginning. But she is a bitch through and through.

  2. Would love to watch the show and not see T anymore. She doesn’t make the show, but she sure does bring it down a level or two.

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