Teresa Giudice Can’t Believe Gia Kissed A Boy


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her oldest daughter Gia turning thirteen. Teresa reveals that she was shocked Gia told Joe that she had kissed a boy! Teresa says she cannot believe how fast Gia is growing up and talks about what a close relationship she has with her father.

Teresa writes, “Thank you all so much for watching week after week. You’ve seen our families go through so much and hopefully you’ve seen us all grow and change for the better. I can’t believe my firstborn baby girl is a teenager now! I am so proud of Gia for the young woman she’s turning into. It’s a lot of pressure being the oldest — I know! — but she is a great role model for her sisters.

Milania… again with Milania! I can’t believe she hid my present for Gia in the fridge! I know you only see her acting out, but she loves attention and likes to play up when other people are around. In private though she’s a sweetheart. Believe me, I don’t let my kids run wild. They are all such good kids with good hearts. They make me so proud!

Gia’s gift was a pave ring that my mother gave me when I was a teenager. I’ve been saving it for her. It’s too big for her to wear now, but she’s mature enough to understand how much it means. I don’t think there’s any better present than something passed down from your mama, no matter what it is.

How funny was Joe and Gia’s talk? I love that they have such a great relationship. It’s important for girls to have a strong father figure in their lives. Gia is a daddy’s girl just like I was, and still am! Their heart-to-heart talk was so cute. I can’t believe Gia admitted to her dad that she’s kissed a boy! Ah marone! I don’t even want to think about it. Joe’s so funny: “Next time that kid comes here, I’m gonna kick his ass.” He’s kidding of course, but any boy that wants to date any of our daughters better realize they have to go through me and Joe first!”

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3 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Can’t Believe Gia Kissed A Boy”

  1. First off I like the way Joe is with Gia. Most fathers would have freaked out that their daughter kissed a boy at her age. I like the way he has a calm relationship with her and he makes sure as she is going through a rough time that he gives her that one-on-one that she needs. Milania on the other hand needs to be controlled. She needs discipline and she is not getting it. I dont care if she is a sweetheart in private. No child should act like that around other people.

    1. I haven’t seen this yet I am an episode behind but what I would like to comment about is Milania…I am huge fan of Teresa I love her strength but she needs to get Milania off the TV, I understand the family is in turmoil and probably letting Milania get away with more than she should…Yes Milania is out of control this child is horrible and needs discipline but I would like to see Teresa try and dish out discipline because the way Teresa is treated she would be up on child abuse charges, Teresa can’t win so let’s all do Milania a favour and take her off the TV.

  2. Joe was pretty tame compared to most fathers with their 13 year old girls. Gia was underwhelmed by Teresa’s gift & I am sorry but I don’t believe fo reven 1 second that Antonia Gorga Sr bought that ring for Teresa as a “teen”. She is full of caca! Pave has been making that style ring for about 13 years, so she gave it Tree when she was 29 maybe when she married Juicy. Not when she was teen. Gia was being a snot too, as usual.

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