Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo Meet To Discuss Kim D & Jacqueline!


Sunday, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice will come face to face for the first time since the Season 4 Reunion. Caroline told Joe Gorga she would meet with Teresa to try to help them mend their relationship, and in this preview, the two matriarchs hash things out.

“He needs to be the one to make the move, Caroline,” Teresa says. “I’m done. He said sorry to Kim D! Kim D, that actually set his wife up! Are you kidding me?”

Caroline says, “Well then I have a million dollar question. Why would you ever call her [Kim D] a friend?”

“You know what?” Teresa continues. “She did nothing to me.”

“Yes she did!” Caroline insists. “If she did that to Jacqueline, it would be a cold day in hell before I sat at a table with her. If somebody did that to one of your siblings, are you going to hang out with them?”

Teresa goes on to explain how she feels betrayed by her brother because he hangs out with Jacqueline, and Teresa insists Jacqueline owes her an apology. Caroline gets heated and tells her to leave Jacqueline out of it and that she had nothing to do with it. Watch below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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Way to go Teresa! I love that she is speaking up for herself now! Teresa is completely right. Caroline who the hell does she think she is? That moron needs to fix her own problems with her sister Dina.

Completely agree! Lol Carowine needs to stop. Jackowacko stirred the pot for Teresa getting the blame for the Stripper-gate thingy, knowing damn well she should have minded her own business. I mean, let’s be honest, autism and Teresa are the only things keeping Jackowacko relevant. lmao

Wow, is that the tackiest, coldest thing I’ve ever heard! LYAO at her son’s autism is low. Like Jacqueline or not, have some human decency. Caroline does need to mind her own business, but clearly Teresa is the ignorant, evil manipulator that’s completely responsible for trying to bring her sister in law down.

I agree with JerseyTurnpike and I don’t think JerseyTurnpike was attacking ppl with autism or saying anything bad about autism, just stating that if it wasn’t for her fued with teresa and her struggle with raising her autistic son, Jac probably wouldn’t have been asked to return to the show because she is super boring. Lol *Team Teresa*

I was not lmao at autism. I was lmao at the fact that Jackowacko is irrelevant, so don’t try to start something like that. And lol people need to stop blaming Teresa for everything, because it’s getting old. I suggest going to famewhorgas and reading about the magic of bravo editing. lol moving on.

Bravo can edit things out, but they can’t edit things in, and we’ve all seen Teresa being Teresa. If you like skanky, ignorant, mean people I can see how you’d like her.

Caroline is trying to teach Teresa how to be a human being, and it’s not going to happen.

Caroline needs to fix the cook in her kitchen before she tried to fix the cooks in other kitchens. Caroline covers for Jaclips all the time. Jaclips is the “Tweet Queen”! Jac needs to fix her own house with her ugly daughter!